Planet Zoo v1.3.2 - Steam release

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Planet Zoo — is one of the best simulators to date, among those dedicated to the construction of the zoo. Here you will get complete freedom of action, a huge number of opportunities, and not only. The most important advantage of this simulator is the freedom that you get after starting the game. In Planet Zoo, you can do whatever your heart desires. You can build the zoo itself and then make changes to its landscape, you can build buildings, buy animals and place them in any part of the zoo, let the animals loose, manage personnel, and do much more.

This game Planet Zoo will soon be available for torrent download on Skidrow Game Reloaded website. This is only the announcement of the game, where you can see the screenshots, watch the trailer and read the description.

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Root v1.23.0 (upd.07.09.2020)

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Root is an adventure game in which a huge location is the center of massive bloodshed between 4 players. Everyone is trying to gain control of this area and uses all their resources for this. A unique board game adapted to the virtual space. The gameplay allows 2 to 4 players to play. Several major parties take part in the battle: the Marquis and Airy. They must decide the fate of the great forest.

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Necronator Dead Wrong v1.0.7 (upd.07.09.2020)

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Necronator Dead Wrong — is a comedy strategy game where you need to create and manage an army in order to capture an entire alliance. The teachers did not see any potential in the protagonist, but what is the point if it is possible to conclude a profitable deal with God? The player will choose the commander of his army and begin to control it for conquests. You can not only collect entire units, but also improve them in the future. The game has more than twenty characters who have unique abilities. Each commander that the player chooses can give the team completely different and useful skills in battle.

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Akurra v3.0 (upd.07.09.2020) demo

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Akurra — is a convoluted yet addicting puzzle game. Here you will go on a long and exciting journey through an unusual world, visit a variety of locations, and also become a professional explorer of the underworld. Explore the world around you to get valuable items, as well as keys, which are access to new locations, new friends and new unpredictable events. The islands you have to visit are shrouded in secrets and secrets that you must gradually unravel in order to learn the whole story.

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Craftopia Build 5508807 (upd.07.09.2020)

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Craftopia — is an open world RPG. The game features multiplayer, co-op, hunting, fishing, construction, survival elements, the ability to drive vehicles, pumping, a character editor and a Hack-and-slash combat system. Gamers will be able to study magic, farm, hunt monsters, craft items and weapons, and build various objects. For Craftopia, the creators have collected the best features from all the existing craft games and combined them into one fantastic survival game. Players will have to go to an unknown planet and not only survive, but also do everything to return home. However, you can change your mind and return.

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Survivalist Invisible Strain v94 (upd.07.09.2020)

Survivalist Invisible Strain Game Free Download Torrent
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Survivalist Invisible Strain — a game project developed in the genre of action, with elements of adventure, where you have to plunge into an open, destroyed world and try to survive in it. As you progress, you have the opportunity to gather in your team of those who also managed to save their lives. Go to explore the world around you, study locations, find useful objects and valuable resources, go through numerous obstacles and find a safe place for further construction of the settlement. Your possessions should be endowed with everything necessary for residents to feel comfortable and under good protection. Provide people with food, shelter, try to do everything so that they do not suffer from attacks from insidious zombies, looters or other opponents.

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Hell Hunt v0.613i (upd.07.09.2020)

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Hell Hunt — is a very atmospheric Doom-style first-person shooter with hordes of demons, creepy monsters, tons of different weapons, and much more. The events of the game begin to take place at the very moment when the main character, a demon hunter, goes to Hell, but not just like that, but only with the aim of revenge. Well, then everything happens as the genre intended you will wander through Hell, fight demons, crush enemies and explore numerous locations. In general, this is a classic shooter in the style of the most famous games.

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Hadean Tactics v0.4.14 (upd.07.09.2020)

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Hadean Tactics — card autobutter game with bagel elements. Choose one of the heroes, make your deck, fight monsters and try to go to the bottom of the underworld. The game has a procedural generation of levels, a large assortment of relics that change the game and a unique combat system that allows you to control your deck, and then fight in automatic battles. Each new game will be different from the others. A fighter with many enemies, from lower minions to the lord himself. Each battle offers you different combinations of enemies and challenges. Put your heroes on the board, use cards to influence their actions in real time, stop the game whenever you want, and lead them to victory. All Heroes have different styles of play, starter cards and those that you discover on your journey. During the game, you can even hire different Heroes and develop abilities.

This game has been updated 7-09-2020, 04:59 to the latest version v0.4.14 (upd.07.09.2020).

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Gunfire Reborn v9.03 (upd.06.09.2020) - Goldberg

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Gunfire Reborn — is a wonderful game for both one and a cooperative, including many genres, such as a simplified bagel, RPG, adventure. Play with various heroes with unique abilities, each launch of the game randomly generates received items, weapons and events. Nice hand-drawn graphics, addictive gameplay, a huge variety of anything and everything. What else is needed for a good game. I want to come back again and again, play, call friends. Gunfire Reborn is an adventure and action game developed by Duoyi (Hong Kong) Interactive Entertainment Limited for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of fantasy, action, adventure, role-playing game, indie, early access, first-person shooter, simplified bagel.

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Cook Serve Delicious 3 v0.95f h1 (upd.07.09.2020)

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Cook Serve Delicious 3 — being in the radically changed war-ravaged America of 2042, play a completely new story-driven campaign in which you cook hundreds of products including many completely new for the series at hundreds of interesting and unusual levels, in a completely new structure of the gameplay. It has been completely redesigned to provide full game optimization and provide players with better interaction with the surrounding fictional world. Play campaigns alone or with a friend in a local co-op, upgrade your restaurant by adding or removing new food and drink items using various modules and functions.

This game has been updated 7-09-2020, 04:54 to the latest version v0.95f h1 (upd.07.09.2020).

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