ARK Survival Evolved v298.3 - CODEX

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From the category of online games on a computer in an open world, we can distinguish the game ARK: Survival Evolved. The official release of the full version is expected by the summer of 2016. Initially it was expected that this would be a PC — an exclusive, but the toy appeared on other platforms. ARK Survival is an RPG in the prehistoric world, where dinosaurs and other creatures are thirsting for your death. Translated into Russian language quality. As soon as you start the game — the player appears on the coast, and, as it turns out later.

Update: ARK Survival Evolved v298.3 + DLC

This game has been updated 9-08-2019, 12:17 to the latest version v298.3.

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Fishing Barents Sea v1.3.4.3406 - PLAZA

Fishing Barents Sea Game Free Download Torrent
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Stand at the helm of your own fishing vessel in the game Fishing Barents Sea go to the open spaces of the Norwegian Sea in search of the best places for fishing. At first you will only be available to a small boat, inherited from your grandfather. Catch fish and earn money to improve the boat or purchase a larger vessel. Enjoy the beauty of the Barents Sea and achieve success by becoming one of the main suppliers of seafood. Learn to fish using various nets and fishing rods and purchasing new boats. Each method is fairly easy to master, but they are all full of nuances - it's time to show skill.

This game has been updated 25-08-2019, 15:44 to the latest version v1.3.4.3406.

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TerraTech Deluxe Edition v1.3 - PLAZA

TerraTech Deluxe Edition Game Free Download Torrent
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TerraTech Deluxe Edition is an indie-strategy computer game with sandbox and action elements developed by Payload Studios. This project is a kind of designer, in which you will create unusual machines, gather resources, explore different planets, fight with many opponents and much more. In the game TerraTech you can download torrent, you will have a unique opportunity to create and assemble your own fleet of powerful ships, on which you will surf the cosmic spaces, exploring new worlds in search of profit and fame. Want to create an insane death machine out of available tools? Easily. Or maybe you want a heavily armed tank? Yes, nothing to do. Well, or some daring reconnaissance vehicle? Here it is possible.

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Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo Game Free Download Torrent
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Planet Zoo — is one of the best simulators to date, among those dedicated to the construction of the zoo. Here you will get complete freedom of action, a huge number of opportunities, and not only. The most important advantage of this simulator is the freedom that you get after starting the game. In Planet Zoo, you can do whatever your heart desires. You can build the zoo itself and then make changes to its landscape, you can build buildings, buy animals and place them in any part of the zoo, let the animals loose, manage personnel, and do much more.

This game Planet Zoo will soon be available for torrent download on Skidrow Game Reloaded website. This is only the announcement of the game, where you can see the screenshots, watch the trailer and read the description.

Farm Together Paella Pack

Farm Together Paella Pack Game Free Download Torrent
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Meet the new project from the creators of the famous Farm Simulator — a magnificent farm simulator called Farm Together Paella Pack. In it, you can not just try your skills in agriculture — you have a unique chance to turn a small plot of a couple of acres into a huge ranch or plantation. In Farm Together you have the opportunity to constantly increase the territory of your farm. Buy new plots, plant various crops or tree saplings there, arrange a farm for your animals or build a warehouse. In general, the possibilities you have are enormous. By the way, you will constantly receive various tasks, the fulfillment of which will bring you a reward in the form of experience — for it you will be able to get access to new buildings and objects. You can also buy various equipment, with which you can speed up the main work, but it will require additional costs.

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Killing Floor 2 Back And Kicking Brass

Killing Floor 2 Back And Kicking Brass Game Free Download Torrent
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Killing Floor 2 Back And Kicking Brass сontinuation of the popular shooter with a first-person view, which has already become a real classic of the genre. Finally, the developers have released all the official patches with the DLC, and today we can enjoy the full version of the game Killing Floor 2. The storyline will once again unfold around the struggle of all mankind against a horde of deadly mutants. Despite the fact that the levels are focused primarily on cooperative passing thus, we can get the maximum amount of positive emotions and impressions, players can go through all the scenarios of the main campaign and alone.

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American Truck Simulator Washington - PLAZA

American Truck Simulator Washington Game Free Download Torrent
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There was an opportunity when we could go on a virtual trip to the state of Washington. SCS Studio has announced that the addition of Washington for the popular American Truck Simulator is already available. This is a truck driving simulator, created by the Czech studio SCS Software, with extensive experience in this field — the company is responsible for the corresponding series of 18 Wheels of Steel, as well as for both parts of Euro Truck Simulator. The creators have tried to faithfully reflect the road map, thanks to which we are moving along the interstate system of highways and highways.

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Xenon Racer v29.05.2019 incl. Grand Alps - PLAZA

Xenon Racer Game Free Download Torrent
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Xenon Racer — arcade futuristic racing for PC and consoles. The events of the game will unfold in 2030. In Xenon Racer racing racing electric cars, reinforced with xenon gas. The era of flying technology has begun, and you have to zip through the streets of such cities of the future as Tokyo and Dubai, as part of the last wheeled car championship. In the era of aircraft in the world of Xenon Racer, the last one-time championship was organized using traditional vehicles on wheels, so gamers will have to take control of one of the ultra-modern electric vehicles charged with special Xenon gas. Overcoming insidious twists and enjoying the bright neon lights, players will be able to race through the futuristic streets of cities such as Tokyo and Dubai. Resisting overload, drivers will have to show all their skills in pursuit of an unattainable victory.

This game has been updated 30-05-2019, 06:13 to the latest version v29.05.2019 incl. Grand Alps.

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ZELENSKY vs POROSHENKO The Destiny of Ukraine

ZELENSKY vs POROSHENKO The Destiny of Ukraine Game Free Download Torrent
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ZELENSKY vs POROSHENKO The Destiny of Ukraine is a fun and very unusual project, a game belonging to the clicker genre, in which you will get a chance to influence the fate of an entire country, Ukraine. Yes, in the center of events, Ukraine, a long-suffering country that is on the brink of the abyss. But now not the president will lead you and the whole country, but you will govern the president and the country with its inhabitants. The main goal in this game is to turn Ukraine into the only superpower on the planet. Will you become the Great Ukrom, the best presidents, or just the ruler of the world, only depends on you and your decisions.

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Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered v1.0.3 - CODEX

Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered Game Free Download Torrent
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Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered is a reissue of a role-playing adventure sci-fi action game with a third-person view, in which you will have to go to America in 1775 and play for one of the most dangerous assassins. So, the civil war is about to begin, the revolution is on the way, the war of independence is just beginning. You will play one of the most important roles in these events. You are a native American assassin fighting for the freedom of the people and independence. Participate in historical events such as the Battle of Bunker Hill, investigate important cases, kill opponents, fight for freedom and independence, develop and swing.

This game has been updated 17-05-2019, 06:03 to the latest version v1.0.3.

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