Blood will be Spilled v1.2 - CODEX

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Blood will be Spilled is a fascinating cowboy 2D platformer in which you have to go to an unusual world inhabited by insects and try to survive in a world full of cruelty, blood and gunfights. In fact, this is not even just a cowboy platformer, but something like a mixture of the Wild West and fiction. So, all events take place in a cowboy desert setting, reminiscent of the Wild West, but at the same time you will play for a mosquito-mosquito, a brave shooter, who craves revenge for the offense that other insects have caused him. In general, the plot is quite interesting and saturated. But he is not too important here — the gameplay is more important here.

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A Knights Quest - CODEX

A Knights Quest Game Free Download Torrent

A Knights Quest is an open-world third-person adventure game from Sky 9 Games and publisher Curve Digital. The developers were inspired by the series The Legend of Zelda and Metroid. Players will take on the role of the traveler Rusty, who had the difficult task of preventing the destruction of his world. Obtaining various abilities, the main character will need to defeat various opponents and bosses, and solve many puzzles.

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Spirit Hunter NG - DARKSiDERS

Spirit Hunter NG Game Free Download Torrent

The main character of the game — Spirit Hunter NG, Akira Kijima, earns a living by street fighting and tries to find out who and what is behind the disappearance of his younger sister. His investigation soon turns out to be a battle not for life, but for death, and creatures far from reality participate in it. A wrong decision may well lead to the death of the hero or his associates.

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Surviving Mars v20191010 (Green Planet) - CODEX

Surviving Mars Game Free Download Torrent
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Deep in the possibilities of the game Surviving Mars, you understand that this is not just another colony simulator on an unknown planet, but a well-designed science-fiction sandbox that requires attention to the smallest details. Well think about how to place your colony, because it will depend not only on the effectiveness of the work of the colonists, but also on their life. Separately, it is worth noting the schedule, where you will find a unique retro-futuristic style. The colony itself will consist of huge domes, under which can be placed as various factories, as well as bars, restaurants and scientific centers. Each colonist is a person with his own character and mentality. And the behavior of one colonist affects all those who contact him. In general, you will face a complex simulation of the society, which requires a lot of attention.

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Surviving Mars Green Planet v20191010 - CODEX

Surviving Mars Green Planet Game Free Download Torrent
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Surviving Mars Green Planet — make Mars habitable and build a second home for mankind in addition to Green Planet. Terraform Mars and make a hostile planet habitable by humanity. Every decision you make while managing your colony can affect terraforming parameters, which include atmosphere, temperature, water, and vegetation.

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StarsOne Beta 07.11.2019 - SKIDROW

StarsOne Game Free Download Torrent

StarsOne is a very cool sandbox in which you will have to go on a long journey. You will find a finished planet on the other side of the world, a sea of adventure, an open world, craft, survival and more. The plot revolves around the distant future in which humanity has finally mastered space travel. And so, in 2125, people sent the first colonists to a planet similar to Earth. But alas, the connection with the first colonists was gone and it was decided to send new ones. You are on a new team going to this planet, but you are crashing.

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YU-NO A girl who chants love at the bound of this world v20191010 - CODEX

YU-NO A girl who chants love at the bound of this world Game Free Download Torrent
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The story of YU-NO A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World tells the story of a young man named Arima Takuya. His father, who was a prominent historian researcher, disappeared under mysterious circumstances. One summer day, Takuya receives a parcel on behalf of the missing father, along with a mysterious device and description, from which it follows that with its help you can move in time and between numerous parallel realities. At first, Takuya does not take this seriously, but a series of mysterious events forces him to reconsider his opinion.

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Blazing Chrome v0.0.7.a (upd.09.10.2019) - GOG

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Blazing Chrome is a dynamic arcade shooter with a side view, an interesting plot line and crazy gameplay. History will send you to a distant future, where humanity is on the verge of destruction. The fact is that our planet was captured by intelligent creatures in the form of robots and made people into real slaves. Now, they didn’t need the weak people at all, and they made the decision to get rid of all the representatives of the human race. Earthlings really want to save their lives and their kind, and therefore decided to fight to the last.

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Lumina - PLAZA

Lumina Game Free Download Torrent

Lumina is a simulator and logic game developed by Gem Rose Accent for the PC platform. The style in the game, unfortunately, is not defined, and you can highlight the features of the strategy, action, adventure, indie, simulator, steam achievements, puzzle. You will have access to such game modes as for a single player.

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Survival Vacancy v4r4 (upd.09.10.2019)

Survival Vacancy Game Free Download Torrent
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Survival Vacancy is a mix of a sandbox and a survival simulator where you have to survive, provide other survivors with resources and everything you need, collect resources, set up production of items, and more. The game takes place in an alternative apocalyptic future, in which the real nuclear apocalypse happened. Now almost all of humanity has been destroyed, and the few surviving people have hidden underground and are trying to somehow survive all this horror. Well, you will play the role of a certain mercenary engineer who needs to do everything possible to ensure a decent existence for the colony and its inhabitants. But this will be very difficult to do. Get ready for trials and tons of problems.

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