NAIRI Tower of Shirin - PLAZA

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NAIRI Tower of Shirin is an adventure game in which players are awaited by the story of a girl named Nairi who has run away from her upper city and now lives among ordinary people. There she found herself a friend by the name of Rex, and together with him she tried to unravel the mystery of the mysterious Shirin Tower, which haunts all the inhabitants of the city. There, having met Rex, she makes almost archaeological excavations, reveals the secrets of the Shirin title tower, gains knowledge of the ancients, learns to use the ability to see the past, and learns many interesting things about its origin and purpose. It turns out that Nairi is a sort of messenger of the coming apocalypse, a storm that must destroy everything. Naturally, we need to try to stop him.

BELOW v1.0.0.36 (upd.05.01.2019) - CODEX

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Studio with the original sonorous name Capybara Games has announced its project called BELOW. The gameplay is full of battles with the warriors of Darkness and a fair study of the surrounding world. When exactly the gaming community will be able to directly contemplate a new toy — so far remains secret, but the available platforms are known — the PC, so their owners are more fortunate than the rest, who will have to wait not only for the game itself to exit, but also for the opportunity to run it on another console. The main feature of the game can be considered death. The protagonist is the Wanderer, his death is finite, there are no reviving altars, and the reboot of the game will not save, after all, autosave will not return the wanderer.

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Pro Fishing Simulator v1.1 - CODEX

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Have you ever wanted to go fishing in Colorado, to Corsica or anywhere else in an equally remote place? Well. Then go ahead, because now you have such an opportunity in Pro Fishing Simulator. Unlike most fishing simulators, in this you will be one hundred percent free. An open world with a bunch of locations and places for fishing, advanced physics and graphics of the new generation will allow you to go fishing and get such impressions, which are not available in other simulators. And by the way, the open world here is not just an opportunity to choose any equipment.

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Treasure Adventure World v1.06 - PLAZA

Treasure Adventure World Game Free Download Torrent
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Treasure Adventure World is a remake of an excellent RPG-platformer with the open world «Treasure Adventure Game». The new game is overgrown with HD graphics and levels, drawn by a professional artist. Updated story, new levels and puzzles, wizened enemies and an excellent soundtrack. Even if you do not know anything about the original game, but like high-quality platformers, then be sure to download the Treasure Adventure World.

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Zombie Night Terror v01.01.2019 - SKIDROW

Zombie Night Terror Game Free Download Torrent
Zombie Night Terror is a game developed in the strategy genre and executed in a rather simple pixel style. Of course, here again you will be able to face the terrible walking dead. But only this time you will not save the world from a zombie, you will become it. Create your own army of mutants who will go to exterminate the human race. The bottom line is to kill as many people as possible, where each new victim will replenish your powerful army. But you should not forget that the walking dead shine with the mind, and the surviving people are more intellectually developed, which can play a trick on your army. Be careful, because the human race will constantly build powerful traps and do everything possible to destroy all rivals.

Slashers Keep v23.12.2018 - SKIDROW

Slashers Keep Game Free Download Torrent
Slashers Keep is a game that is an excellent representative of the action genre, where all actions will take place with a first-person view, which will allow you to plunge deeper into the series of dynamically developing events. Here you have to go on exploring the vast world in order to find useful resources and valuable items, as well as to combat all rivals who will constantly arise in your way.