Fallout 76 v1.0.0.6 (Closed Beta) - SKIDROW

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Fallout 76 is a continuation of the popular post-apocalyptic series, the chip of which will be a multiplayer mode. In the previous Fallout 4, developers have already attempted to introduce multiplayer into the game, but this time this mode is the main game. In other words, Fallout 76 will not have a full-fledged single-player campaign. The plot of the game takes users to the year 2102. Only 25 years have passed since the moment of nuclear war, which thundered in the not so distant 2077. It follows that the new franchise is nothing more than a prequel, thanks to which players will learn many details about the notorious bunker called Refuge 76, located in West Virginia.

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The Shapeshifting Detective - ALI213

The Shapeshifting Detective Game Free Download Torrent
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The Shapeshifting Detective — an interactive adventure game with real actors in the genre of detective, with elements of mysticism and noir. The player will take on the role of a mysterious detective, which has the ability to transform into other characters. Can you find a serial killer? Is a supernatural noir killing puzzle game in which you play as a detective who can turn into other characters, allowing you to unlock secret conversations and private meetings. Dorota Shaw is dead. And the main suspects are three tarot readers with an incredible ability to predict a murder — or commit it. It is your job to find out what else they know, but they will not reveal their dark secrets only to anyone.

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Football Manager 2019 v19.1.1 - SKIDROW

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Football Manager 2019 is a new football manager with an updated list of teams and players. Football simulator does not finish its series, it is constantly ongoing. Developers are trying to gain more popularity and attract the attention of many people to the game. We managed to get acquainted with the manager several years ago. Developers are now delighted fans from year to year. Each of us here expects a large number of opportunities. Build an amazing team, distribute the team’s budget, and also try to achieve the main goal in a short period of time. Create a strong team, beat opponents and prove to others that you are capable of a lot.

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Bomber Crew upd.06.11.2018 - PLAZA

Bomber Crew Game Free Download Torrent
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Here you can download the game Bomber Crew for free torrent, release from PLAZA. Bomber Crew is a strategy with RPG elements, in which you have to command bomber members. The game takes place during the Second World War. In addition to command, your duties include crew training and bomber maintenance. Create your own unique style of bomber, using a variety of stickers, train the crew so that they perform their tasks accurately and qualitatively. During the battle, monitor the parameters of the aircraft, the amount of ammunition, the status of team members and the movement of enemies. Complete the task and try to return alive. The loss of a team member is already irrevocable, so be extremely careful and prepare well for the tasks.

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Death Space - PLAZA

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Death Space — in the courtyard of the year 3088, mankind has advanced far ahead, it left the Earth for Venus. In addition, many space stations were built in space, where scientists and engineers worked on various projects and experiments. A group of federal scientists was developing a project for the military called the Lausosmet on the 69th space station. They had to create dangerous mutant hunter units, and they really did.

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ADAPTR Game Free Download Torrent
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ADAPTR is a pretty good representative of the genre of simulators, where all your actions should be based on the physical component. On your shoulders lay responsibility for the construction of multifunctional vehicles. In the arsenal you will have a number of modular units, of which you will create your future designs. You also need to pass the test, solving logical tasks to unlock as many additional locations as possible. You must descend from the earth orbit to the surface, and then go to the study of the environment to find abandoned laboratories.

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LEGO The Incredibles v1.0.0.62857 - CODEX

LEGO The Incredibles Game Free Download Torrent
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LEGO The Incredibles — Arcade adventure based on the «Incredibles» in the universe of LEGO. The game in the style of the latest projects of the series is an open-world hub, in which you will find friends on the «Incredibles» location. At the same time, something new is promised, in addition to the familiar elements of the construction platform and solving puzzles: as you open new locations, you will be able to fight new manifestations of crime. The plot campaign of the game is based on both films «The Incredibles», and also contains the original quests written by TT Games in collaboration with Pixar. In addition, the characters of LEGO The Incredibles can discover new super abilities, different from those that are familiar in films.

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Apparition upd.06.11.2018 - SKIDROW

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Apparition — the game is a mystical horror from the first person with elements of survival. Here your task is to prove the existence of ghosts on Earth of the stomping devil, which is located in the American state of North Carolina. This will help you with a camera and a voice recorder, as well as a spiritualistic board, thanks to which you can communicate with the dead and learn the truth about this place. In the middle of a dense forest is an abandoned old house. He says that ghosts can be seen there, but it will not be so easy to notice them. In the game Apparition you have the opportunity to see these ghosts with my own eyes.

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Demon's Rise Lords of Chaos v1.81 - PLAZA

Demon's Rise Lords of Chaos Game Free Download Torrent
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Demon’s Rise Lords of Chaos — another tactical turn-based wargame. At this time, our interpretation of the genre is offered to us by the independent team of Wave Light Games Inc, for which this project is a debut in the gaming industry. We are waiting for a unique fantasy universe of the dark medieval, where we take on the role of the leader of the squad of wicked villains and monsters of all kinds and kinds. In the game Demon’s Rise — Lords of Chaos, we personify not good, as it usually happens in projects of this kind, but the very natural forces of evil. The player will lead his army to victory. The ultimate goal is to conquer all civilized worlds using necromancy and the all-destroying hellfire.

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PixelJunk Monsters 2 v1.04 - CODEX

PixelJunk Monsters 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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PixelJunk Monsters 2 is a new series of a popular game for the whole world that will give you a lot of positive emotions, and also take you to the world of insane adventures with interesting and unexpected turns of events. This game project has brought a lot of changes, each of which will be able to please fans. Ira is executed in the style of a dynamic strategy, so you definitely will not be bored here. I went on an unforgettable adventure, solving the mysteries of the colorful world and going through the trials that this world has prepared for you. Graphics are now performed at the highest level, as well as the most detailed.

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