Another Dawn v1.02 - CODEX

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The theme of nightmare vacations on a tropical island is, of course, hackneyed, but Another Dawn — game for PC, will surely please you. So, you went to soak up yourself in a tropical paradise when a dangerous gang suddenly abducts your family. What to do? Of course, to overcome thirst and hunger, to deal with wild animals and scouring criminals for the 2 main goals: to survive yourself and help out your beloved. Game mechanics are built on a mixture of adventure, shooter and survival.

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Vampires Fall Origins v31.01.2020 - CODEX

Vampires Fall Origins Game Free Download Torrent

Vampires Fall Origins is a classic role-playing game in a turn-based style with an isometric camera. The plot of the game will tell us about a once prosperous world that for many years lived in harmony and harmony, but rumors reach the locals that evil forces have appeared on their land. To fight monsters, residents mobilize all available forces and you are one of the militias. In general, the gameplay is built on the classical principle, create a character, develop it, complete tasks and try to destroy insidious evil.

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Grimm and Tonic Aperitif v1.0.0 (upd.31.01.2020) - PLAZA

Grimm and Tonic Aperitif Game Free Download Torrent

Grimm and Tonic Aperitif is a visual novel game developed by Spritewrench for the PC platform. The environment in the game refers to the style of anime, adventure game, indie, visual novel, adventure, noir, role-playing game, simulator and others. You will have access to such game modes as for a single player. Maintaining a healthy balance among the active as well as individual existence is quite difficult in a good period, but this is practically unrealistic if your leader threatens to lose the power to buy back due to your perishable life. Being the newest bartender in DEAD-END, you will start acquiring the latest friends, combine unusual spirits, at the same time moving according to existence, the demise of the whole, among them.

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ToeJam and Earl Back in the Groove v1.6.0k - PLAZA

ToeJam and Earl Back in the Groove Game Free Download Torrent
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ToeJam and Earl Back in the Groove — a dynamic adventure filled with humor and exciting tasks. Here you have to study the surrounding area to get the details of the ship and go on a long journey. The game consists of numerous levels, each of which has prepared for you a lot of interesting things. Also you can have a great time in the company of your friends, if you enter the mode of cooperative passing. Your team will have up to four heroes, each of which has its own unique features and skills. Heroes goes on a long and very exciting journey through the colorful world. The game is notable for its visual performance: nice graphics and animation.

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MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries v1.0.193 - CODEX

MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries — is a sci-fi action game mixed with a first-person shooter. The game continues the events of the entire series and offers to plunge into a series of new battles in a remote sector of space. The game takes place in an alternative distant future, in which humanity nevertheless learned to travel in space and began to colonize galaxies. So people were able to reach a galaxy called the «Inner Sphere», divided into five sectors. Well, you have to go to one of the most turbulent sectors — an attack was made on the base, and now you, sitting in the cockpit of another giant fur, will have to repulse the enemy.

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Realms of Magic v0.7.1

Realms of Magic Game Free Download Torrent
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Realms of Magic is a very interesting pixel role-playing game with a touch of survival. Then you have to survive, travel the vast two-dimensional world, gather resources, survive and do much more. But at the very beginning of the game you will have to create your character. All in all, you will be available 10 game races, and each with its own unique features and benefits. Create a hero, adjust his characteristics and go on the most dangerous and long journey in your life. And remember, in this world, no mistake will go unpunished — think about every action you take, make only thoughtful decisions, look to the future and fight as if you have only one life, as in reality.

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Bookbound Brigade - DARKSiDERS

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Bookbound Bridage is a dynamic platformer where you have to take part in epic battles. Here, the main characters are famous personalities such as Count Dracula or Nikola Tesla. You need to lead a team of these famous people in order to oppose numerous opponents in a single squad. Each of your heroes has its own unique skills that should be properly used in battle. Gather your squad of unique heroes together and hit the road through uncharted locations towards exciting adventures. You have to fight with various historical figures and even literary characters, which will require an individual approach. All your opponents have their weaknesses, you just have to find these weak spots in order to use your abilities with maximum efficiency. Fight with an army of enemies along the way, moving along unfamiliar territories. Solve difficult puzzles and puzzles, develop the skills of your characters and simultaneously destroy several hundreds of various rivals on the way to achieving the main goal.

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Here Be Dragons v1.0

Here Be Dragons Game Free Download Torrent
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Here Be Dragons is an entertainment presented in the style of strategy. In the game you can explore a wide variety of terrain. The great advantage of this entertainment is that it is framed in the theme of history. At the same time, the user can explore adventures, board games, humor and much more. At first glance, a simple game attracts a huge amount of attention. The game Here Be Dragons 2019 torrent is great for those who have a sense of humor.

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Escape The Manor Update 1 (upd.31.01.2020) - PLAZA

Escape The Manor Game Free Download Torrent
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Escape The Manor a horror game that has good graphics, a great storyline and a great idea. One idea is naturally not enough, but the developers were able to translate all their thoughts into real virtual life. A survival game with a first-person view where you need to complete one single mission is to leave the old and dangerous house through the central door. Do not think that everything is so simple, first of all you need to explore all the rooms and corridors in order to collect artifacts, those objects that are part of the puzzle, by solving which you could exit through the main entrance. So, each of your movements is very audible to ghosts, so you need to walk as quietly as possible every step by step, and explore the estate. You have only 5 lives to complete the survival mission.

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The Vagrant v1.466 + All DLC - DARKSiDERS

The Vagrant Game Free Download Torrent

The Vagrant — an action game with RPG elements that sends you to the two-dimensional world to conquer and overcome many obstacles in its path. Here you have to get into the atmosphere, which has retained a beautiful storyline with numerous twists and turns of events. The main emphasis was placed on battles with supporters of enemy forces, which will not be so easy to overcome, without the use of proper skill. And this, in turn, means that you will be required to diversify skills and abilities throughout the entire gameplay. Speaking about the game process, it certainly can boast of its dynamism and unpredictability, which will make your pastime more exciting.

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