Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced - PLAZA

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Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced — a new edition of the first part of the much-loved adventure shooter with role-playing elements, in which you have to go to Pandora and try to find untold treasures that are hidden according to legend by ancient civilizations in a certain Vault. And the first thing worth mentioning is that before you is not just a re-release of the famous game, but the actual transformation of the project. You will find beautiful graphics in good resolution, improved animation, and included in the publication of all the patches and additions coming out before. Although by and large the game remains the same. All of you also have to travel across the expanses of Pandora, fight with numerous opponents, get weapons, and complete quests.

The Kings Bird v1.2.3 - SiMPLEX

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The Kings Bird — arcade game in the style of a platformer, where you will have complete freedom of action, on which the development of further events will directly depend. Immediately it is necessary to note the graphic component of this game project, which is made at the highest level and will definitely be able to please its fans with bright colors, as well as artistic drawing. You will go on a long, fascinating, but at the same time the most dangerous journey through a bright, full of mysteries world. You will run, jump and even fly to overcome all obstacles on your way to the goal. The place of action is numerous kingdoms, the territory of which you need to explore with any available means. Flight mechanics is based on impulses, so you should turn on your speed and ingenuity.

Drunken Wrestlers 2 upd.03.04.2019

Drunken Wrestlers 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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Drunken Wrestlers 2 is a multiplayer fighting game in the genre, with a simple visual performance and insane gameplay. The combat mechanics are completely based on the physics of actions that will make your battles as realistic as possible. Your rivals will also act in accordance with the laws of physics and as unpredictable as possible, so you should always be ready for unexpected events. This project includes several game modes at once, each of which is unique in its execution. Each stage is ready to give you only positive emotions from the passage, so you can be ready for an excellent pastime.

Willowbrooke Post v0.1.1.56

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Willowbrooke Post is a simulation game with many interesting events and dynamic tasks. Here you will go to the colorful world, where you will get acquainted with a friendly family dedicated to a special cause all your life. You will play the role of the protagonist, whose parents left and transferred the case to his hands. Now you lead a small production and try to make it prosperous. To achieve this goal is not easy, it will take a lot of time and effort. A family enterprise is a post office, every aspect of which you are now obliged to take control of. Your assistant will be a long-time friend of the family, who will tell you how to cope with this or that emerging situation.

Depraved v0.18 - SKIDROW

Depraved Game Free Download Torrent
Depraved is a game project that represents the genre of strategy, where you will go to a huge world to build a variety of multifunctional cities. You are waiting for various dangers and tests, even the weather can prevent you from achieving your goal. In addition, your rivals will be predatory animals, which in a certain period will attack you. Enemies will also give you peace, which is why you should be ready for enchantment by resistances with the strongest rivals in order to preserve your possessions, and also to provide a comfortable and safe life for the townspeople. You get to the territory of the wild west, where you will begin your difficult activities.

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Slime Rancher v1.3.2c - SKIDROW

Slime Rancher Game Free Download Torrent
Quite often in virtual worlds, developers show us a variety of technologies, they prophesy this or that future, and sometimes they lead absolutely absurd examples of the further development of mankind. Today we want to draw your attention to the game Slime Rancher, which will show you the world in the future, where people discovered a mass of planets and found an amazing resource Plorts, capable of generating energy. This would allow the active development of mankind with a large transportation of this resource, but it turned out that it can only be developed on the planet where the resource actually lives. Therefore, it was decided to found a colony there, and the first founder was a pretty heroine named Beatrix, who began to actively develop the colony and build various farms to extract this resource.

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The Warhorn v03.04.2019

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The Warhorn is a game in the adventure genre, where you will learn an interesting story and pass through the life tests of the main character. The storyline tells you about a man who goes on a long journey in order to change his life for the better. He is looking for inspiration, and therefore intends not to stop at nothing. Our hero on the way to face many mysteries, dangers and trials, as well as cope with confusing puzzles. It will be very difficult to achieve this goal, but you are determined and ready to overcome any obstacle.

Get Even Build 2068305

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Get Even is a unique computer game that demonstrates a truly phenomenal plot and gameplay, as for a horror film, because this genre has recently not been able to demonstrate the same fuse that it gave out in the old days, when, for example, Resident Evil and Silent Hill. But in fact, you have to use the maximum of your skills and not be afraid of anything just to go through the storyline campaign of this game to the end, otherwise you may simply not be lucky, and you will forever konete in the dark local locations.

Bow to Blood Last Captain Standing - CODEX

Bow to Blood Last Captain Standing Game Free Download Torrent
Bow to Blood Last Captain Standing — an action game with elements of a simulator in which players control flying ships and participate in aerial combat. Players control the captain of one of the ships and slowly climb into the ranks of the air gladiators. During the game, players spend time behind the captain deck and have direct control over the actions of the ship. The ship is controlled using the control panel, which allows you to control the ship and control the energy, distributing it where it is most needed. It can be distributed between engines, shields, weapons and various sensors. In addition, we are responsible for managing a group of unmanned aerial vehicles that can be used in the battle against weaker enemies or order them to control the ship’s subsystems.