Kathy Rain v1.0.4 (upd.04.08.2020)

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In the detective story — Kathy Rain, the heroine must solve the mysterious death of her grandfather. The action takes place in the nineties, where the journalist Katie will have to investigate the event, not succumbing to the emotions that arise along with the questions. What was Joseph Reign really looking for years ago. Why did he become a helpless old man, confined to a wheelchair. What is the artist who committed suicide hiding. Why are Cornwell Springs residents going crazy? Katie will have to find out the answers to these and many other questions during the investigation. Unique musical accompaniment and stylized graphics will provide a complete immersion in the history of a small American town.

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Rise of Liberty v04.08.2020 - SKIDROW

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Rise of Liberty is a kind of ravenfield game that has become incredibly popular. But the action takes place at the time of the musket and after each shot you will have a long recharge. Each shot is worth its weight in gold, so take a good look! In addition to self-tuning battle, you are waiting for historical battles. Stand in a row with your soldiers and go into battle. This is a kind of popular game «Ravenfield», only you will fight with the help of a musket and a sword. The game is still at a fairly early development stage, which is why it is free.

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They Are Billions v1.0.19.9 (upd.04.08.2020) - Goldberg

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They Are Billions is a post-apocalyptic strategy in steampunk style, whose actions take place in the distant future, where the remnants of civilization fight against the terrible virus that turned people into zombies. In They Are Billions, you have to build a reliable base and manage the colony, at your disposal a handful of people who are confronted by billions of zombies roaming the planet in search of the last remaining colonies. Although the game is a real-time strategy, you can still pause, give orders and think about further actions. In the game, much attention is paid to construction, a well-established infrastructure and well-established mining will help to stretch out considerably longer even with the worst zombie onslaught.

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Relicta - HOODLUM

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Relicta — is a first-person puzzle adventure set in a sci-fi setting. You have to try on the role of the chief physicist, stuck on an abandoned lunar base. The main task is to get home to Earth, using the laws of gravity and magnetism to solve various puzzles. A game based on physics puzzles, which takes place from the 1st person. The storyline requires users to uncover the secrets of the Chandra base located on the moon. The main goal is to save the daughter. The protagonist is a physicist sent to the lunar base to conduct various experiments and study the secrets of orbital politics. Study the unique properties of craters and try not to get trapped.

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Desktop Farm upd.03.08.2020

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Desktop Farm — is a voxel farm simulator that uses your desktop. In fact, this is not only a game, but also a live wallpaper on your desktop. There will always be in front of you your farm that you are developing. This is a great interactive live wallpaper that will make your desktop interesting. As for the game itself, everything is extremely simple. You grow fruits and vegetables, breed animals, and build various buildings.

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Offroad Mania v1.0.13 (upd.03.08.2020)

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Offroad Mania is a 3D cross-country driving simulator. Complete the tests at each level. Collect all the figurines and go through the finish line. Customize your SUV and driver. Choose from a wide variety of colors. When you are satisfied, get in the car and get out of the way. Offroad Mania brings you a tremendous amount of adrenaline. There are three problems at each level. Collect all the figurines that are in different inaccessible places. Pass the finish line and accept the next challenge. Try not to fall off the race track.

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An Interesting Journey of Monsieur PAF upd.03.08.2020

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Project An Interesting Journey of Monsieur PAF, is an exciting adventure game with platforming and puzzle elements, as well as a two-dimensional graphics component. Get ready to reincarnate as a brave adventurer named Monsieur PAF, who is already inviting you on his new journey. During one of his archaeological expeditions, the protagonist fell into a trap that was hidden in an ancient temple. Now you need to help him overcome all the traps, obstacles and puzzles that remained here after the extinct civilization. Get ready to plunge into unusual levels that combine 3D verticality with classic 2D environments.

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Spintires SHERP Ural Challenge DLC v1.6.1 - PLAZA

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Spintires now has SHERP ATVs in the game, this is a major update to Spintires, which is aimed not only at fixing the found errors, but also at preparing the base game for the SHERP Ural Challenge DLC expansion. The game will feature two models of the SHERP 4×4 and SHERP 10×10 all-terrain vehicle and a map created on the basis of the Yugyd va national park, which is located in the Northern and Subpolar Urals in the southeast of the Komi Republic. All-terrain vehicles have the following characteristics: Maximum travel speed — 40 km / h, freely overcome various obstacles up to 1 m in height with a slope of up to 35 degrees, all-terrain vehicles move freely on sandy, rocky, mud surfaces, and fallen trees will not become an obstacle for them, move freely on water and ice, and can also get out of the water onto the ice.

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Slay the Spire v1.1 Build 10.08.2019 - PLAZA

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Slay the Spire is a well-made card strategy with bagel elements. A dark dungeon, a bunch of different monsters, making your own unique deck of cards, dozens of unique combat combinations, hundreds of interesting items and all this with nice graphics and animation. The game does not forgive mistakes, lost — start the game from the beginning and again try to reach and defeat the main boss. Slay the Spire is a great combination of card strategy and bagel. Recently there have been very few quality card games, which is why the release of «Slay the Spire» is so pleasing to fans of the genre. Here is a great card strategy with bagel elements.

Added new version: Slay the Spire v2.1 — RePack!

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SpellForce 3 Soul Harvest v1.05.01 - CODEX

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SpellForce 3 Soul Harvest is a dynamic game project in the strategy genre, where all actions take place in real time. You will plunge into an unusual world that is experiencing the consequences of the war of the righteous, which ended three years ago. The lands began to slowly recover and come in order, but there was not much quiet life. The thing is that in these lands a new confrontation is brewing, even more brutal and destructive. Both warring parties have a main goal — to enslave the world and create a completely different civilization.

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