Escape the Ayuwoki - HOODLUM

Escape the Ayuwoki Game Free Download Torrent

Escape the Ayuwoki is a very cool, bloody, scary, insane and atmospheric first-person horror game in which players are invited to pass the test and get out of a mystical mansion. In the story, the player as the main character will be in a mystical dark mansion in which there is an unusual a creature called Ayuwoki. From this moment, the player will have to do everything possible to leave the mansion safe and sound. But it will be very difficult to do this, because, firstly, dangers will await the hero around every corner, secondly, for this you will have to solve many not easy puzzles, and thirdly, you will have to go back many times, otherwise In case of the hero.

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BDSM Big Drunk Satanic Massacre v1.0.23 + DLC - HOODLUM

BDSM Big Drunk Satanic Massacre Game Free Download Torrent

BDSM Big Drunk Satanic Massacre — is an unusual look at how the device of hell looks and what the devil’s son does in his free time. The game is presented in a shooter genre with a top view diluted with the presence of RPG elements. The main character Lou is incredibly addicted to alcohol and beautiful demonesses. That is why he meets a story full of strong drinks and showdowns with infernal creatures in the name of the release of a beautiful girl endowed with horns and a sharp tail. It will be necessary to break through the crowds of enemies with the help of six types of weapons with different features.

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KnifeBoy v1.3 - PLAZA

KnifeBoy Game Free Download Torrent
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While KnifeBoy sections on the platform and puzzle are strong, the combat system is absent. Your combat repertoire consists of a combo of three strokes and a downbeat punch that is absolutely futile compared to its combo punch. Knifeboy also has access to a special movement that consumes a meter for its use, but its depressed character is combined with the contrast of limited use in a negative manner.

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Land of Ngoto v1.3 - PLAZA

Land of Ngoto Game Free Download Torrent
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Land of Ngoto — the authors tried to arouse interest in African culture, to show its flavor and unknown sides. All this is done in a very peculiar, abstract form. Solve puzzles, stroll through desert landscapes. This is a country of dreams, the more tasks you complete, the more influence you can exert. The current version is like the original, only hacked or «cracked» in the common people without a registration code, but, the assembly is working and stable, it works without the Internet. You can play single player, the so-called single player offline. Without a key, starting the game is the easiest.

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Knights And Bikes v1.07 - PLAZA

Knights And Bikes Game Free Download Torrent
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The game Knights and Bikes is an exciting adventure in a cooperative mode, which will unfold on a mysterious island called Penfyurzi. Many enemies threaten the locals from all sides and it seems that there is no way out of this situation. Salvation came in a somewhat unexpected form — children who are ready to courageously challenge all opponents. Baby Nessie came to the island, wanting to learn about the past of her family.

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Nobodies Game Free Download Torrent
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This game Nobodies — will give you a unique opportunity to try yourself in the role of «cleaner». You have a responsible mission — to maintain safety in society. It will be necessary to eliminate citizens dangerous to society, terrorists and not only. But it is important to consider that your activity must be secret, which means that any traces and consequences of it must be hidden. Download Nobodies torrent, you will plunge into the exciting gameplay and get a lot of pleasure. You have to be vigilant and prompt so that the work goes as smoothly as possible.

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Heavy Rain v24.11.2019 - CPY

Heavy Rain Game Free Download Torrent

Heavy Rain 2019 for PC is a noir thriller that revealed the new genre of interactive cinema. The plot tells of a missing boy named Sean, who, according to detectives, could be put into the hands of a serial killer nicknamed «Origami Master.» He gained this nickname because of the manner in which a strange paper figure supplemented with an orchid was left on the bodies of his victims. According to the investigation, they have only three days before the boy dies. First, the father of the stolen boy, Ethan, is promoted.

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Debris Remastered v3.0 (upd.24.11.2018) - PLAZA

Debris Game Free Download Torrent
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Debris — an atmospheric project on the subject of conquering the deep mysterious expanses of the ocean. The game is designed for a single pass, so you completely immerse yourself in the process. Fate, by chance, sent you to a dark depth, where the rays of the sun do not reach. The shadow of your goal is to find a way to get to the surface. You are imprisoned in gloomy depths and now there is a real struggle for life. You lost your whole team, and the oxygen in the balloon is already running out. There is only the slightest chance of survival, and the inhabitants of the vast expanses, who are obviously unfriendly, interfere with it. History will tell you about the existence of a team of scuba divers who go on a voyage in order to shoot a video about a meteorite.

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GLOWCOMA chapter 1 Game Free Download Torrent

GLOWCOMA chapter 1 is addressed primarily to fans of shooters. There are in sufficient quantities of monsters and weapons. The authors send us into a world filled with scary creatures. You have to survive in all available ways. Against these bloodthirsty creatures, only serious weapons or special devices act. With the passage of each chapter. More and more information will be revealed.

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The Curious Expedition v1.3.15.6

The Curious Expedition Game Free Download Torrent
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The Curious Expedition is a research bagel that takes place somewhere in the early 19th century. At this time there is so much more unexplored, so much is not open, whole islands and even continents are filled with unknown cities, caves and, of course, treasures. What will you find? How will you use it? The Curious Expedition game contains a huge number of surprises, and to this you are still waiting for a randomly generated world, which gradually opens as you explore. You are waiting for various obstacles, ranging from natural (rivers, lakes, mountains), ending with various monsters. Gather a good and reliable team that, under your leadership, will be able to overcome any difficulties. Who knows what discoveries you can do? It’s clear one thing, the game keeps you in a pleasant tension, and random generation makes you constantly come back and implement new incredible discoveries.

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