Formata v1.0.0 - PLAZA

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Formata is a new strategic game, whose actions take place in the Middle Ages. Large-scale battles take place in real time, and you can both monitor everything from outside, and take on the role of one of the fighters and play with a third-person view. Before you go into battle, you need to get enough resources and build a strong army. Medieval wars are something very different from modern wars and very entertaining and interesting. You have to storm the fortress, fight in the immediate vicinity of the opponent, because you have no firearms. Shield and sword — the main thing that you have, so dispose of them skillfully. But the most important thing is a tactic worth thinking about, otherwise you will never win. Formata has great opportunities for various tactical actions, so use them all skillfully.

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Outcast Second Contact Update 2 - CODEX

Outcast Second Contact Game Free Download Torrent
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Outcast Second Contact is a project on the territory of which you can get acquainted with the incredible history of saving the whole planet on which we live. At the same time this action does not take place in the usual scenery and tones for Hollywood, because of what it is much more interesting to observe what is happening, especially if the developers have repeatedly hinted at the fact that they seriously thought about making a movie, but then realized that their idea was too large to film on it. So they went to create a full-fledged computer game about adventures in space and so they really got a unique project, with the help of which they told an ideal story about friendship, courage and selflessness. Such products are now really not enough.

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Stellaris Humanoids Species Pack Update v1.9 + DLC - CODEX

Stellaris Humanoids Species Pack Game Free Download Torrent
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Paradox Interactive announced for the space strategy Stellaris Humanoids Species Pack. It contains 10 new portraits, images of cities and models of ships of humanoid races. They were created under the inspiration of classical Western science fiction. Stellaris — a space strategy that swung to a universal scale. The game gives the opportunity to go on an exciting journey, the main purpose of which is the exploration of space. You will have to interact with the many different races represented in the game, you can fight with them, as well as solve all issues diplomatically. A fascinating plot will not let you get bored, and the beauty of the cosmos and the puzzles that open during his research further warm up interest. Conquer the star systems, enslave all the opposing races, your goal is to become the ruler of the Universe and enter your name in the history of the Galaxy.

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Operation Blood Orchid (upd. 08.12.2017) - CODEX

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Game Free Download Torrent
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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege — the latest tactical shooter from the company Ubisoft. You are waiting for the most complicated counter-terrorist operations that are being carried out around the world. Have you ever wanted to take on the role of a special forces fighter and eliminate the most dangerous terrorists? In this game, you and the SWAT team are going to perform dangerous tasks. The tasks are always different, but one of them always remains the main thing — to save all the hostages. Battles in tight spaces, tactics, neutralization of traps, team play — all this is waiting for you in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege. At your disposal a large arsenal of weapons and.

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Heavy Metal Machines U5C. - SKIDROW

Heavy Metal Machines Game Free Download Torrent

Heavy Metal Machines is what’s left on Earth after the apocalypse. Cars, madness, unrestrained battles on the racing track, chaos and total destruction — all this makes this game really exciting and adrenaline. And if you consider also the fact that it is multi-user, so you can take down the roof! In this game on the computer, the main goal is not to survive, but to destroy the enemy team. If one of you remembers Rock n 'Roll Racing, and in the common people «Rocks under rock’n'roll,» then the presented novelty will definitely appeal to you. Add to the old-good game modern graphics, the presence of multiplayer, serviced by the developers of the server, a lot of in-game bonuses, teams and other elements of MOBA, and from this all will be a hurricane cocktail.

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Italia - SKIDROW

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Italia Game Free Download Torrent

To date, you can safely say that the whole genre of simulators is reborn. Even for those who are accustomed to enjoy the toughest shooters or atmospheric role-playing MMORPG, the toy Euro Truck Simulator 2 became noticeable. This is the continuation of the bestseller «Truckers 2», released in 2001. The game has a new engine, reworked Prism3D, which allows you to model the world around, spending very little resources. In the collection of Euro Truck Simulator 2 developers are very painstakingly concerned with the creation of the world around them. Gamers can not only enjoy the beautiful cities from afar, but also to visit them.

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Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition Update 2 + 1 DLC - PLAZA

Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition Game Free Download Torrent
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Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition — this is a new edition of all the familiar shooter with a first-person view, which made a lot of noise during its release in the already distant 2011th year. Then, for some reason, he did not become too popular, but now he has gained a cult status, because this game process is much less common in modern games. So it’s not strange that the developers decided to give the game a second chance and therefore undertook to improve the graphics and tweak some game moments in order to demonstrate this project exactly as it was originally intended. Also, as in the original, you will have to play for a particularly cruel bounty hunter who lives in the spaces of a cargo ship and is engaged in the killing of especially dangerous creatures in space. He does this for a fairly long time and this leads him to not the best life status, but he at least deals with what he likes best.

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Brink of Extinction v1.0.0 (First Release) - HI2U

Brink of Extinction Game Free Download Torrent
HI2U Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT

Brink of Extinction is a game in which the gameplay is built on the need to defend your tower from enemy attacks. Of course, there is no immediate tower like in medieval times, but there are many other interesting things. Civilization today was on the verge of its extinction. Everything around in ruins, and life becomes more dangerous every day. It’s not just existence, it’s just survival. You have a base and on this base a lot of useful information. It is necessary to protect your property from enemies, because they really want to take over everything that is acquired by excessive work. In total, you will have nine protective towers, and each of them can be improved and placed on the territory so that the enemy can not get close at all.

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Ultimate General Civil War v1.09 - SKIDROW

Ultimate General Civil War Game Free Download Torrent

Ultimate General Civil War is a military strategy in which you take part in the Civil War in the United States. In the courtyard of 1861-1865, the time of the most bloody events in the US. You will not just play at this time, but also participate in the real big battles of the war of 1861-65, only in the full version of the game in more than 50. Moreover, you can choose the side for which you will fight. You can start with small skirmishes and gradually move on to large-scale battles. You are acting as a general, who should think over the tactics of his troops. The strength of your army, your reputation and fighting spirit depend on your decisions. In the game, not only battles are identical, but also weapons, and all other components of the war.

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Dinosis Survival Episode 2 - SKIDROW

Dinosis Survival Game Free Download Torrent

Dinosis Survival is a new action game with survival on one of the most popular themes. If not a zombie, then what? All right, then dinosaurs! In this game you will explore a large open world filled with huge, long-extinct animals. But in this game you can directly interact with them. But, unfortunately, before you is not a simple walk in the zoo, with many animals will have to fight and even kill. You are given the role of the protagonist, a man named Tom Bart. He woke up in the jungle filled with dinosaurs. Everything happened after the crash of his plane. But is he the only survivor or is there someone else? And anyway, what kind of place is so strange?

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