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AeternoBlade 2 Directors Rewind — action RPG platformer in a fantasy setting with three playable heroes in which players solve puzzles and battle opponents using time manipulation. After the total failure of the first part, the developers decide to release a sequel, called AeternoBlade 2. In their defense, they say that they will improve the combat component and the gameplay part, and will make a new time control mechanic. More mysteries and treasures are also expected on the horizon. In addition to Freya, the warrior from AeternoBlade, other heroes will be the laconic heavy knight Bernard, Princess Rosalyn and the skillful knight Felix childhood friend of the two previous heroes. Will be two more heroes from the first part, Zevil and Carol, who decided to help Freya again.

This game has been updated 29-01-2021, 15:56 to the latest version v2.0.1 r17192 (upd.29.01.2021).

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  • Heat Signature v2020.1.20.1 - SKIDROW

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    Heat Signature is a sandbox game on the subject of investigating a huge space galaxy. Here you fall the role of a brave and very cunning spy who is ready for any action to get what you want. You will surf the universe, search for all kinds of ships, quietly penetrate them, and then steal the necessary and very valuable information. For completed tasks you will receive all sorts of trophies. But use them wisely so that they can be useful to you in one or another life situation. Go on a long journey, where you need to quietly join the ship of a given goal, get inside, and then neutralize the entire crew. Once the job is done, go to study the ship, where you get information.

    This game has been updated 29-01-2021, 11:47 to the latest version v2020.1.20.1.

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  • Sid Meiers Civilization VI New Frontier Pass v1.0.9.9 (28.01.2021) Part 5

    Sid Meiers Civilization VI New Frontier Pass Game Free Download Torrent
    New Frontier Pass — new Civilizations, Leaders, and More for Civilization VI. 2K Games and Firaxis Games Studios have launched the New Frontier Season Pass for the Sid Meier’s Civilization VI global strategy. It will include eight civilizations, nine leaders and six regimes. According to the developers, a total of six additions are planned within the New Frontier. They will be released every two months until March 2021. The first of the additions called Maya and Greater Columbia will be available on May 21, it will offer the Apocalypse regime, new city-states, resources, wonders and leaders of civilizations. The New Frontier subscription will be available simultaneously on both PC and PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and will be released later on mobile platforms. Each set of content can be purchased separately.

    This game has been updated 29-01-2021, 11:22 to the latest version v1.0.9.9 (28.01.2021) Part 5.

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  • COVID-20 upd.29.01.2021

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    COVID-20 — the virus has become something more realistic, reminiscent of the apocalypse we all wanted. You play as one of the few remaining special forces operatives with the sole purpose of destroying the dead. Located on a huge map with abandoned schools, shops, train stations, houses and more with 5 classic perk machines such as high speed fast reload wheel, hyperbull superspeed, double touch perk, increased health perk and mule punch additionally weapons, classic boxes for casual weapons with several original submachine guns, sniper rifles and fully automatic and serial rifles. Such delicacies are hard to come by, and your chances of getting into a corner of the horde are high unless they are distracted by teammates.
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