ENDER LILIES Quietus of the Knights v0.7.0 (upd.08.03.2021)

ENDER LILIES Quietus of the Knights Game Free Download Torrent
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ENDER LILIES Quietus of the Knights — is a Metroidvania-themed RPG-adventure platformer in which, as a girl named Lily, you embark on a perilous journey through the once-thriving Outland to slay treacherous enemies and unravel the mystery of the fall of this fallen kingdom. Take on the role of a girl named Lily and try to unravel the mystery of the kingdom that died from the rain of death. On your way, many strong opponents await you, who can easily take your life. But if you are able to defeat them and free them from the spell, they will become your allies. Lily, the last surviving priestess in a country devastated by endless and heavy rain that turns people into undead, wakes up in a church, oblivious to recent events. As she explores the sanctuary, Lily will summon spirits to protect her on her journey to find the source of rain that will transform her home into a ghostly shadow of herself.

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GRUNND Prologue v1.0.99 (upd.08.03.2021)

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GRUNND — is a one hundred percent hand-crafted adventure dedicated to traveling to a seemingly ordinary place right next to you, which is gradually turning into a surreal and complex world with its own invisible gods, problems and order. This is a slightly different look at the genre of point and click adventure with platformer-style locations, fast travel and multiple choice events.

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Stronghold Warlords Build 6288595 (upd.08.03.2021)

Stronghold Warlords Game Free Download Torrent
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Stronghold Warlords — is a computer game that belongs to the Stronghold series. This is a striking representative of the strategy genre, which has a specific Asian theme. But do not think that this is a continuation of the series, it is an independent separate branch from it. This game has a new setting, but a lot is borrowed from past products. For example, there will be both new units and those with which we have already met earlier. In the summer of 2016, Firefly Studios released the news that it was developing and releasing the Steam Edition for Stronghold Legends it was released next fall.

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Earth Analog v1.0.13 (upd.08.03.2021)

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Earth Analog — which tells the story of a lone space pilot flying to the Proxima Centauri system in search of a new habitable planet that humanity can call its home. This is a single-player space simulator with a Newtonian flight model, which is inspired by modern films about the death of the Earth and the search for a new home for humanity. As the creator of the game shared, from the day he watched Interstellar, Roy was on fire to create a space simulator that conveys a sense of mystery and excitement.

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Coromon v0.5.3 (upd.08.03.2021)

Coromon Game Free Download Torrent
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Coromon — is a strategic role-playing game in the spirit of Pokemon, where you first tame the monsters, and then pump them and create your own unique squad, which has to fight the formidable Titans. In the Velua region, where people and Koromony live in harmony, some secretive organization is on the verge of releasing dark power into the world. Will they succeed in their evil plans, or can they still be stopped. Become a young hero joining the technologically advanced Lux Solis. Tame any of the 120+ Coromons to create a powerful squad. Together with Koromon you have to train, fight and solve puzzles in an adventurous world.

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Hammerting upd.04.03.2021

Hammerting Game Free Download Torrent
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Hammerting — is a simulator of a gnome settlement with elements of action, strategy and role-playing game. The gnome clan lives underground and extracts useful resources, some of which they leave for their development, as others are sold to kingdoms on the surface. A serious war has broken out in the world and it needs metal, which the gnomes can get. The player will have to start with a few of them, after which the community will expand, build new residential buildings and increase mining. The player’s goal is to create a thriving dwarf settlement and extract enough resources in the bowels of the earth. The gamer will be able to control the gnomes separately, or give them orders to carry out certain tasks.

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Circuit Superstars Build 6326618 (upd.07.03.2021)

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Circuit Superstars — once again, motorsports enthusiasts can rejoice as the fast-paced and super intense Circuit Superstars will be delivered in a particularly engaging way. It will be appreciated not only by beginners in the world of sports, but also by avid racers who cannot live a day without speed. The game mechanics provides for a very flexible control system, which, nevertheless, is quickly mastered while maintaining all the proprietary chips. The more diligent and inquisitive the user is, the more multifaceted the game will appear for him. So, you can open up new steep tracks and fight for the championship in the ranking, you can pump the depreciation of your motorcycle and even come up with strategies that will contribute to the racer’s career.

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Phasmophobia v0.26.8.1 (upd.07.03.2021)

Phasmophobia Game Free Download Torrent
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Phasmophobia — will give players the opportunity to become an explorer of the supernatural. Psychological thriller games are always something interesting and incredibly addictive spectacle. You and other researchers, in tandem, must complete the mission. But be prepared for challenging tasks and plot twists. Only a few will be able to resist the terrible monsters from the other world and not go crazy. A feature of the game is its visual performance, which is able to immerse us in the most realistic, frightening and stressful atmosphere.

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Startup Company v1.19 (upd.07.03.2021)

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Startup Company is a simulator of a start-up software company. Become a leader and go the way from a start-up and unknown company to the technological giant. Start by creating an office the right and convenient location will significantly improve the level of work. Look for orders, win contracts and provide competitive services. Creating excellent and high-quality software is not enough, hire marketers so that as many customers as possible know.

This game has been updated 7-03-2021, 16:42 to the latest version v1.19 (upd.07.03.2021).

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Last Wood v0.9.7p2

Last Wood Game Free Download Torrent
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Last Wood is the square adventure of several survivors across the vast ocean, which subsequently formed the apocalypse. The player is the leader of this small group, and with it he will have to swim, survive, improve the objects of labor, prepare food and do a lot of similar work. Exploring immense latitudes, sometimes you will have to face unknown locations, which often have to land in search of resources, but, as usual, problems await the player in such locations. To develop on a wooden raft will be difficult, but quite possible. The main goal in the process is survival, but if you do not improve the most ordinary things, then it will not work out for a long time. Try to grab at any chance given, otherwise a couple of survivors will die within a few days.

This game has been updated 7-03-2021, 16:11 to the latest version v0.9.7p2.

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