Gangsta Woman - PLAZA

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Gangsta Woman — the player is a wounded gangsta-female character, whose only mission is to find the elixir of life, which is hidden somewhere on different levels. The player needs to avoid a fictitious zombie army, and at the end of each level there is a big dragon boss who can fly and breathe fire. The gangster woman needs to kill or avoid the dragon boss and find the bottle’s life elixir. After detecting the level of the bottle ends, and the player gets to reach the level of completion.

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La Mulana 2 v1.7.7.2 - CODEX

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La Mulana 2 is a platform-style game that will take you to a two-dimensional space so that you can cope with all the challenges and dangers on the way. The game has already collected a lot of positive reviews about yourself, so all fans of this genre will definitely have to taste. You will get into the world of adventures and the most real action movie, where you will face all powerful and cunning enemies face to face. Throughout the game process, you will encounter references, and also you will please yourself with enchanting battles with bloodthirsty bosses, which will be difficult to overcome without proper level of skills and combat training.

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China Maos legacy v1.1.1

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China Maos legacy is a very unusual strategic simulation game in which emphasis is placed on politics and the social order. China is waiting for you in 1976, the power and heritage of Mao Zedong. In the story, Mao Zedong is already sick and old, and is about to leave his post. But only recently the Cultural Revolution has thundered and the people are eager for change. Very difficult times are coming, and it is now that the fate of the whole People’s Republic of China will be decided.

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