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Highfleet — is an indie real-time strategy project from the developer Konstantin Koshutin. The main visual feature of the game is the dieselpunk style taken as a basis, which diversifies the user’s gaming experience. Add atmospheric soundtracks to this for an unforgettable action game. The gameplay of this strategy is based on the skillful maneuvering of all aspects of the game a reasonable allocation of resources, diplomacy skills, fleet maintenance and management. Together with the members of the Sayadi task force, the player appointed by the commander will travel to the kingdom of Herat to carry out the order to take control of these rebellious lands.

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  • Edge Of Eternity Build 7094706 (Bestiary Update) - P2P

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    Edge Of Eternity — is a fun RPG, performed in a classic style and ready to boast of a colorful world and a rather interesting storyline. You will learn about the existence of three cities, whose life was supported by powerful crystals. After the invasion of the insidious invaders, one of the cities decided to self-destruct in order to warn its neighbors and show the power of the artifact. The remaining inhabitants decided to rally against the enemies, exterminate all opponents and find a way to restore the destroyed village.

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  • Beautiful Desolation v1.0.6.7b (Deluxe Edition) - CODEX

    Beautiful Desolation Game Free Download Torrent
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    Beautiful Desolation — game masterpiece from The Brotherhood, which takes place in Africa in 1980, but only in an alternative reality. The main character, Mark, a man who is out of time, is trying to find his brother Don. This task will not be easy, because you have to look in a distant reality, from which only new questions arise. You will find a lot of difficult tasks, on which not only your future will depend, but also the entire planet. Hard puzzles, friends, enemies and more meet Mark on his way to the goal. During the game, you can use both Mark and his friend Puig.

    This game has been updated Today, 13:55 to the latest version v1.0.6.7b (Deluxe Edition).

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  • Eldest Souls v1.0.465 (upd.27.07.2021)

    Eldest Souls Game Free Download Torrent
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    Eldest Souls — is a pixel-based action game in which you have to become a part of unpredictable events and try to cope with the challenges they have prepared for you. The main task of the main character is to destroy all the insidious and powerful Gods who intend to do the same with you. Take on the role of a lonely, brave and fearless knight who takes the path of revenge and is ready to take any action to destroy the supporters of the enemy force. You will embark on a long and dangerous journey, faced with surprises and dark secrets.

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  • Night Book v1.0 (upd.27.07.2021) - DOGE

    Night Book Game Free Download Torrent
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    In pc game Night Book, you will meet Loraline, the translator of video calls from English to French. One day she will have to translate a strange magic book, after which terrible events will begin, from which the faint-hearted gamers and not only will definitely get goosebumps. Loraline will have to choose what or who she is willing to sacrifice in order to survive, including her husband, father and child. Of course, you will be the one to choose. When making decisions at key moments in the plot, sooner or later you will come to one of several endings.

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  • Evdeki Lanet v1.0 (upd.27.07.2021) - DARKSiDERS

    Evdeki Lanet Game Free Download Torrent

    Evdeki Lanet — is a first-person psychological horror. The plot of the game takes place in an old cursed house in a town near the city. The game is exploration-oriented, and you need to carefully explore your surroundings to advance in the game. After the death of a man cursed by her for betraying a woman, his soul is trapped in his house, and his grandson moves into this house after marriage, and the couple sends a letter to the priest asking help. After Father reads the letter that reaches him, he goes to the damned house to help and tries to lift the curse.

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  • Black Skylands v0.0.6 (upd.27.07.2021)

    Black Skylands Game Free Download Torrent
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    Black Skylands — is an arcade scrolling shooter in which players will travel to a world that consists of soaring islands. The army of the monstrous Swarm suddenly attacked this world, and only brave captains of celestial ships can stop opponents and destroy them once and for all. Earth has turned into thousands of flying islands. Survivors are at war for resources. You are the captain of an airship who wants to get to Black Skyland, a real scavenger paradise. To do this, you must destroy the hordes of hostile monsters and find peace and prosperity for your people.

    This game has been updated Today, 06:57 to the latest version v0.0.6 (upd.27.07.2021).

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  • Genesis Noir v9560 (upd.27.07.2021) - PLAZA

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    Genesis Noir — is a dark adventure that will send you into an unusual world and face unexpected circumstances. The main theme of the game will show you the world before, during and after the big bang. Here you can independently observe the birth and long history of all mankind, as well as its destruction. The universe is expanding, which leads to irreversible consequences. You need to stop this action immediately, because now the love of your life is under threat. This game is made in the genre of adventure and is ready to make you a part of an unusual exploration.

    This game has been updated Today, 06:38 to the latest version v9560 (upd.27.07.2021).

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  • The Bounty Huntress Build 7074981 (upd.27.07.2021) - P2P

    The Bounty Huntress Game Free Download Torrent
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    The Bounty Huntress — in this game in the style of Metroidvaniya join Rei, a predator behind their heads, who is tasked with rescuing people kidnapped in the City of Vonar and taken to the mysterious castle of Aresdale. Rhea relies on many special skills that have helped her complete this difficult task. With several monsters flowing down the corridors at Aresdale Castle, you have to be careful to succeed in your journey. There are several dangers in the castle, but there are also several rewards hidden. This game requires a lot of dexterity, patience and attention. You need Ray and the people of Vonar. Game in the style of Metroidvaniya with clear pixel graphics. Play as Ray, a bounty hunter full of skills and weapons. Precise control and intuitive gameplay. Defeat various monsters in the corridors of the castle. Uncover the secrets of Aresdale Castle in 7 different areas.

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  • The Companion upd.27.07.2021 (Update 2) - CODEX

    The Companion Game Free Download Torrent
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    Embark on a journey around the world of The Companion — together with a totem animal that protects the family, travel across the vast expanses of the local world, solve puzzles and enjoy the atmosphere. The game’s plot revolves around a wolf, a totem animal that travels through the material world. Together with him, you will go on a long and interesting journey, wander through the vast expanses of the material world, collect essences, and all in order to help the family find a connection and survive everything that has been prepared.

    This game has been updated Today, 05:46 to the latest version upd.27.07.2021 (Update 2).

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