Bullet Witch v1.0.3 - CODEX

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Bullet Witch is a third-person shooter where the player is run by a witch named Alicia Klaus. The game takes place in 2013, when humanity is threatened with destruction due to natural disasters and the invasion of demons. Alicia takes a large cannon, capable of transforming into any convenient firearm, and battles with an army of disagreeable demons. Evil alien invaders now go out of fashion — they are replaced more and more often by an unclean force, assuming a variety of forms. Peace and tranquility on Earth are threatened by demons, vampires, revived dead men and werewolves, greedy for human and world domination.

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Solstice Chronicles MIA v1.03 - CODEX

Solstice Chronicles MIA Game Free Download Torrent
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Solstice Chronicles MIA is a shooter with a top view with a nice futuristic storyline. You play as a soldier, whose goal is to find a cure for the STROL virus. This virus has swept the entire Earth and threatens to completely destroy humanity. Fortunately, people managed to colonize Mars, and the base on Mars is the main hope for the search for a medicine. The problem is that Mars is ruled by corporations that pursue their own selfish goals. Also on the base falls a terrible storm, which can destroy the base itself. Here in this chaos you need to survive and find a cure for saving the Earth.

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Aragami Nightfall - CODEX

Aragami Nightfall Game Free Download Torrent
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​The first story addition for the stealth-action Aragami. Nightfall adds a new campaign, which takes place before the events of the original game. In it, you are waiting for new tests and difficult situations, designed for experienced players, as well as an important chapter in the story story, in which you survive a series of events that led to the awakening of Aragami. In addition to Nightfall, two shadow assassins, Hye and Sinobu, will track down an Alchemist to retrieve their long-lost friend. Four new story chapters will tell you about the events that led to Aragami’s awakening. The site of the game on Steam promises «difficult situations» for experienced players, as well as three new shadow skills and support for cross-platform multiplayer.​

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Hand of Fate 2 Goblins - PLAZA

Hand of Fate 2 Goblins Game Free Download Torrent
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Hand of Fate 2 Goblins — the continuation of a fantastic game that included all the advantages of several genres: card game, action-RPG and strategy. The game can boast of its beautiful animation and the dynamics of the gameplay. In your arsenal there will be a lot of different combat combinations that you can use against your rivals. This time, you have to face the main character from the first part, but who now stands on the path of evil. Now he destroys everyone around, moreover, under the prohibition, the forces of magic have also become stronger. With his reign, the main character begins to fight, which is ready to do anything to restore peace and justice. You will change various kinds of spells to destroy your opponent. It is necessary to think through tactics of actions and correctly dispose of card moves in order to get out of battles as a deserved winner.

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Euro Fishing Hunters Lake - CODEX

Euro Fishing Hunters Lake Game Free Download Torrent
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Euro Fishing Hunters Lake — this 8-acre lake is famous for its fishing. The five islands around the lake and the number of overhanging trees provide many opportunities to try and help you land this 4lb monster. You will see a lot of activities on this lake with Carp to 32 pounds, as well as lots of Tench, Roach, Bream, Perch and Rudd. The main features of this place include, heavily populated, all the venues, roach to huge 4lbs, 20 new boss fish and 10 new achievements, 10 different kinds of fish.

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Starpoint Gemini Warlords Rise of Numibia v2.0 - CODEX

Starpoint Gemini Warlords Rise of Numibia Game Free Download Torrent
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A new threat arises in the Gemini system. The Nubian tribes, once great and ruthless, fell from power, suffering a crushing defeat in the Orion system. Now they are back to the Twins. With the crown of the queen, they are plotting to defeat the war-torn Gemini system. Either play as Numibians, and conquer the Gemini system in a new scenario, or protect yourself from the invasion of Numibian.

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Steampunk Tower 2 v1.2 (upd.23.04.2018) - SKIDROW

Steampunk Tower 2 Game Free Download Torrent

Steampunk Tower 2 — an unusual adventure that offers you to go to an exciting event that is associated with the world war. No, this is not a historical narrative and you just need to try to design a defensive tower in the steampunk of the universe to protect yourself from enemy raids. Cope with this task? It’s time to prove to the enemy that you are a full-fledged warrior and do not exactly give your homeland offense. We wish you a pleasant game. Continuation of the unique action strategy in the style of Tower Defense, where under your control will be a huge flying cruiser, with which you will protect your steampunk city from attacks of artful enemies. A unique action strategy in the alternative Steampunk universe. You again go to the service of Lord Bingham.

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Dungeons 3 Lord of the Kings - CODEX

Dungeons 3 Lord of the Kings Game Free Download Torrent
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Dungeons 3 Lord of the Kings — returning from a long journey with the Holy Grail in his arms, King Arcturus discovers that someone dared to ruin his capital, Stormburg, and at the same time the whole kingdom. The king decides to immediately return his possessions but still does not know that the Insidious Evil always laughs last. Dungeons 3 — RPG with a pretty beautiful graphics and a good gameplay. Choose one of the many heroes, each of which will have certain abilities and skills, and then go to cut your opponent into dark and rather eerie dungeons. You will fight with fire-breathing dragons, evil and very powerful monsters and other creatures. For your next victory you will receive a pretty good reward, which will help to pump the hero properly and make him a world fighter. You will receive not only glory, but also replenish your arsenal with a new, more powerful weapon, and also receive various valuable artifacts. You will be on the road to confront the very ruler of the underworld, which has great power and might.

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Arma 3 Tanks Crackfix REPACK - CODEX

Arma 3 Tanks Game Free Download Torrent
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Addition DLC for Arma 3 Tanks, adding to the game three new units of heavy military equipment. The complement of Tanks includes the main battle tank T-140 Angara, BTR AWC Nyx for transporting infantry and wheeled armored combat vehicle Rhino MGS. In addition, the players are waiting for the mini-campaign «Requiem for Altis» and a single scenario «Tank Fighters» for the Presentation mode. This further increase will be applied to the experience of tank tanks in Arma 3. With the increase, a new, well-tuned vehicle, a new game controller and a lot of other equipment will become available. Besides new technologies, the studio plans to make changes and improvements to the connected with the caterpillar and bpenetex.

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Extinction - SKIDROW

Extinction Game Free Download Torrent

Extinction — a certain hero alone saves the world from the invasion of the orcs. Gradually, he becomes stronger, while opponents on his way significantly increase in size. Action, in which the player controls the fighter of the «Guardians of the World» and fights with hordes of monsters in order to protect villagers from them. From time immemorial, mankind has only done what has been at war with itself. For several generations, the kingdoms fought for power, while the real threat was brewing on the horizon. Only those who are trained in the ancient order will be able to defeat the 150-pound ogres and the army that follows them.

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