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You are a pizza delivery and you need to deliver pizza at all costs in game Crash World. You go to everything and destroy everything in your path, but deliver the pizza! Earn money to improve the delivery vehicle. The steeper your car — the more chances of not getting caught by the police. Crash World — it’s a little crazy game, in which the emphasis is put on fun and the destruction of the world.

This game has been updated 28-11-2019, 08:40 to the latest version v2.0.1 (Alpha).

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  • A Plague Tale Innocence v1.07 - CODEX

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    A Plague Tale Innocence is a very unusual, gloomy and rather scary role-playing adventure action game in which you will have to go to France in 1349 and take part in the fate of children who find themselves in the real trap. In the story you will play for your brother and sister, Amition and Hugo. They have no parents, and their whole story comes down to ordinary survival. But there is one «but» — it is about the time when France was devastated by the black death, the plague, and hordes of rats. It so happened that Hugo fell ill with an unknown disease, which in turn caused the appearance of dark spots on his face. Naturally, the locals and the Inquisition decided that he was a peddler of the Plague, and wished the boy and his sister to die. You also have to take them under control and do everything to ensure that they survive.

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