Total War Saga TROY v1.0 (upd.13.08.2020)

Total War Saga TROY Game Free Download Torrent
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Total War Saga TROY — take part in the events of the Trojan War and take on the role of one of eight famous heroes. You will get a glimpse of the legendary war from both sides of the Greek and Trojan. Use strategy, diplomacy and power conflict to write your own legend and build the most powerful empire in the Mediterranean Bronze Age. The main feature of the new part will be the use of mythology. For example, heroes will appear who are capable of demonstrating incredible fighting skills. There will even be mythological monsters that can be sent into battle. However, gaining control over them will not be so easy.

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Dying Light Hellraid v1.30 - PLAZA

Dying Light Hellraid Game Free Download Torrent

Dying Light Hellraid — studio Techland once worked on the demonic action movie Hellraid, but circumstances turned out in such a way that the project was never destined to see the light of day. But the Poles did not bury their work in the table, but used the best practices to prepare an add-on of the same name for the excellent zombie action movie Dying Light. According to the plot of Dying Light Hellraid, a mysterious slot machine is discovered in the basements of the Tower after a power outage. Quite a little time will pass and the terrible truth will become clear: this arcade machine is not a harmless toy, but a portal to the Underworld, from where various demonic creatures climbed into the real world. We have to go to the other side of the portal and fight demons using a ton of new weapons that match the genre of dark fantasy. The weapons received in Hell, if desired, can be taken with you into the world of the living.

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Dying Light v1.30 (Hellraid) - PLAZA

Dying Light Game Free Download Torrent
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Dying Light — is not just some kind of addition, it’s a completely redesigned game with a bunch of new features. You are waiting for a completely new graphics, great optimization, as well as all the released add-ons: Be the Zombie, Cuisine and Cargo, Ultimate Survivor Bundle, The Bozak Horde and much more. After download Dying Light you can again plunge into the world of survival. A lot of new locations, new interesting characters, as well as new opportunities. Now players can move on special cars and even arrange insane races. As soon as the sun goes out, the infected immediately begin to creep everywhere — they cannot be beaten all of them. But if you can not avoid a collision, you need to fight to the last.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 16:29 to the latest version v1.30 (Hellraid).

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Ever Forward upd.13.08.2020 - HOODLUM

Ever Forward Game Free Download Torrent

Ever Forward — is a game developed in the adventure genre, where you will plunge into an unusual atmosphere and unravel all the secrets that this fabulous world holds in itself. First, get acquainted with the main character — a beautiful girl named Maya. Her life was pretty good right up to the moment when she was not lost between a dream and reality. Now she has to go a difficult way, facing many obstacles and trials, as well as waging a battle with the demons of the past. Your task is to overcome the fears accumulated over the years in order to get out of this unfortunate place by finding the way home.

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Curse of the Dead Gods v0.19.2.5 (upd.13.08.2020)

Curse of the Dead Gods Game Free Download Torrent
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In Curse of the Dead Gods, you are looking for tremendous wealth, eternal life, and strength. Your mission led you to this damned temple in an endless maze of waiting for throttles, traps and bottomless monsters. Collect mysterious remains and an arsenal that will make you invincible. Fight in the dark caves of enemy hordes, full of traps and secrets of fire statues, explosives, hidden spikes and much more. With every minute the dirt hidden in you becomes stronger. You cannot pay attention to it or confirm it, but remember: every curse is dangerous for you. Greed destroys you, but death does not save you. Get up and go to battle. Go deeper.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 06:04 to the latest version v0.19.2.5 (upd.13.08.2020).

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Simp Slayer Simulator 2K20 - PLAZA

Simp Slayer Simulator 2K20 Game Free Download Torrent

Simp Slayer Simulator 2K20 — is a comedy shooter. You have to shoot back from rather uncomplicated characters. Their crowds and they are subject to destruction. You will play the role of a licensed hunter on personal data. Here you can compete for the title of the best. Show great results and claim your prize. To make it more interesting, there is an opportunity to open new weapons, locations. The gameplay is promised to be dynamic, your goal is quite noble. For those looking for an arcade game and wanting to blow off some steam. Simps and boomers are coming, there are many of them, but you have a couple of bullets for each.

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Superhot Mind Control Delete v1.0.2 - CODEX

Superhot Mind Control Delete Game Free Download Torrent
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Superhot Mind Control Delete is a new project from the creators of the cult game SUPERHOT. Unlike the first part, the new creation contains a number of improvements that you will get to know during the passage. As in the first part, while you are not moving, time flows around you extremely slowly, this allows you to assess the situation and make the right decision. You can even watch the movement of the bullet, which undoubtedly creates the effect of «wow!» And allows you to feel like a superhero. Each new mission will become more and more difficult, however, at high levels you will also have to wait and good weapons.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 03:31 to the latest version v1.0.2.

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Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris v1.04 - CODEX

Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris Game Free Download Torrent
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Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris — is an action-packed Japanese role-playing game based on the popular anime universe called Sword Art Online. This is another adaptation of the main parts of the anime, where players take on the role of the protagonist in all parts of the novel. The game’s event depicts a story based on the Alicization storyline taking place in a virtual underground world. During the game, players meet with various familiar characters. Before us is a three-dimensional RPG, in which players observe third-person actions. The gameplay here is mainly based on the study of the open world, with the implementation of various quests and battles.

This game has been updated 12-08-2020, 08:05 to the latest version v1.04.

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Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town v20200811 - PLAZA

Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town Game Free Download Torrent
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Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town — your farm life begins in Mineral City, a charming village surrounded by nature. You returned many years later to rebuild your late grandfather’s farm. Take care of crops, livestock. This is a full remake of the project of the same name released on Nintendo Game Boy Advance in 2003. Your life on the farm begins in the tiny but cute town of Mineralsk in the middle of the wild. After many years, you return to the grandfather’s farm to restore her former glory. Take care of plants and animals and write your story.

This game has been updated 12-08-2020, 03:51 to the latest version v20200811.

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Pagan Absent Gods - CODEX

Pagan Absent Gods Game Free Download Torrent

Serbian studio Mad Head Games together with Wargaming announced the development of a game called — Pagan Absent Gods. The game is a mixture of game genres, from role-playing component to MOBA and MMORPG elements. Thanks to such an unusual combination of game themes, players will have the opportunity to fight among themselves in new battles, collect a whole guard of unusual heroes and just start to achieve success. So far, there is not much information about the game, it is known that the origins of the game project go back to the pre-Christian period, which portends a large number of myths and other interesting topics.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 06:37 to the latest version .

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