Risk of Rain 2 v17.09.2019 - SKIDROW

Risk of Rain 2 Game Free Download Torrent
Risk of Rain 2 — classic multiplayer games presented to the world in the bagel genre. The second part brought with it a mass of additions and all sorts of changes that will delight the fans. The game has a single mode that will put you in danger and exciting events. You can also enjoy the atmosphere with your friends, gathering a team of up to four people. Hordes of monsters are not asleep, and you must do everything possible to destroy them. The game world has a feature generated randomly, which will make the process interesting, original and at the same time more complex. Explore the planet for the presence of useful items, valuable resources and powerful weapons.

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Devils Hunt - HOODLUM

Devils Hunt Game Free Download Torrent
A new unknown universe is waiting for its heroes — Devils Hunt. Here a fierce confrontation broke out between good and evil, and only one who possesses sufficient knowledge and skill will be able to turn the tide of the struggle in his favor. In the game Devil’s Hunt you have to find yourself in a world where everyone exists according to their own specific laws. People still survive here, but gradually they are destroyed by huge evil monsters. No one knows exactly where they came from, moreover, there are hardly any daredevils who can resist them. Only your hero can cope with the invasion of monsters and defend his native lands.
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Hardland Build 17.09.2019 - CODEX

Hardland Game Free Download Torrent
Hardland is a game designed in the style of action-RPG with pretty nice graphics and fun gameplay. The whole world will be completely open for you, as well as the developers have made sure that you have complete freedom of action. The world is filled with a fairy tale, and each piece of it is fraught with many hidden secrets. The main advantage in the game is exactly the graphic component, since it was developed at the highest level with detailed drawing and precise animation. You will take part in epic battles with a mass of enemies who will constantly meet on your way. How to prepare yourself: develop your skills and abilities, as well as make a stock of powerful weapons, both cold type and firearms. The plot tells you about the mighty king, who has ruled for more than a thousand years. But fate led him to a terrible disease, the cure for which you have to find.​

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The Church in the Darkness v1.0.8 - CODEX

The Church in the Darkness Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
The Church in the Darkness game 2019 for PC — tells the story of a cult led by the ambitious Walker couple. They hid from the outside world and the excessive attention of the authorities in the impenetrable jungle, where they were going to create their own utopia. Information about the cult ceased to appear in the public domain, but people began to worry. Their relatives did not return from the mysterious city and did not get in touch, so your hero, a former police officer, decides to deal with this mysterious case. He goes to a mysterious place in search of his disappeared nephew, and at the same time try to find out about how the worshipers live.

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Ashes of Oahu v0.1.0.3404 - CODEX

Ashes of Oahu Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Ashes of Oahu — Role-playing action in the open post-apocalyptic world. Events unfold in Hawaii and are based on local legends and beliefs. A third-person role-playing action game that takes you to post-apocalyptic Hawaiian islands. You will find over 100 endings, weapons with magical properties, 50+ abilities, an open world of 25 sq km, as well as a fascinating story inspired by Hawaiian traditions and beliefs.

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Serious Sam Classics Revolution v1.01 - PLAZA

Serious Sam Classics Revolution Game Free Download Torrent
PLAZA Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Serious Sam Classics Revolution is an action and shooter game developed by Croteam for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of fiction, and the following features can be distinguished action, first-person shooter, indie, shooter, classic, cooperative, first-person, multi-player, humor and others. You will have access to such game modes as for one player, for several players and joint game.

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Glorious Companions v17.09.2019

Glorious Companions Game Free Download Torrent
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Choose your side — Glorious Companions: become an ally of the vengeful Scarr or join the ranks of the municipality of Valnery. A new world awaits you in each passage: the continent and its political climate are procedurally generated at the beginning of each journey. Win difficult battles and do not forget to take care of your people: maintain their morale by serving them sumptuous food and alcohol, train them in special rooms and, most importantly, do not let them bleed after a difficult battle.
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M.A.S.S. Builder upd.17.09.2019

M.A.S.S. Builder Game Free Download Torrent
Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Current version TORRENT
M.A.S.S. Builder is an action RPG in which players pilot M. A. S. S. as the commander of a private military company, intending to help combat the threat of quarks. M.A.S.S. Builder will give the opportunity to repel the invasion of aliens that destroyed a huge number of planets. You will create, customize and control the perfect MASS, which will ultimately save the world or at least enjoy creating and customizing your ideal mechanical suits. The game is designed to play on the PC platform. Your mech is pretty nimble in battle, and you have a good selection of melee weapons, weapons, and missiles to deal damage. The bellows do not seem as solid and authentic as the Titanfall, but it is a lot of fun, even in the current state of development. It really does add up to be a great complement to a combat RPG.
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Daymare 1998 v17.09.2019 - HOODLUM

Daymare 1998 Game Free Download Torrent
Daymare 1998 — atmospheric horror action with a third-person view, in which you are waiting for battles with zombies, a sea of action, bloody massacres, and a great story telling about three different characters. The game takes place on the territory of a small town in which a research laboratory is located. It was here that a terrible accident occurred and the leak of the virus invented on the eve. Now all the laboratory staff has been turned into a zombie, a city under threat of destruction, and you will have to try to survive in this Hell without becoming infected with a virus. The plot revolves around three different characters here and allows you to look at the whole story.
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Nauticrawl v1.164 (upd.17.09.2019)

Nauticrawl Game Free Download Torrent
Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
In the story game Nauticrawl — you will play for a person who is inside an alien ship and does not know how to manage it. But you have to figure it out, because now the life of the protagonist is in danger and can be destroyed at any moment by both the natural elements and special forces. What are you going to do? How do you deal with a device that you don’t know anything about? And can you pass all the tests? — The answers to these questions you just learn during the passage of the game.
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