Besiege v1.02.11341 (upd.17.03.2020) - CODEX

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Besiege is a beautiful designer game with great features and the most simple interface. The game allows you to quickly sort things out and build the most insane mechanisms. In addition to the sandbox, in which you can fully unleash your designer’s talent, you will find a campaign that will consist of various tasks to destroy buildings or enemy manpower. Can you build a mechanism that will destroy a well-fortified castle? Think outside the box, use different tricks. Moreover, the developers have tried to once created a mechanism does not become universal, that is, the levels will constantly require a unique approach.

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Decay Of Logos v1.05 (upd.17.03.2020) - PLAZA

Decay Of Logos Game Free Download Torrent
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Going into the world of the unknown in PC game Decay Of Logos, be sure that the fairy-tale universe will get acquainted with impassable locations and engage in unpredictable adventures. You need to find classified materials, get acquainted with unpredictable realities, which in the end will present unacceptable obstacles and fabulous moments. Now the beauty is going to take revenge on the criminal until his father leaves his post and resigns in the «long-awaited» resignation, this is the only way to atone for and survive.

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B.O.T.S. and the Robofriends v1.0.1 (upd.17.03.2020) - CODEX

B.O.T.S. and the Robofriends Game Free Download Torrent
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B.O.T.S. and the Robofriends — is a typical two-dimensional action game, with a bunch of screensavers, voiced dialogs, an interesting storyline, and much, much more. The gameplay here is not so complicated, but it offers truly unique gameplay, based on a bunch of diverse mechanics. In general, it all comes down to standard processes. You will go through numerous levels in the top view mode, fight various robot enemies, complete difficult tasks, and much more. There is nothing fundamentally complicated or new here.

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Medieval Engineers v1.0 (upd.17.03.2020) - CODEX

Medieval Engineers Game Free Download Torrent

Medieval Engineers — is a builder simulator with sandbox elements in an open game world. You will find yourself in the Middle Ages, and will build huge castles and various mechanisms thanks to which you will defend your lands or attack the enemy. You can play in free mode or multiplayer battles in which you need to fight with other users. Get resources and build arbitrary castles and various structures. Players are able to install stone walls, towers, catapults, roads and much more that only comes to your mind.

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Weed Farmer Simulator

Weed Farmer Simulator Game Free Download Torrent
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Weed Farmer Simulator — at the beginning you start from scratch, you need to plant each seed with your bare hands. You need a stick to make a fenced landing area. You have to cut down some trees. You would like to water your plants. You need to fill the watering can with water first. Time goes by and you earn enough money, you can buy vehicles and tools to make your life easier, a tractor can be a great way to make planting area fast, but you can make your farm without any tools or vehicles in this the game is all on you.

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Roundguard - ALI213

Roundguard Game Free Download Torrent
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Roundguard — underground walker with pinball physics, a lot of loot and a randomized castle with monsters. Includes roguelike elements. An adventure game that can suit those who love roguelike and Peggle. Springbott Castle under attack, Roundguard will save the king and, more importantly, return his gold! The hero rushes into battle with hordes of monsters to get to the bottom of the dungeon. He has only one life, so you need to learn how to navigate the dangers of the dungeon, master the skills of the hero, make strategic decisions.

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Forza Horizon 4 v1.404.531.2 + All DLC

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It’s no secret that the Forza Horizon 4 series was originally conceived as a racing simulator franchise, where an open world, realism in driving and, in fact, licensed cars are at the forefront. The fourth part of Forza Horizon expands this framework even more. You will find a seamless environment, cooperative «racing», chases and much more. One of the important features of Forza Horizon 4 will be the presence of all seasons, namely summer, autumn, spring and winter. Each of these time periods requires a unique driving style and a competent approach to choosing a car. In the summer, it will be possible to drive on sports cars, whereas in winter it is better to «change» your SUV into winter tires and already participate in various kinds of races with comfort. In addition to the seasons, this game will please all racing lovers with new open locations.

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Stellaris Federations v2.6.0 - HOODLUM

Stellaris Federations Game Free Download Torrent

The global space strategy Stellaris has acquired the complement of Federations, the main theme of which was diplomacy and everything related to it. This is the fourth major add-on for Stellaris in almost four years of its existence. Federations takes the importance of diplomacy in Stellaris to a new level, we have to negotiate, manipulate allies, entangle enemies, in general, do everything possible and impossible in order to get maximum advantages and benefits for our space state without a single shot. Together with the addon, a galactic senate will appear in the game, in which nations will be able to gather to make decisions on various issues related to peaceful coexistence, as well as new gameplay capabilities such as the construction of a mobile space fleet repair base.

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Stellaris v2.6.0 (Galaxy Edition) + All DLC - HOODLUM

Stellaris Game Free Download Torrent

Stellaris Galaxy Edition is a real-time strategy with huge scales. At first, you will simply explore the cosmos, colonizing new life-friendly and resource-filled systems, but as soon as your interests dissolve with the interests of your rivals, the war for domination in the universe will begin. Before you are thousands of randomly generated planets and stars, but not all systems are equally useful, so try to explore and colonize the most valuable as soon as possible. You can use both crude military force and diplomacy.

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Caves of Qud v2.0.199.4

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Caves of Qud is a strategy with elements of a bagel, which clearly demonstrates that the game is not about graphics. Simple graphics more than compensate for the huge opportunities. In the Caves of Qud you will find a randomly generated open world with complete destructibility, as well as «live» characters, who together with you develop as you play. Explore a huge world, complete the quests found, look for valuable items, fight and pump various skills. Choose from over 70 different mutations with unique abilities. Go through the storyline, performing a variety of tasks. If you are not afraid of specific graphics, then be sure to try the game Caves of Qud.

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