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Snooker 19 - SKIDROW

Snooker 19 Game Free Download Torrent
Snooker 19 — billiards simulator can now be played on a PC. Developed by Lab42, based in Leamington Spa, it has 128 officially licensed professionals, including the major hitters Ronnie O’Sullivan, Judd Trump, Mark Selby and Ding Junhui, as well as old professionals who still work on a professional tour. such as Peter Ebdon, Ken Doherty and Jimmy White. There are also virtual recreations of The Crucible and Alexandra Palace, among other famous snooker spots. In the gameplay, sees the player lining up blows, applying a side or spin to the cue ball, setting the impact force, then using the left stick to move away before clicking forward at the right time. Exactly calculate the time of the shot, and you will accurately hit the ball. Time is bad, and the cue ball is off course.

Out of the Park Baseball 20 v20.2.33 - CODEX

Out of the Park Baseball 20 Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Out of the Park Baseball 20 is a baseball strategy game that will definitely appeal to all fans of this sport. Here you can take on the role of a professional grandmaster who can create a unique baseball franchise, or take on the change to an existing one for the better. The main feature of the game is that here you will have complete freedom of action. You can create from scratch and then develop your own team as you wish. The game will allow you to go through the entire history of baseball, including more than a hundred years of change.

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Franchise Hockey Manager 5 v5.8.70 - SKIDROW

Franchise Hockey Manager 5 Game Free Download Torrent
Franchise Hockey Manager 5 — the most realistic strategy, which is directly related to such a sport as hockey. Here you will show all your tactical features to cope with the task in the best way. You will fall into a deep and sufficiently thought-out world in which you will plunge into the game with your head, as the developers have tried to make it as realistic as possible. You will take your favorite team under your control, and then you will do everything so that they become real world champions, and, accordingly, replenish your collection with the most valuable cup.

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Tennis World Tour v1.13 - SKIDROW

Tennis World Tour Game Free Download Torrent
Tennis World Tour — one of the best of its kind representatives of the genre of sports simulator, where you have to take up the life of a real tennis player, and go along with him quite a difficult path through the career ladder. You will have the opportunity to play for the best champions of the world, who only saw the light. Moreover, the game will get a difference not only game modes, but also locations where you will show all your talents and skills. Also, in your arsenal there will be a variety of strikes and techniques that you will be able to learn in the process of achieving the goal.

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TEKKEN 7 v2.21 Ultimate Edition + DLC - CODEX

TEKKEN 7 Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
TEKKEN 7 — a game in the fighting style, developed at the highest level and giving the player interesting opportunities in the battles. The developers have included in their next series the whole storyline, so that the player understands the whole essence of the development of events from the very beginning of the fascinating and exciting history. Graphics in this part has suffered significant changes and improvements, and fans can enjoy the dynamic process and good musical accompaniment. You will be able to plunge into a dangerous world, and play new, added by nine characters, with your abilities and characteristics. Each of the heroes chosen by you will have your own story, the secrets of which you will learn as you go through. Also, enjoy the steep battles, where each hero is able to control his own forces and resists the enemy with the help of learned combat techniques.

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Spike Volleyball v20190320 - CODEX

Spike Volleyball Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Spike Volleyball is a game whose foundation is taken from the world of sports, in which you will plunge into your head and take on the role of a professional volleyball player. Here you will have a choice between five dozen teams, which include both women and men. Make a decision and choose one of the given teams, which you must by all means bring to victory. You will take part in various kinds of tournaments, including the most ambitious world championships, in which you need to collect as many victories as possible. The gameplay gives you the opportunity to participate in matches, to pass tests that increase professionalism, so that you become the best world player.

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NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 v20190307 (All Star Update) - CODEX

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 is designed to take street basketball to a whole new level of quality. Developers from Saber Interactive, working under the patronage of the publisher in the face of 2K, have prepared for you a lot of innovations and improvements. Players will receive a unique seasonal mode, as well as an online rating. Playing in the NBA Playgrounds 2, you get access to the well-known and not very NBA compositions, which include both active basketball stars and former players of the National Basketball Association. You can play alone, but this mode is intended solely to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of gameplay and to train your skills.

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Pumped BMX Pro v20190208 - PLAZA

Pumped BMX Pro Game Free Download Torrent
Pumped BMX Pro — an arcade game in the form of a racing simulator, where you will take control of a bicycle and go towards adventure at high speed. Fans of this genre will definitely like this game, as it has several advantages. So, for example, there is a great drawing and nice animation that will allow you to immerse yourself in this world with your head. Also in the game world there are a lot of beautiful and diverse tracks, on which you will spend all your free time, conquering kilometers of difficult roads.

NBA 2K19 v1.08 - CODEX

NBA 2K19 Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
NBA 2K19 is the new part of the annual sports simulator from 2K, which pushes the boundaries of the genre. This time you are waiting for improved graphics, gameplay and new game modes. Now you can even better feel the culture of basketball. Take the full basketball potential of MyPLAYER with the new capture function. Unlock special moves and abilities that you have never seen on the court, or activate the capture of the team and untie the power of your full squad. You do not want to miss a single day in the updated Neighborhood. Make a name for yourself in court, in the Under Armor cells and during live performances on the block.

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ESports Club v0.10562 - SKIDROW

ESports Club Game Free Download Torrent
ESports Club is a strategy game that is a simulator of eSports. This kind of sport has become very popular in our time, so you have to become one of its participants. Multimillion-dollar competitions are held where good cash prizes are awarded, so you have to build a career in this particular field of activity. You have to take up the creation and management of the whole team, which you will lead to the heights and make the best in the world. Create teams that will play popular games, do not forget to improve their skills and abilities, as well as create good relationships with other participants. Opponents will be more than enough, so you need to make every effort to cope with them. The main thing is to correctly develop tactics that will be true in any situation.

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