Rogue Station v0.1.3.1 (upd.01.02.2023)

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Rogue Station is a space roguelike survival strategy game in which you have to control a remote mining station. Recruit a team, build and expand your station. Numerous enemies lurk in deep space, and with a civil war raging in the distance, conflict is just around the corner. In this game, you have to control a remote station that revolves around a gas giant. Fight enemy ships, fleets and rival stations to dominate your corner of space. Build and upgrade your station, hire a crew and manage it. Survive as long as possible. Strategic gameplay Target enemy weak spots, control your crew, juggle energy. Build a formidable station, expand your small outpost, build up weapons and defenses.

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  • The Quarry Build 10300343 (upd.01.02.2023)

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    The Quarry — is a narrative-focused adventure game with multiple chapters with varied settings and stories. It all starts on the last day of the summer camp, where the counselors were. Their last night is filled with terror as the campers face off against their pursuers. Mysterious hunters, whose hands are already covered in blood, are trying to catch up with the leaders and kill them. However, much more terrible are the decisions that must be made in order to stay alive.

    This game has been updated 15-02-2023, 03:37 to the latest version Build 10300343 (upd.01.02.2023).

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  • Potion Permit v1.13a (upd.01.02.2023)

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    Potion Permit — takes place in a small town called Moonbury. The life of the protagonist will be eventful constant meetings, alchemical experiments, the search for new solutions with an ax at hand. This is how the everyday life of the main city healer goes. He solves mysteries related to diseases and their treatment. Residents of any place will need a doctor from time to time. In this remote town, its inhabitants have long made do with the services of a shaman and traditional methods. But once the usual popular measures could not help the daughter of the mayor himself. Then the medical association sent a qualified pharmacist to help them.

    This game has been updated 1-02-2023, 14:28 to the latest version v1.13a (upd.01.02.2023).

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  • Cultivation Story Reincarnation Build 10450084 (upd.01.02.2023)

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    Cultivation Story Reincarnation — is a top-down pixel art roguelike game. The plot and setting of the game is mainly based on Chinese mythology and Chinese culture. A classic pixel game that may not appeal to all players, it is made in the style of adventure and has quite nice graphics. Pxiel art style graphics, randomly generated card layout. Randomly generated weapons with different characteristics. Random rewards from enemies and chests. Making some decisions, including passive choices and interacting with NPCs.

    This game has been updated 1-02-2023, 06:40 to the latest version Build 10450084 (upd.01.02.2023).

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  • Ancient Warfare 3 Build 10443744 (upd.01.02.2023)

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    Ancient Warfare 3 is a fun simulator of battles from different eras. You will be able to push together the warriors of the Stone Age, with armed soldiers. The main feature of Ancient Warfare is the ability to personally, from the first person, take part in the battle. Simulate a variety of battle situations, because how much a happy battle will be depends only on you. You will find a convenient map editor, as well as many ready-made scripts. Who would have thought that modern game projects would become less relevant and such a typical game genre as a simulator of organizing various battles would become terribly popular and in demand.

    This game has been updated 1-02-2023, 08:25 to the latest version Build 10443744 (upd.01.02.2023).

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