After the Collapse v0.5.4 - ALI213

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After the Collapse is a 2D city-planning simulator with a top view, the action of which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in an urban setting. Your task is to manage a group of survivors, protecting them from attacks by marauders and mutants, as well as from other threats. To do this, it is necessary to build a base, constantly expand it, explore new technologies and extract resources. Thanks to the urban environment, After The Collapse focuses on finding useful resources, researching technologies and restoring damaged buildings. You need to send your people for reconnaissance to explore the empty world and find other groups of survivors with whom you can trade, thus developing your small colony.

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Overkills The Walking Dead v1.3.2 (upd.10.03.2019) - ALI213

Overkills The Walking Dead Game Free Download Torrent
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Overkills The Walking Dead — an incredibly cool action, made in the style of the zombie apocalypse. Plague without any problems can turn any person into a walking mass, to expect from which something good is not worth it. Plague is spreading all over the world and nobody knows what to do with it. I would like to note that the central characters are entered immediately by four heroes. Each of them has unique abilities and its own background.

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Smartphone Tycoon v1.0.5 - SKIDROW

Smartphone Tycoon Game Free Download Torrent

Smartphone Tycoon — game in the style of a simulator with an interesting idea and dynamic process. Here you have to create your own line of smartphones that you have to distribute and make known around the world. You can create your own unique technology to entice how fashionable more users. The game will allow you to create a unique smartphone that will bring you great fame. Take control of all aspects of your business, trying to avoid mistakes. Think of unique technologies that will make your development a true bestseller. As you progress you will try to develop your technology, thereby moving up the career ladder and popularity ladder.

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Matanga v1.0 - PLAZA

Matanga Game Free Download Torrent

Matanga is an adventure stealth horror in which you will have to plunge into a dark, terrifying atmosphere, filled with fear, gloom, darkness and adrenaline. Go to the forest and try to survive there, avoiding a meeting with Matanga, a forest aborigine, eager to profit from human flesh. In the story was a party in the woods, after which not all returned home. What happened? Where are the party members, and who is the Matanga, about which rumors are circulating? You will find answers to these questions only in the forest, where you will go in the darkness of the night immediately after the start of the game.

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Kingdom Rush Origins v1.5.0 (Forgotten Treasures) - PLAZA

Kingdom Rush Origins Game Free Download Torrent
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Kingdom Rush Origins — is a real-time strategy where the user will need to become the manager of his own army and protect their land from the terrible dragons and cunning people. The video game will allow gamers to develop their logic and intuition, as well as help to choose a pragmatic approach in solving assigned tasks. The game has four types of free towers: magic, tower with archers. Starting each level, the user will have a certain amount of money that he will need to purchase the first towers. The main task of the gamer will be the extermination of all opponents before they can go all the way.

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Apartment 327 v1.2 - PLAZA

Apartment 327 Game Free Download Torrent
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Apartment 327 is an adventure game project where all actions take place from a first-person perspective, and you will have to become part of an entertaining, but at the same time dangerous, time travel. The storyline tells about our main character, who was in a kind of trap and is now forced to wander in the same house, but in different time periods. Your main task is to get out of the temporary trap, but as it turned out, it will not be easy to do. You have to solve secrets and visit the same place several times but at different times in order to compare everything that happens and then correctly connect all the information. As you progress through, you will be able to unlock more and more new secret areas that will reveal to you the darkest secrets of this ill-fated place.

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ARK Extinction v293.103 - CODEX

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Supplement ARK Extinction, where a devastated planet Earth, polluted by the element and filled with fantastic creatures both organic and technological, comes out today! Can you defeat the giant roaming titans who dominate the planet and complete the ARK cycle to save the future of the Earth? The world is very diverse and interesting, it is inhabited both by dinosaurs and other players. For quite a long period, developers have released add-ons that significantly diversified the gameplay. Among the features of the game we also note beautiful graphics, as well as a dynamically changing world. For example, over time, a man will appear a beard that can be shaved.

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Star Control Origins Earth Rising Aftermath v1.31.58397 - CODEX

Star Control Origins Earth Rising Aftermath Game Free Download Torrent
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Star Control Origins Earth Rising Aftermath is a completely new interactive adventure, the theme of which is space and all adjacent to this element. This time you have to become a member of the space organization of humanity, which was created in order to control the space territory near the Earth. If you think that this situation does not imply any danger, then you are greatly mistaken, since unexplained incidents also occur in space. For example, there are unexpected space objects in a large orbit that need to be urgently investigated for danger. Do not forget about other forms of life that are sure to come back to you and try to wind up their ambitions and thoughts. And you have to decide exactly how to act in such a situation. You will be able to do research, pump, land on other planets and simply act freely for the sake of organizing the security of your planet.

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GRIS v20190307 - CODEX

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GRIS is a game project in entertaining style, where you have to go to a large-scale and open world for research. Here there is an unfolded plot line, where the life of our main character falls under your control. The thing is that you are faced with a number of terrible circumstances that will lead you to sadness and sorrow. In order for your grief to disappear, you were sent a special, magical dress that will comprehensively support and help you in different situations. The plot will send you to a fantastic world, which has prepared quite a few exciting.

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Save Thine Kingdom

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Save Thine Kingdom — adventure role-playing casual action with a mixture of puzzles, in which you have to play the role of protecting your kingdom from the undead king. In the story, you will be the king of an unusual kingdom in a fantasy fantasy world. The kingdom was attacked by the undead, represented by various species, but there were no heroes in this kingdom. There are only guards who can only support. So, it’s time for the king to protect the kingdom from new evils.

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