Arons Adventure v1.31 - SKIDROW

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Arons Adventure is a stylish visual game that is representative of the RPG genre. All actions will take place with a third person view, where you will go to the fantasy world as the main character. The storyline tells you about the invasion of evil in this immense and once prosperous world, with which you will have to fight. Of the features, it is possible to point out not only the magnificent graphic design, but also the original combat system, which will allow your main character to develop.

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Lanternium v1.0 (upd.23.04.2019)

Lanternium Game Free Download Torrent
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Lanternium — to pass the level the player must collect all the cookies that are scattered around the map. As a rule, to get to the goal, the user must restore parts of the level with the help of his magic lantern. Fireflies of different colors — red, green, and blue — can be planted in it. Depending on the color, this or that path on the map opens. It is especially interesting that in order to overcome some obstacles you need to combine different colors, so sometimes players have to think tactically in order not to meet an insane snail on the way or not to fall into the abyss. This adventure of the Raccoon in the wizarding world happened so that something was stolen from him and he chased after the thief. And the main mechanics of the game is a puzzle based on colors.

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Fall of Light v1.5b (Darkest Edition) - PLAZA

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Fall of Light is a dark adventure RPG in which you will play for an already elderly knight who is trying to show his daughter the last remnants of light. You will find a difficult path through the darkness and horror, but reliable to save the world does not allow you to retreat. Well-designed characters, an interesting world for research and, at first glance, a trite story, the eternal struggle of light and darkness, good and evil, will surely surprise you. Find the right weapon for your fighting style, and try to destroy all the enemies who will be on your way. And, of course, protect your daughter, because she is your ray of light, in this terrible darkness.

This game has been updated 23-04-2019, 09:32 to the latest version v1.5b (Darkest Edition).

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Animallica Alpha 3.2

Animallica Game Free Download Torrent
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Animallica is a single player game with elements of survival, crafting and the rest of the standard set of chips for similar games. Gameplay is served by a first-person camera, while the setting is spiritually close to the multiplayer ARK sandbox. If in ARK dinosaurs of all stripes and species run fast across the world, then animals familiar in the real world walk around the Animations of the universe.

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Geeksos Patch 04.18.2019

Geeksos Game Free Download Torrent
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Geeksos is a futuristic top-down shooter in which you will fight powerful gaming corporations that have seized power in the whole city. In the story, a certain fictional city of Hyksos was captured by powerful gaming corporations, which now dictate what to live and how. They were all city residents turned into zombie gamers, who now all they do is buy unfinished DLCs and play endless games. You will play for the experimental, abducted guy, who was experimenting for a long time. Now you have escaped to freedom and must by all means find out what is actually happening here and what is the true purpose of corporations.

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Crossout v0.10.100.127270 - SKIDROW

Crossout Game Free Download Torrent

The creators of the famous war game «War Thunder», Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment reunited and developed a new project — Crossout, which is a free MMO. In this case, the camera moves in the «3D» mode, i.e. From a third party. Actions take place in the post-apocalyptic world. Of the details, which in reality look strange together, it will be necessary to design the most real combat vehicle. But this is not all — this «wheelbarrow» must be equipped with armor, weapons, various systems, engines. These elements will make the armored car truly a unique creation, because you can even put a generator that will make the device invisible. Nafantazirovat you can do anything — if only there were suitable details. So if you are a fan of the game War Thunder, then download Crossout via torrent from us you need in any way.

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Zvezda v1.0

Zvezda Game Free Download Torrent
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Zvezda is a new, dynamic combat, three-dimensional space game with elements of a simulator. This piece is inspired by games such as Wing Commander, Freespace, X-Wing. As conceived by the developer, you are a pilot of a space fighter, a small but destructive spacecraft fully armed with plasma guns and rockets. Your carrier star Zvezda is in the rear of the enemy, and after ten missions you and your team are trying to strike back at the merciless enemy. Missions consist of protecting your aircraft carrier, flight reconnaissance missions and the destruction of enemy capital ships.

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Murder Machine Mini v1.28 - PLAZA

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Murder Machine Mini — a new indie game, this is not a stunner shooter that we used to see, this is a first-person novelty, where you will be inside the box. Arrange a hunt for the best weapons, find ammunition and go on the road to victory. Here is a unique system of fighting with enemies, you can take a weapon in your hands and go face to face with the enemy, or you can stand aside until the enemies fall into the traps.

This game has been updated 22-04-2019, 08:39 to the latest version v1.28.

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Firebase Defence v1.1 - SiMPLEX

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Firebase Defense — a new game in the unique genre of Tower defense. Here you have to all possible ways to protect yourself from the oncoming crowds of opponents. Here you will have no restrictions in actions, you can independently manage resources, and also build an army of soldiers as you wish. The game has a construction that will help you more effectively cope with the invasion of enemies. You will be responsible for their buildings, their functionality and appearance.

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Bomb Chicken v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

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Bomb Chicken is a fascinating and very unusual in its essence two-dimensional platformer in which you will play the role of a strange chicken, hatching out real bombs instead of eggs. According to the plot on one of the industries there was a terrible accident. After this accident, production was overwhelmed with strange monsters and incomprehensible mutants, hostile to all who looked there. You will play for the chicken, which was affected by the same explosion. But unlike the others, your chick got cool abilities — now he can instead hatch the real bombs ...

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