Farmers Life v0.6.53 upd.04.07.2022

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The main character of Farmers Life is Kashmir, a middle-aged bachelor living in the outback of Eastern Europe. It contains a small farm and is often applied to the bottle. The realism of what is happening does not end there. The character’s life is influenced by the changing seasons and wild animals. Help Kashmir cultivate the land and survive in the harsh environment. Fulfill the natural needs of the hero, making sure that he is always fed, watered and put to bed. Drive him drunk and make sure the alcoholic can get home. Try to stand against the local gopniks to cross your doorstep safe and sound.

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  • BROK the InvestiGator v1.15.7 upd.04.07.2022

    BROK the InvestiGator Game Free Download Torrent
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    BROK the investiGator — is a unique combination of beat em up gameplay and point and click adventure, in which an alligator detective searches for answers in a cartoon cyberpunk world filled with anthropomorphic animals inspired by cartoons of the 80s and 90s. In the game, you take on the role of BROK, a private alligator detective who uses his fists and cunning to uncover a conspiracy that could be linked to his deceased wife. The story is set in a world where animals live. The main character is a private detective Brock, a crocodile and a former boxer. One day he discovers a terrible secret that can threaten all living things. The hero begins an investigation, during which he must not only collect evidence and solve puzzles, but also fight opponents.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 11:25 to the latest version v1.15.7 upd.04.07.2022.

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  • Escape Room Der kranke Kollege v09.04.2022 (The Sick Colleague)

    Escape Room Der kranke Kollege Game Free Download Torrent
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    Escape Room Der kranke Kollege — this game simulates a real quest. The player starts in a closed room and must try to get out as quickly as possible. To do this, the player can examine, combine and interpret objects to get new clues to solve new puzzles. By carefully studying the environment, the player will also experience a haunting story. Room 1 A sick colleague is currently being repaired. Room 2 Barbara’s secret. Free movement in 3D, many objects to explore, tricky puzzles, as well as a unique hint system and a journey into the depths of a famous friend, in addition to single or multiplayer co-op for 2-6 players, make this game a favorite among games similar genre.

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  • Phasmophobia v0.6.2.2 upd.03.07.2022

    Phasmophobia Game Free Download Torrent
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    Phasmophobia — will give players the opportunity to become an explorer of the supernatural. Psychological thriller games are always something interesting and incredibly addictive spectacle. You and other researchers, in tandem, must complete the mission. But be prepared for challenging tasks and plot twists. Only a few will be able to resist the terrible monsters from the other world and not go crazy. A feature of the game is its visual performance, which is able to immerse us in the most realistic, frightening and stressful atmosphere.

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  • Bum Simulator v2.6.27.a upd.03.07.2022

    Bum Simulator Game Free Download Torrent
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    Bum Simulator — is an incredibly cool, funny, realistic and very unusual simulator in its essence. And the main yoke of uniqueness lies in the fact that it allows you to play as an ordinary bum, such as abound on the streets of every city, without exception. So you found yourself on the street in the role of the most ordinary bum. You have no money, no clean clothes, no food, no shelter, not even friends and comrades. All you have is yourself and a bunch of possibilities. What will you do. Will you start to wreak havoc, will you beg for money from passers-by, or will you start life from the very beginning, getting a job. It’s up to you to decide in Bum Simulator all paths and roads are open.

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  • SUCCUBUS v1.7.16475 (The Worshipper Bundle) - GOG

    SUCCUBUS Game Free Download Torrent
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    Madmind Studio, known for the scandalous horror Agony, has prepared a new hellish project for you. Only in SUCCUBUS you will play not for a defenseless soul trapped in Hell, but for a succubus, which sets out on a journey through the Underworld with the aim of revenge, without pity, exterminating everyone in its path. A huge amount of violence, shock content and nudity is included. The new lord of hell, Nimrod, has invited you, Vydiya, the demonic priestess of lust, to become his betrothed and queen. You agree, but soon the luxurious life will bore you and you decide to go down to the pitiful sinners in order to continue tormenting their souls.

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  • Songs of Conquest v0.76.1 upd.03.07.2022

    Songs of Conquest Game Free Download Torrent
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    Songs of Conquest — is a fantasy strategy game with turn-based battles in which you have to travel across a colorful world, fight against numerous opponents, and complete dozens of challenging tasks. Unfortunately, at the moment, not so much is known about the plot, but information has already appeared that in the local game world there will be four factions for which you can play. These are the Doneriya faction, relying on firearms and mercenaries in wars, the Barony of Lot, living between the world of the living and the dead, and drawing strength from both sides, the Rana faction, which is mainly composed of toadmen, and Arleon, a faction of squires.

    This game has been updated 3-07-2022, 03:27 to the latest version v0.76.1 upd.03.07.2022.

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  • Trek to Yomi v1.02 upd.02.07.2022 - FLT

    Trek to Yomi Game Free Download Torrent
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    Trek to Yomi — is a black and white side-scrolling action-adventure game inspired by ancient Japan. Beautiful angles and bright graphics in the spirit of classic samurai films await you. The plot will tell about a warrior who fights against supernatural forces. The young warrior Hiroki swore to his master to protect his city and the people he loves from all threats. Faced with a threat, he embarks on a journey beyond life and death to confront himself.

    This game has been updated 2-07-2022, 18:41 to the latest version v1.02 upd.02.07.2022.

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  • Planetary Annihilation TITANS Build 115872 - DOGE

    Planetary Annihilation TITANS Game Free Download Torrent
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    Planetary Annihilation TITANS — is an excellent global military strategy in which you have to go into deep space and begin to conquer a variety of planets, using the power of your faction. Unfortunately, there is no specific plot in this game the developers did not limit the players and simply allowed the players to independently think up the storyline. At the same time, there is another small «but» — the fact is that in this game there is no specific visual or military division into fractions. The fractions have the same technique, the same opportunities. On the one hand, this plays a negative role for diversity, but on the other hand, a balance has been created in this way, thanks to which in battles everything will depend only on your tactics, strategic thinking and abilities.

    This game has been updated 2-07-2022, 17:48 to the latest version Build 115872.

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  • Stellaris Overlord v3.4.5 upd.02.07.2022 - FLT

    Stellaris Overlord Game Free Download Torrent

    Stellaris Overlord new full extension, provides access to new features designed to open the next level of your empire. Aim a galaxy full of potential subjects for glory or subordination. New mechanics provide many ways to specialize the roles of your vassals in your empire, capture new planets and subjects under your rule, and create new great megastructures to project your power further and faster. Whether you rule the galaxy from the bridge of your flagship or from the rich capital of your wonderful home world, Overlord will give you the following leadership privileges. New vassal mechanics allow you to define the role of your new subjects, create new empires of specialists to become economic superpowers, military specialists and creators of technology.

    This game has been updated 2-07-2022, 18:22 to the latest version v3.4.5 upd.02.07.2022.

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