SimplePlanes v1.11.106.0 (upd.17.10.2021)

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SimplePlanes — invites you to use an excellent constructor. Create planes, test your creations in action. If you wish, you can enjoy a library of ready-made models. This is a great chance to try yourself as a constructor and pilot. Pay attention to the realistic physics, thanks to which you can experience the joy of flying. This will be an excellent gaming experience for fans of this genre and those interested in aviation. In sandbox mode, you can evaluate all the advantages and all the richness of the tools that the authors of this project provide. In the role of a pilot, you can spend time with no less pleasure. Perform challenging stunts, land aboard aircraft carriers, dodge missiles.

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  • Cosmic Cube v1.0 (upd.17.10.2021) - DARKSiDERS

    Cosmic Cube Game Free Download Torrent

    Cosmic Cube — 2D game with horizontal act. You can control the heroine to use various skills and props to destroy the enemy. The experimental body of the player wakes up from the laboratory. He found terrible enemies everywhere. It is necessary to destroy all enemies at the exit of the Institute. Explore the lab and learn the history of the lab. This is a completely new shooter in which players have to find and destroy monsters.

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  • Henchman Story v1.0 (upd.17.10.2021) - DARKSiDERS

    Henchman Story Game Free Download Torrent

    Henchman Story — in this voiced visual novel, you’ll see a world filled with superheroes and supervillains through the eyes of an ordinary guy who signed up to work for Lord Bedlam, as the benefits are actually pretty good, at least compared to living on a straight and narrow path. Professional voiceover and script by Mark Soskin, former writer for The Outer Worlds. Henchmen Story has a Saturday morning cartoon feel, albeit hosted by a largely static visual novel engine. Unlike most minions, you will have some impact on the world. The story will branch out depending on your choice, leading to one of eleven endings. There is also romance.

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  • SOUNDXWORLD v1.0 (upd.17.10.2021) - DARKSiDERS

    SOUNDXWORLD Game Free Download Torrent

    SOUNDXWORLD — is a new exciting way to get acquainted with new exclusive music, art and live music events in the virtual world. It’s more than a game, it’s a new musical and entertaining experience with each update. New songs and albums, new art and live performances of seasonal events will be added in the future. The game offers a variety of environments for viewing and using virtual music releases, artwork and video content. Later, new music and interactive elements will be added, which will open new opportunities and open new opportunities for finding and supporting independent musicians, artists and content creators. Visit a virtual nightclub and see new live performances. See behind-the-scenes footage, music history and access special release information. Listen to and access exclusive tracks, content and videos that are not in streaming services.

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  • Bigger Trucks v1.0 (upd.17.10.2021) - DARKSiDERS

    Bigger Trucks Game Free Download Torrent

    Bigger Trucks — a simulator of large cars that deliver goods off-road. The gameplay is based on a realistic car controller and fun physics. Monitor the condition of your car, look for the best route for safe delivery of goods, try not to lose it. The main features. Four different cars. Realistic driving experience. Mountain off-road. Hardcore game based on physics. This is a new game simulator, which implements good realistic physics. Here you can dive into off-road driving.

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  • Limitless Hunger v1.0 (upd.17.10.2021) - DARKSiDERS

    Limitless Hunger Game Free Download Torrent

    Limitless Hunger — is a retro-style adrenaline shooter, a first-person shooter that is largely single-player. This is happening in a world where heaven and hell are in contact with the earth, and modern weapons are mixed with demonic forces. The player goes through heaven and hell, facing countless demonic and angelic enemies on the way to save the world. The fast-paced action style pave your way through 12 nightmarish demonic warriors in hell and 2 angelic enemies in paradise, including Charging Thorn, Bombarding the Souls of the Mad Minigun and other crazy enemies, challenge all 11 bosses. Different environment give vent to your anger in the environment, inspired by heaven and hell.

    963 MB
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  • Sprocket v0.1111 (upd.17.10.2021)

    Sprocket Game Free Download Torrent
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    Sprocket — create tanks with the help of a specialized and intuitive designer, which allows you to use realistic armor mechanics, which makes tank battles so unique. Learn about the problems of tank construction in the First World War, in the interwar period, as well as in the early, middle and late stages of World War II. Easy to use and flexible enough to give you endless starting points to create a design. Drag the border or edge to move them. Larger compartments create more interior space, but have a larger surface for armor. Well-curved shapes can fully reflect incoming shells, leaving only a scratch and a few ringing ears. Set the thickness of each armor, which allows you to block the shots of enemies. Although the weight and space occupied add up.

    This game has been updated 17-10-2021, 13:35 to the latest version v0.1111 (upd.17.10.2021).

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  • Mini Motorways upd.17.10.2021

    Mini Motorways Game Free Download Torrent
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    Mini Motorways — is an unusual project in which you need to think over a strategy for the development of the road system of a large city. You have to deal with the construction of a huge network of roads in order to create a convenient and comfortable metropolis. Each of us at least once in our life stood in an annoying traffic jam for several hours in a row. Now all the problems and disadvantages of city traffic are in your hands. Once Mini Motorways is released, you can download a free torrent and start fixing these issues. You will need to navigate one road at a time, and develop from this a whole boiling metropolis. In order not to slow down the flow of cars, it is necessary to carefully plan the course of construction.

    This game has been updated 17-10-2021, 05:46 to the latest version upd.17.10.2021.

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  • Mists of Noyah v0.9 (upd.17.10.2021)

    Mists of Noyah Game Free Download Torrent
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    Mists of Noyah — in this adventure you have to take advantage of all available options for survival and take on the role of the people’s avenger who was able to survive the destruction of the world. If you go back to the origins of the story, then the world where the protagonist lived was subjected to massive natural disasters, as a result of which everything was practically destroyed. At the same time, the hero himself was able to survive in deep caves, although he received a split personality. Now he plans to find other survivors and destroy all those who will prevent him from fulfilling his duty. The gameplay is presented in an arcade format with spectacular battles in real time.

    This game has been updated 17-10-2021, 05:40 to the latest version v0.9 (upd.17.10.2021).

    590 MB
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  • Nira v1.00.00 (upd.17.10.2021)

    Nira Game Free Download Torrent
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    Nira — is a top-down, pixel art exploration survival game that gives players access to a myriad of generated levels. You will collect resources, fish, build buildings, a base, fly planes, and much more. The game has a fairly developed crafting system that allows you to craft and build anything you want. This is a seemingly primitive pixel game in which you have to survive in a procedurally generated world. The idea is not new, but the direction is popular and extremely exciting. The game has enough various features to diversify the gameplay and draw the player into a long development system. Go hunting or fishing, equip your home and do not forget that with the arrival of darkness, extremely dangerous creatures come.

    142 MB
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