Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator v0.2.6 Build 27 - SKIDROW

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Game Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator — is an adventure simulator merchant in a medieval setting and is developed by the studio. Manage your trading empire and expand it! Action Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator occurs in the Middle Ages, and players will explore the outside world and regularly update the range of products to become the most successful merchants in the whole kingdom. In this adventure you will use your skills to buy, sell and deliver goods to customers, affecting the overall economy in the kingdom. By the way, some items in the game can not only be sold, but also used as decorations of your store or at home.

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Wild West and Wizards v30.08.2019

Wild West and Wizards Game Free Download Torrent
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Wild West and Wizards — RPG with magic and fantasy elements to re-imagine a new frontier. Adventures in the Wild West with a gun in one hand and a spell in the other. Choose a class and explore a world filled with magic, abreks, rare items, mysterious places, and epic quests. Choose a character class, level up and explore the world at your own pace. With over a hundred interesting places, tons of quests, secrets, and end-of-game content to restart, there is always something beyond the horizon. Repel the diver, embark on epic quests, solve puzzles, discover cities, earn new achievements and abilities, and unlock mysterious places scattered.

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Ultimate Fishing Simulator Greenland DLC v2.8.4.456 - CODEX

Ultimate Fishing Simulator Greenland DLC Game Free Download Torrent
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Ultimate Fishing Simulator Greenland DLC fascinating fishing simulator, goes to a new level. Sit in your boat, which is swinging on the waves, go on a journey through the waters of Greenland, that would meet with the oldest and most dangerous shark. In this addition, there is a new trolling feature that will make you feel like a real sailor. You will also have the opportunity to go to sea, and the search for sharks and halibuts, as well as various sea creatures. Catching a shark is a difficult and dangerous process, because the developers have equipped Luda with additional holders for fishing rods. This update introduces a new map of Greenlandia into the game, an additional type of boats — Cutters, and a new type of fishing — Trolling.

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Technosphere Reload v1.0.7 - PLAZA

Technosphere Reload Game Free Download Torrent
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Technosphere Reload — this is an adventure game developed by Adaptive Game for the PC platform. The style in the game, unfortunately, is not defined, and you can highlight the following: adventure, indie, casual game, achievements of steam. You will have access to such game modes as for one player. Embark on a dangerous journey to the heart of the asteroid to save humanity from disaster. Control the TECHNOSPHERE, roll, jump, balance, solve puzzles and pass mazes. Atlas Corporation digs crystals in the core of an asteroid in earth orbit. Due to a malfunction in the asteroid systems, orbit correction has been disabled. Only the TECHNOSPHERE is capable of rebooting the asteroid system and restoring orbit. You have 10 hours to save the Earth from disaster.

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Down to Hell - SKIDROW

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Down to Hell is an RPG game developed by Red Dev Studio S.A. for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of fantasy, and the following features can be distinguished action, role-playing game, indie, violence, for one player, survival, demons, zombies, horror, meat and others. You will have access to such game modes as single player. Free download Down to Hell torrent is a gloomy two-dimensional slasher in which players have a dark gaming world full of monsters and dangers. Opposes them a lone swordsman, who went on a journey with one sword and an unshakable faith in his abilities.

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Depraved Awakening v1.0 - SKIDROW

Depraved Awakening Game Free Download Torrent

Are you ready to plunge into the world of investigation and debauchery? Then download the game Depraved Awakening and go. Here you have to play the role of a detective who investigates the murder. Moreover, the murder is not the goal, but your client. The day after contacting you, he turns out to be dead and his inner instinct tells the protagonist that if he does not begin to act, he may turn out to be the next. Therefore, he goes to a big city, where all ends lead. In a big city, the hero has to investigate a very complicated case. But here the method of obtaining data from him is rather non-standard — through the bed. Fortunately, only mouth-watering girls with elastic buns and mouth-watering melons will come across your way.

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Barbarian Souls - PLAZA

Barbarian Souls Game Free Download Torrent

The barbarians attacked your lands and killed many warriors, so now the inhabitants can only rely on you. In Barbarian Souls you have to fight the savages and exterminate them all. The main feature of the game is that your journey is limited by health. It is necessary to act carefully and save health, since the hero does not have time to lick his wounds. In battle, you will use the shield and sword to block attacks and attack accordingly. Kill, survive and keep walking without retreating, otherwise the enemy will prevail.

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The Dark Pictures Man of Medan - HOODLUM

The Dark Pictures Man of Medan Game Free Download Torrent

The Dark Pictures Man of Medan — a horror with a third person, in which you have to go on a ghost ship, learn the details of its history and survive, despite the mysticism and supernatural powers. In the story, a group of teen adventure seekers is heading to the site of a sunken submarine, which they need to investigate to write scientific work, but something happens during the journey. First, the conflict with the local fishermen, sailors, and then the storm — in the end, the guys are trapped on the ship ghost, which for many decades, no one has heard anything. This is where the real adventure begins.

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Agent A A puzzle in disguise v30.08.2019 - ALI213

Agent A A puzzle in disguise Game Free Download Torrent
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Agent A A puzzle in disguise is a fascinating game developed in the style of a quest where you will take on the role of a secret agent and go to complete all kinds of missions. The thing is that the next task brought you a new opponent — a professional spy who conducts total surveillance of secret agents. Your task is to find the spy and in every possible way to stop her actions. An important mission falls on your shoulders, and if you cope with it, you can save the lives of several of your comrades.

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Catch the Head - CODEX

Catch the Head Game Free Download Torrent

Catch the Head — Favorite TV shows Hell. Create a team of three sinners and face brutal challenges every Saturday night live from Channel 7. Are you ready to become famous. The city of Smithston is on fire as the new season begins soon, and within the next six months your team will become part of it. The seven celebrities of the underworld have carefully thought out the scenes you are about to explore. Activate the characters to summon them, then track them down and catch! Or what is left of them, since these talking heads have no bodies.

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