Risen Kingdom v12.03.2020

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Risen Kingdom — a strategy that tells about the war against the undead. Once upon a time, this glorious kingdom was already completely destroyed by hordes of dead soldiers. Now the new warriors are preparing to strike back and return their lands. Take part in this epic and curious confrontation. The gameplay promises a lot of interesting game lovers that require the ability to think and reason.

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Adore v0.3.2.3

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Adore is a fun action-packed roguelike whose hero is endowed with super-revealing abilities to call and control creatures from the parallel world. Each creature is endowed with individual abilities and characteristics. For example, some monsters can inflict high damage on your enemies, however, at the same time they have a very fragile physique. While slow and hardy monsters are difficult to control and can only stun an opponent.

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Mad Tracks v1.20 (upd.12.03.2020)

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Mad Tracks — the advantages here can be enumerated endlessly, but the main thing from them is the variety of game mechanics. Here you do not have to just drive along the tracks, constantly trying to be the first to come to the finish line. There is much more to offer. Of course, there is a standard race mode, but there are others besides it. For example, in one of the modes, you can play soccer by pushing the ball into the opponent’s goal with a machine, and there is also a test mode in which you have to jump at high speed over cliffs, go around poles and traps, and not only. There are also mini-games like billiards with cars, bowling, darts, minigolf and much more. In general, it will be fun and interesting.

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Azur Lane Crosswave v20200311 - CODEX

Azur Lane Crosswave Game Free Download Torrent
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Azur Lane Crosswave — role-playing action game, which is a spin-off of the popular mobile game Azur Lane, developed by Chinese studio Shanghai Manjuu Technology. Events unfold in the world of the mobile original, where the player controls fictitious parties that reflect existing countries in the real world, such as the UK, USA, China, Germany and Japan. They all formed a title alliance called Azur Lane. However, the alien invaders convinced Germany and Japan to break out of it, creating the Scarlet Axis. The goal of the Axis is to gain control of the world using the weapons and technologies provided by its mysterious principals. In the ranks of the armies of both sides of the dispute are young girls who are anthropomorphs of real warships that fought during World War II.

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Rest House v12.03.2020 (Update 1) - PLAZA

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Rest House is an adventure, horror and logic game developed by studio Don Quixote for the PC platform. This is a horror movie, the first of five parts of stories to be told in different parts of the game. All storylines were based on the stories of Dino Buzzati, Edgar Alan Poe and others. This means that the player will receive a quality product and well-designed gameplay. Explore locations, learn secrets and reveal secrets that are hidden throughout the gaming space. This game is for those who like to plunge into interesting stories for a long time, with thoughtful plots.

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Bloodroots v1.38639 (upd.12.03.2020) - CODEX

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The game Bloodroots is an extremely dynamic action game where the environment itself can be used as a weapon. Help the main character cope with his many enemies to find out their main secret. You have to play the role of old Mr. Wolf, who was betrayed by former partners. Left to die, Wolf is not going to put up with fate, so he decides to take revenge on his offenders. Although he does not own knives or firearms, he is quite capable of using any means available for war. Join the battle with traitors, scattering axes, ladders or even bunches of carrots. Perform simply unimaginable combos that will bring maximum results.

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