Empyrion Galactic Survival v10.4.0.2554 - ALI213

Empyrion Galactic Survival Game Free Download Torrent
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Small studio EmpyrionGame offers to enjoy the game, which is called — Empyrion. They say that this word was used by the ancients to describe what is beyond the sky. The gamer will find out what is hidden there. And there is a whole galaxy, and in the game it is always unique due to procedural generation. Another feature of Empyrion is that you can board a ship and go to any planet, to land at any point. Perhaps, such a great journey the gaming industry did not offer before.

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Abandon Ship v0.5.12757

Abandon Ship Game Free Download Torrent
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Abandon Ship is both a simulator and an adventure marine action game in which you will need to take command of a sail-time ship. Here, you and the adventures of the sea, and ship battles, and battles with the monsters of the depths, and piracy, and much more. Are you ready to become the captain of a huge sailing ship? Then go ahead! Here you can become the captain of a huge ship and go to the expanses of the sea depths in search of adventure. You will find a huge open world, crowded with other ships and their crews, mythical creatures, islands, secret locations, secret waters and more. Travel, take pleasure in ordinary captain’s everyday life, fight for life to the death, improve your ship and do everything in order to survive in this unusual and cruel world.

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BonVoyage! v1.01

BonVoyage! Game Free Download Torrent
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BonVoyage! — this is a puzzle game mixed with puzzles in which you will need to collect cards in a solid state so that the main character can get to the finish line. There is no specific plot in this game, there is only the essence, which consists in collecting maps, locations, in a solid state. The point is to pave the way for the hero and do everything possible so that he can get to the finish line. But this will not be so simple. Not only are the cards themselves not so simple, they also consist of many puzzles.
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Arctico (Eternal Winter) v9c (upd.14.08.2019) - SKIDROW

Arctico (Eternal Winter) Game Free Download Torrent
Eternal Winter is a harsh survival in harsh winter conditions. All you have is a dog sled, thanks to which you can move around and look for resources. Watch not only for the state of the main character, but also for the health of your dogs. Feed them so that they gain strength to transport you and your belongings. Try to think over the place to spend the night so that everyone is as comfortable as possible.

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The Moonstone Equation upd.14.08.2019

The Moonstone Equation Game Free Download Torrent
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The Moonstone Equation is an interesting puzzle game in which you go to a strange and mystical world and solve numerous puzzles, relying only on your intellect and logical thinking. The game takes place at an unusual research scientific base located on a hill. There, scientists day and night work to decipher the strange inscriptions that were discovered on the moonstones. Well, the plot revolves around a girl named Alice, who also managed to get a job in this complex. Now she among scientists and researchers must work tirelessly to decipher the inscriptions. But this is not the main thing, but the fact that ahead of the main character will be adventures that can once and for all turn her life upside down.
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Dead Cells v1.4.8 (2019.08.13) + Whos the Boss DLC

Dead Cells Game Free Download Torrent
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Dead Cells is an example of how, with the help of modern graphics, you can pretty well revitalize the classic elements of computer games, because now you have to remember again which it is to jump on platforms, have fun and learn all the new tricks with which you will pass the local storyline. At the same time, you can pass local assignments in absolutely any order, because of which the passage of the local story campaign becomes non-linear and only gives more pleasure from the approach of the ending. For this, the developers actually created this project, because they themselves grew up on computer games for arcade machines and would like to share this experience with a younger generation, which still did not manage to catch all this.

This release Dead Cells updated to latest version 1.4.8 (2019.08.13) and included Whos the Boss DLC.

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Never Give Up - PLAZA

Never Give Up Game Free Download Torrent
Never Give Up is a hardcore arcade platformer about the adventures of a stickman looking for himself. Break out of the testing area and embark on a difficult adventure. Fight insidious bosses and die again and again in search of your truth. Each new level will become more and more difficult, and traps are more dangerous.

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Eagle Island v1.0.8.3

Eagle Island Game Free Download Torrent
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Eagle island latest version and current included updates. Thanks to its gameplay in the style of falconry and procedurally generated worlds, Eagle Island is set to perfectly modernized aesthetics of pixel art and provides a breath of fresh air for the 2D platform genre. The game can be played in story, bagel or speedran modes. Discover the avian world of Eagle Island with Quill and his faithful companion, Koji. Explore lush forests, devious caves and uncover the ruins of long-lost civilizations on your way to confront the giant deity Armaura in a desperate attempt to save Ichiro from her claws.

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Obduction v1.8 - PLAZA

Obduction Game Free Download Torrent
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Obduction is a first-person adventure game released in 2016 for PC. This project in Russian will begin very unusual — the main character realized that his daily routine had ended forever when an incomprehensible organic artifact fell under his feet, teleporting into an incomprehensible universe. It seems that everything seems familiar, but such a stranger, as if a piece of the territory where our protagonist was, carried over with him. Gigantic cars scurry around, hitherto unprecedented creatures and unusual technological objects. If you decide to download Obduction torrent, then you will have to uncover the secrets of this artifact, which more and more carries you away from your home world.

Added new version Obduction v1.8.1 — GOG!

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The Forbidden Arts v1.0.2 - PLAZA

The Forbidden Arts Game Free Download Torrent
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The Forbidden Arts is an adventure platformer for PC with an emphasis on finding secrets and exploring the world. When the Phoenix, the protagonist of the game, seeks the advice of a druid to understand the meaning of his visions, she awakens in him latent abilities for pyromancy. From this moment begins the epic journey — from the modest beginning of the formation of the Phoenix as a pyromancer to the development of the fire element.

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