Down in Bermuda v1.0 (upd.14.01.2021) - DARKZER0

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Down in Bermuda — has added a new island, making the project longer. The game is a puzzle game filled with lots of strange characters and tons of lava. The main character, Milton, is called upon to solve puzzles and you must help him. The main goal is to revive the comet god to life. This is a stylish isometric adventure game in which you play as a pilot named Milton, who, like many other famous people, gets lost in the Bermuda Triangle. The game originally started with three separate islands to explore, and one of the best parts of Down in Bermuda was the variety of puzzle types you had to solve as you progress through the adventure.

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JUMP Force v2.01 (Ultimate Edition) - CODEX

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Jump Force — a rather interesting announcement of the game, which offers fans of animated universes to fight in a new fighting game. The uniqueness of this game project is that now several universes will immediately be merged into one and users will have the opportunity to fight for a variety of characters. It is already known that in the game adventure characters from such anime as One Piece, Naruto and even Death Note will fight. While the gameplay was not shown at the conference, but fans are confident that this will be a great fighting game.

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Beyond a Steel Sky v1.2.27618 (upd.10.01.2021)

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Beyond a Steel Sky — is a third-person action-adventure game set in a sci-fi setting. In the game, you take on the role of Robert Foster and travel to one of the last metropolitan areas of Union City to find your own son. As you progress, you will meet with interesting characters and exciting puzzles. In order to succeed, you need to hack the artificial intelligence that controls the city. A sequel to the 1994 dystopian cyberpunk adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky. This is a gripping story of loyalty and redemption set in an eerie and terrifying AI-controlled world of social control. This story is woven with the studio’s signature humor, supported by the art style of legendary comic book artist Dave Gibbons.

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Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions v1.10.1 (upd.07.01.2021)

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Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions — is a captivating soccer manga in which football players perform incredible stunts, use incredible feints and generate enchanting combos. A killer football with familiar characters from the Captain Tsubasa universe awaits you. The adrenaline-filled action and gripping story will not let you get bored even for a minute. This is a football game based on the manga of the same name. Its main character is Tsubasa Ozora, an ingenious football player who knows how to copy the techniques of other football players. Together with his comrades, Tsubasa must lead the football team of his school before winning the local championship.

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The Sinking City upd.06.01.2021 (Deluxe Edition) - DARKSiDERS

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The game The Sinking City unfolds in America in the 1920s. A small town called Oakmont, in Massachusetts, was subject to a local cataclysm. Suddenly, the deluge slowly began to grow throughout the town. Most of the townspeople were evacuated at the first opportunity. However, a number of people remained in their homes — representatives of the city government, indigenous inhabitants, insane and other narrow-minded. In Oakmont, everything became aggravated also because strangers began to appear in the city, who found new houses on the flooded streets and trapped control over them. True, their appearance in the city is not a mere coincidence of circumstances, but a clearly planned act of action.

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Cyberpunk 2077 v1.06 - CODEX

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Cyberpunk 2077 — is the long-awaited action RPG that takes players to downtown Knight City, where values similar to our society are visible, expressed at times brighter. Luxury, power, modified bodies, mercenaries and city control are synonymous with future life. Players will play the role of a mercenary who wants to gain immortality, ready for anything to achieve the goal. Open world of the game is available for exploration, completing tasks, and developing the hero. Will change as users move forward and prioritize, so be careful when making decisions.

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Gears 5 Hivebusters v1.1.97.0 - CODEX

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Gears 5 Hivebusters — is a surprisingly vigorous and very beautiful plot addition to Gears 5. Actually, Hivebusters is a story in which they will tell you how the heroes of Escape mode met each other and began to destroy the Hives. Hivebusters, which many might have simply missed, is really good. The campaign lasts about three hours and is something comparable in scale to one full-fledged act of Gears 5. Most importantly, all DLC events unfold on a tropical island, and Highbusters benefit greatly from this. The Coaltion artists revealed themselves in this expansion in a way that they did not reveal, it seems that throughout Gears 5 there are a lot of beautiful locations that will take your breath away. The result is a pleasant visual mixture of Uncharted and Crysis.

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Gears 5 v1.1.97.0 - CODEX

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The game world of the famous sequel to Gears 5 will make players visit the universe, where every feeling develops into a new test, which means that numerous losses will lead to an interesting consequence. It remains to be expected that tomorrow will break out to a new level, help provoke a new uprising that players like so much. This time you have to act as a talented Keith, with whom you become a member of the righteous path. Numerous adventures show that an instant battle with predominant finals is achieved thanks to self-confidence, which means there are no terrible moments on the way.

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Hunting For Trump v1.0 (upd.24.12.2020) - DARKSiDERS

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Hunting For Trump — welcome to your first hunt. Now you have the opportunity to kill one of the worst enemies of mankind. Do not think that it will be so easy, because it will be guarded by many fighters who will not miss you. But it’s worth it, maybe you’ll find out what’s next. You will pass through a field full of enemies, all this way with only one purpose to hunt it. You will meet many enemies that you can bypass or destroy. You need to defeat the main enemy. You are immersed in a terrible environment, atmospheric music, terrible enemies and many memes.

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Cyberpunk 2077 v1.06 - GOG

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Cyberpunk 2077 — is a unique online game full of surprises. In it, the plot changes depending on your actions, so be careful and carefully think over each step, but you should not hesitate either, otherwise you will be destroyed. All events take place in a gloomy city, where society began to degrade. It doesn’t matter why this happened, but the inhabitants have become completely different: angry, aggressive, and some, on the contrary, passive. The main character is cyberpunk. He goes on his first mission, as he works with Knight City, considered the most dangerous metropolis in America. Various trials and difficulties will await you, but you must pass them with dignity. To do this, use all the necessary tools, improve your knowledge and seek help from technology. Make informed decisions, because the course of events will depend on them.

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