428 Shibuya Scramble v1.01 - PLAZA

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428 Shibuya Scramble is a game in the genre of a visual novel developed by Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd. for the PC platform. Setting in the game, unfortunately, is not defined, and the following features can be singled out: adventure game, visual novella, video inserts, mystery, steam achievements, collectible cards. You will be able to play such game modes as single-player. The kidnapping of people on the streets of Shibuya was brought together by a quick-tempered detective, an impartial journalist, a former gang leader, chief researcher of a large pharmaceutical producer, and a mysterious person in a cat suit.

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YOU - The Untold Stories - PLAZA

YOU - The Untold Stories Game Free Download Torrent
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YOU - The Untold Stories is an adventure role-playing game in which players are sent to explore a world full of dangers and adventures, battling numerous enemies, searching for treasures in ancient ruins, and solving riddles and puzzles in order to move on. This game is like no other, it tells the player’s story. Yes. Your story! Forget Robin Hood, forget Hercules, forget Arthur, forget Thor. YOU - The Untold Stories Indie PC game adventure game, inspired by classics, for example, dynasty warriors and tomb robber. Gameplay includes hack 'n slash sequences, mind-boggling puzzles, acrobatic challenges through deadly traps. And you can import your own photos to get the version in which you are the main character.

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Pool Panic v20181017 - PLAZA

Pool Panic Game Free Download Torrent
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Pool Panic — the most realistic simulator, where you can fully play your favorite game — billiards, trying to improve their strategic abilities and logical thinking. This simulator is original in its performance only by the fact that here you have to perform a very unusual role — the role of a billiard ball that recovers to meet incredible adventures, coping with the various difficulties and dangers encountered on the way. You will go on the unknown worlds, which you need as thoroughly as possible to explore, in order to find what type you need — happiness.

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ShadowSide v1.1 - PLAZA

ShadowSide Game Free Download Torrent
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ShadowSide — a completely new adventure from the first person, which will enjoy an interesting story about the officer Alex White and partner Henry Miller. They strictly carried out their work and tried to save people on the bus that the terrorist hijacked. They long pursued him and at one point the bus just exploded, and our heroes rolled over in the car. True, on this adventure does not end, since the officer comes to his senses in an unfamiliar room, which is not exactly tuned for his safety. Now, to help the officer get out of this strange place, you need not only to download Shadow Side through the torrent for free, but also to try to personally explore the entire accessible game world. Be careful, this room is much more dangerous than it might seem at first glance.

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Slime Rancher The Little Big Storage v1.3.1 - PLAZA

Slime Rancher The Little Big Storage Game Free Download Torrent
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Slime Rancher The Little Big Storage — this is an amazing farm on which you need to grow colorful slugs. Well, it sounds, I must say, less attractive than it really is, because these very round creatures are very nice, and some of them are even very useful. You will find yourself on a distant planet, and your role this time is a young girl Beatrice. Actually slugs are not the very purpose of your business, they are just a means. The fact is that these very creatures are the only ones who produce a very valuable resource that can be traded and generally find it a very useful application. How did it happen that the farm now grows slugs, not lambs or cows?

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Paw Patrol On A Roll - CODEX

Paw Patrol On A Roll Game Free Download Torrent

Paw Patrol On A Roll is a family game platformer based on the Nickelodeon series called Puppy Patrol. The game consists of 16 rescue missions, each of which will be completed with two characters selected from eight available puppies with unique abilities. In Paw Patrol On A Roll, you lead a group of the same name from Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Skye, Rocky, Zuma, Everest and Tracker. The patrol leader is a 10-year-old boy named Ryder. Puppies participate in various rescue missions to help Adventure Bay residents cope with their problems.


25 Cadre of Death v0.8.5 - HOODLUM

25 Cadre of Death Game Free Download Torrent

25 Cadre of Death — the main character, Caleb Reedus, looks at the evening news after a hard day’s work, and it wouldn’t have foretold anything if the news were not suddenly interrupted, showing a broadcast of some strange video. Especially not betraying this value, Caleb goes to bed, banishing what is happening in a bad dream. Waking up, Caleb realizes with horror that he is not at home! Caleb wakes up in an old large farm mansion not far from the state of Missouri, the city of Time Beach, where the population was poisoned by an unknown poison. For many years, the main problem of this miniature city remained dusty country roads, and once the authorities of Time Beach decided to deal with this problem. They hired a specialist who promised to spray the roads with a means of reducing the amount of dust rising into the air.

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God's Basement v20181020 - PLAZA

God's Basement Game Free Download Torrent
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God’s Basement is a single-person, narrative, single-handed game with horror. The deeper you explore, the more you remember your past life, as well as the horrors associated with it. Discover the secret of God’s basement and what people are sentenced here. Fighting fear that seeps into your mind when the horrors of the past come to life in the world around you. You wake up in a normal, almost monotonous office room, listening to the faint sound of a phone ringing in the next room. A caller is an object that enters itself as an Operator and gives you a set of instructions. Room documents imply that you are in the afterlife, a specific version of the afterlife, called God’s basement. The operator continues to instruct you to go deeper and explore the depths of God’s basement, while also revealing the details of your past life along with the horrors associated with it.

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The Blood Eclipse v20181102 - PLAZA

The Blood Eclipse Game Free Download Torrent
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The murder that occurs under game The Blood Eclipse is still murder, but death is not death at all. And tonight, a city that experienced a massacre under The Blood Eclipse many centuries ago will not allow its guests to leave without teaching them this lesson. This is the Zombie vs. People scenario. Up to 6 players can play simultaneously, up to 4 human heroes and 2 zombie players. Each player will choose a character to whom they would like to play, and join or create a match. You start in an abandoned creepy house in the middle of a ghost town surrounded by forest. Sometime, people will have a limited amount of time to search for weapons and objects and try to fulfill the purpose of the script. Zombies just have to prevent it by doing what they do best by eating people.

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Bohemian Killing upd.20.10.2018 - PLAZA

Bohemian Killing Game Free Download Torrent
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Bohemian Killing — an adventure game where you have to go to the dark world, playing the role of the protagonist. A feature of the game is that here all your actions and decisions taken will directly influence the development of events and the fate of the hero as a whole. You will be able to fully experience the whole drama and tragedy of the fate of the main character, as the actions take place from a first-person perspective. Dive into the dark world and try, whatever it may be, cope with all the cruel tests that he has prepared for you.

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