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Pode — is a cute adventure action platformer game with an isometric view of the camera and many interesting cooperative puzzles. The game tells the story of a small rock helping a fallen star find his way home. They have to go on an intense adventure in which they visit the ancient mysterious ruins, magical mountain and dangerous jungle. Created by a small indie studio from Bergen with the support of the Norwegian Film Institute, the project tells the story of the friendship of a pebble and a fallen star.

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Smart City Plan v1.07 (upd.03.04.2020)

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Smart City Plan is an incredible simulator where you have to deal with the construction of the city, the road, as well as create ideal amenities for your city. Factors such as politics and taxation are important in the game, so you should not forget about them. You can take the role of a politician, as well as manage your own finances and solve problems that have arisen in the created city. You can engage in further expansion of your city after the player has realized the work of the entire system and is ready to move on. You can build your infrastructure, create a literally perfect city, the charm of which will be in the details, just like in real life.

This game has been updated Today, 15:42 to the latest version v1.07 (upd.03.04.2020).

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Academia School Simulator v0.3.99b

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Academia School Simulator is an American school building simulator. You must act as a director, designer, architect, and manager at the same time, and your main task is to create an effective and prosperous school. Start from the smallest, build a building and divide it into rooms of different sizes, distribute the rooms and decide in which room and what will happen. At first it will be hard for you, but after a few tens of minutes you will understand that the construction of the school itself is nothing compared to managing it. Here you will have to face new problems, each of which will spoil your life considerably.

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Mana Spark v1.1.07 (upd.02.04.2020)

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Mana Spark — a great Action Bagel, in which you have to go on a long journey, fight with the most terrible and powerful monsters, pumped and defeat powerful evil. The game is not much different from other representatives of the genre, but it also has many unique features. For example, the features of this game include permanent death — if you die even at the very last level, you lose everything, and the progress, the found loot, and even the pumped skills, which means you have to start all over again. However, this feature is far from the only one.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 15:36 to the latest version v1.1.07 (upd.02.04.2020).

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Running With Rifles v1.76 - PLAZA

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Isometric shooter Running With Rifles — opens before the players a lot of opportunities. The game with a view from above allows you to conduct fascinating military events. For the process to be effective, a large number of weapons were introduced. Developers have created a variety of missions of any complexity, passing them will be quite difficult, but it is very interesting. Large-scale game locations with an unusual environment make it possible to move around and recapture the territory.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 14:47 to the latest version v1.76.

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Computer Physics Simulator 2020 - PLAZA

Computer Physics Simulator 2020 Game Free Download Torrent

Computer Physics Simulator 2020 — is a very simplified version of the popular PC Building Sim, but as an alternative, of course, you can get acquainted. Here you can also build your dream computer. Install different components, save money, repair and upgrade components. The game has pretty well-developed physics, so you can do everything quite believably. Of course, the assembled PC can be tested. There is nothing supernatural in this simulator, but it will help to pass the time during the period of self-isolation.

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R.B.I. Baseball 20 v1.0.0.46123 - CODEX

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R.B.I. Baseball 20 is a new game from the line of famous baseball arcades that have been delighting sports fans and gamers since 1987. These projects were rare guests on personal computers, but the most recent part decided to look at them. R.B.I. Baseball 20 raises the bar for quality and entertainment in its genre to a new level. Gather your unique team and become MLB legends. Players expect improved management, detailed models of athletes, a new cinematic camera that will allow you to observe what is happening from the side of the pitcher, a huge amount of really existing MBL attributes, over 165 real baseball players, many different modes, soundtrack with dozens of licensed songs and more. R.B.I. Baseball 20 is an ideal game for baseball fans.

This game has been updated 31-03-2020, 11:25 to the latest version v1.0.0.46123.

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Wolfenstein Cyberpilot VR upd.31.03.2020 - VREX

Wolfenstein Cyberpilot VR Game Free Download Torrent
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Wolfenstein Cyberpilot VR — the authors of the Wolfstone series invite you to visit Paris in 1980, with the surroundings of this universe. You play the role of a hacker and have to deal with the extermination of the Nazis as far as possible. The opportunity to visit this setting in the helmet of BP is captivating. As a resistance hacker, provide all possible support with your knowledge and skills, try to destroy the maximum number of opponents.

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Imperator Rome Magna Graecia v1.4 - CODEX

Imperator Rome Magna Graecia Game Free Download Torrent

Imperator Rome Magna Graecia — is a new addition that brings a lot of interesting things to the game, including tasks and new Gods. Including the subsequent collapse of the empire of Alexander, the Greek city-states fought for the preservation of their own independence and control over their own fate. Athens and Sparta continued to recognize their impact in the Aegean, while the great metropolis of Syracuse longed to prevail over Sicily. In Magna Graecia, the brand-new content package for Imperator: Rome, you can stretch out this time of populated areas challenging empires, as Rome grows, And Alexanders heirs hungerily gaze over the horizon.

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Imperator Rome v1.4 - CODEX

Imperator Rome Game Free Download Torrent
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Imperator Rome — a new strategy from the masters of their craft, namely from the company Paradox Interactive. The events of the game, according to its name, will unfold in the ancient era. As stated by the developers themselves, the time span covers the period from the heyday of Athens and ends with the creation of the powerful Roman Empire. There is every reason to believe that the single-player campaign will start in 303 BC, after the death of commander Alexander the Great and before the decisive battle of Diadochow. The campaign will last 4 centuries.

This game has been updated 31-03-2020, 05:28 to the latest version v1.4.

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