Inmost v1.0.2 (upd.25.10.2020)

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The game Inmost — belongs to the genre of logical platformer with a rather confusing plot. The user is given the opportunity to establish the interaction of three characters at once with various skills, abilities and even character. In one dark story that happened far in the past, the fates of three heroes were connected. The brave knight once swore allegiance to the forces of darkness, a strange creature, feeding on pain, a young lonely girl were together in the same team. Now they have to examine all the corridors and rooms of an abandoned castle in order to find the heart of evil lurking inside. Try to act as discreetly as possible so as not to attract excessive attention of the enemy.

This game has been updated Today, 17:16 to the latest version v1.0.2 (upd.25.10.2020).

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Horizon Zero Dawn v1.06 (upd.25.10.2020) - CODEX

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The main character of Horizon Zero Dawn — is a girl named Aloy, a skilled hunter in a colorful and forested world inhabited by mechanized creatures. The plot invites you to learn more about this post-apocalyptic world and get answers to questions about what happened to a previously flourishing civilization and where dinosaur-like robots came from. Horizon Zero Dawn offers a colorful, huge open world with changing times of day and weather conditions that directly affect the gameplay. Fights with huge enemies are built on the dexterity and cunning of the heroine, because a fragile girl cannot compete in strength with multi-ton robots armed with futuristic guns.

This game has been updated Today, 05:52 to the latest version v1.06 (upd.25.10.2020).

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Wave Break upd.25.10.2020 (demo)

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Wave Break — project inspired by classic arcade skateboarding games, but packed full of boating, explosions and cold-blooded murders. Play the single player campaign or one of many other modes, both offline and online with friends or strangers. Whether you want to score points in TRICK ATTACK or shoot your friends in DEATHMATCH, it’s up to you. There are, by the way, several game modes, each with its own unique rules. For example, there is a standard Deathmatch, in which you will also shoot at enemies, earning points and doing things that are difficult to imagine. There is also a free mode in which you can hone your skills, and a multiplayer mode and online races.

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Iratus Lord of the Dead v176.15 - CODEX

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Iratus Lord of the Dead — role-playing strategy with turn-based battles, made in the style of dark fantasy and mixed in the features of different genres. You are waiting for battle, chaos, dark forces and the sea of the undead. Once the dark lord Irathus was imprisoned in the dungeon by people and the forces of light, but he was released by his henchmen and now he decided to plunge the world into Chaos and Darkness. Well, you will have to help him in this, taking responsibility for the creation of the army, the development of the lair and much more. You will destroy humanity, wreak havoc, shed blood and create monsters, evolve, build shelter.

This game has been updated Today, 05:06 to the latest version v176.15.

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Mortal Shell v1.09676 (upd.24.10.2020) - CODEX

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Mortal Shell — is a fantasy medieval action game with a third-person view in which you have to face a mass of opponents, go on a journey through a tormented withering world, and try to find out at least something about its true purpose. Unfortunately, nothing really is known about the plot at the moment, but it is known that you will find yourself in this game in the vastness of a withering, decaying, surviving some kind of cataclysm world. Now there are only dead corpses, mutants, monsters and mythical creatures everywhere, and the world is gradually dying. Well, you will play the role of a rebellious warrior who, firstly, needs to find out why he was awakened and what exactly is his purpose, and secondly, to learn how to save the world and restore its former appearance to it. That’s just to make it will not be so simple. This world is dangerous, gloomy, cruel, and not everyone is able to survive in it.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 16:26 to the latest version v1.09676 (upd.24.10.2020).

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CARRION Build 5728499 (upd.24.10.2020)

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CARRION — we are all accustomed to the fact that in horror games we have to play as a person or any other hero who is trying to do everything to save the whole environment. But this is not always true, and today you will have the option to refute it. This time you have to take advantage of your mass and preparation, which will require only a little orientation towards the destruction of people. You need to hunt them, cut them up and get reinforcement for this. Do not worry, you just need to follow all the recommendations and try to actively achieve your goals.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 10:09 to the latest version Build 5728499 (upd.24.10.2020).

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Disc Room Build 5716896 (upd.24.10.2020)

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Disc Room — is an action puzzle game with some bloody overtones. You will play the role of an outstanding scientist who studies the heavenly bodies. In the near future, in a few decades, an unidentified disk of gigantic dimensions will appear in the orbit of the planet Jupiter. Mankind was interested in this discovery, but there was only one daredevil who was ready to go to the largest planet in the solar system. This brave man turned out to be your hero, who decided to challenge fate. Upon closer inspection, the mysterious disk turns out to be a small planet that you will have to explore. You will encounter a whole heap of unknown and inexplicable phenomena.

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Flotsam v0.3.5e1

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Flotsam — game 2019 for PC offers an incredible adventure on the high seas. The ship is wrecked and now you have to survive in this world full of dangers. Debris is scattered everywhere. You think this is rubbish, from all these finds you can build, craft something new, find application. This is a survival game that will require you to be quick-witted, to use resources competently, morale also means a lot.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 12:11 to the latest version v0.3.5e1.

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Endless Memories v1.0.1.1 (upd.23.10.2020)

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Endless Memories — is an epic action adventure game. Here the player will be able to plunge into the colorful and incredibly beautiful world of magic and dreams. Each dream must be explored, because it has its own unique scenario, which is full of mysteries, otherworldly creatures and other tasks to be solved. The world of Edless Memoris will send the traveler to a universe where the destinies of local residents are closely intertwined with each other. The user will have to awaken their own conscience in order to resist the destruction of the dream world, as well as to overthrow their masters.

This game has been updated 23-10-2020, 16:30 to the latest version v1.0.1.1 (upd.23.10.2020).

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PixARK v1.109 (upd.23.10.2020) + DLC

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The action PixARK takes place in the universe of ARK Survival Evolved. The game stands out voxel style — all characters, buildings and monsters consist of a huge number of blocks. A kind of a mixture of «Arch» and «Meincraft.» As in many other projects to survive in the open world, PixARK offers to create its own unique hero (promise an advanced development system), build a dwelling and other buildings, unite with other players and go to perform various tasks in procedurally generated worlds. However, there will be a single-player campaign in PixArk. Developers have worked over 100 unusual creatures, which can be tamed and used as mounts.

This game has been updated 23-10-2020, 16:26 to the latest version v1.109 (upd.23.10.2020) + DLC.

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