Fall of Light v1.5b (Darkest Edition) - PLAZA

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Fall of Light is a dark adventure RPG in which you will play for an already elderly knight who is trying to show his daughter the last remnants of light. You will find a difficult path through the darkness and horror, but reliable to save the world does not allow you to retreat. Well-designed characters, an interesting world for research and, at first glance, a trite story, the eternal struggle of light and darkness, good and evil, will surely surprise you. Find the right weapon for your fighting style, and try to destroy all the enemies who will be on your way. And, of course, protect your daughter, because she is your ray of light, in this terrible darkness.

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Bomb Chicken v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Bomb Chicken Game Free Download Torrent

Bomb Chicken is a fascinating and very unusual in its essence two-dimensional platformer in which you will play the role of a strange chicken, hatching out real bombs instead of eggs. According to the plot on one of the industries there was a terrible accident. After this accident, production was overwhelmed with strange monsters and incomprehensible mutants, hostile to all who looked there. You will play for the chicken, which was affected by the same explosion. But unlike the others, your chick got cool abilities — now he can instead hatch the real bombs ...

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APE OUT v1.2 (The Fair Play) - PLAZA

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Ape Out is a very unusual adventure indie action game in which you will have to do everything possible to get out of the place where you were held by force. By the way, you have to play for an unusual gorilla. The main feature of this game is that you have to play in it from the top, which on the one hand looks quite unusual, and on the other, complicates the gameplay, because because of this it is easy to get lost in locations. But with all this, the game is very interesting and dynamic, and in it you will be able to show all your gaming skills: reaction, tactics, speed and not only. In the story it is proposed to play for a very unusual and strong gorilla, which managed to escape from the cage. Now the gorilla, and therefore you, have only one single goal — to break free as soon as possible and leave the research center.

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The Padre v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

The Padre Game Free Download Torrent

The Padre is a dark and horrendous game that was founded in the horror style and you have to get into the most dangerous world. You will play the role of the Padre, whose main goal is to eliminate all hell in the world that it will be very difficult to do. You enter the vast territory of the garden, which belongs to God. But the thing is that the garden was covered with a gloomy veil, which the wicked creepy creatures brought with them. Owing to the struggle, by chance, you are stuck in a huge mansion.

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Ages of Mages The last keeper v1.0.1.2 - PLAZA

Ages of Mages The last keeper Game Free Download Torrent
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Ages of Mages The last keeper — the kingdom is under attack, and the princess is taken. Can our four magicians take charge of the Guardian and revive the era of magicians. Third-person shooter defeating them with RPG and Rogue-Lite elements. 4 types of magicians, each with its own characteristics. 20 chopsticks, each wand has different magician skills. Skill tree, unlocking your powerful magic. Randomly generated dungeons, 7 chapters, 38 stages, 14 boss fights, up to 4 local players, as well as a single player option. 4 cute mage, each with its own characteristics. Some attacks are strong, some are strong, some are fast, and some can heal. Ice magicians refuse to accept. Nature’s Magician roars: I can buy one, get one. The lightning magician laughs without saying a word, believe me, I can simplify everything. Every mage has a rich skill tree. unlock your powerful magic. Explore the treasures in randomly generated dungeons.

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The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame upd.18.04.2019 + Galactic Adventures - CODEX

The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame Game Free Download Torrent
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A sequel of a terrific action filled with humor and spaces for creativity, The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame takes place immediately after the events of the previous part, and is based on the same-name animated film. Brick-Castle lies in ruins, and the protagonists will have to restore it. Moreover, the cunning aliens stole Emmett’s comrades. Now he, Lucy, Batman, and others have a long journey ahead. In addition to the characters known for the prequel, the gamer will get acquainted with completely new characters: for example, General Katavasiya and Reks Bulletproof vest. There will be at least hundreds of models available, each with its own unique appearance and skills.

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Abberbury v18.04.2019

Abberbury Game Free Download Torrent
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Abberbury — fascinating three-dimensional adventure game that unfolds its activities in the dark ages. Ser Reed Abberbury and his faithful friend Gunnar, the brave Viking, are the protagonists of the game. They need to get through the casemates of Donington Castle to take revenge on the treacherous Norton, Uncle Reed. You will find colorful blocked levels, dangerous enemies and many deadly traps. Use tactics, strength and agility to defeat enemies and return the legacy of his father.

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Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Dodge Modern v1.6.0 - PLAZA

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Dodge Modern Game Free Download Torrent
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Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 — this is even more cars, parts, tools and features, compared with previous parts. There are new features: «Findings from the barn» and «Scrap metal dump» — all this for finding and repairing classic and unique cars. Use a photo to take a picture before and after repairs. Take part in auctions to sell or buy a car profitably. Expand your workshop by purchasing various equipment. Take and carry out the most complex orders. Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 opens up completely new opportunities, and also demonstrates photo-realistic graphics.

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Gold Rush The Game Anniversary v1.5.3.11950 - CODEX

Gold Rush The Game Anniversary Game Free Download Torrent
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Gold Rush The Game Anniversary is a highly specialized gold miner simulator, with a unique gameplay and many interesting gaming solutions. Get ready for the fact that for a long time you will have to poke around in the muddy ground, using all sorts of techniques suitable for searching for valuable metals. Dirt, rain, strong wind — all this should not break your desire to get rich in one of the most valuable natural resources and become the greatest gold miner in all of Alaska. Gold mining, or at least attempts to find it, the player will lead to a huge open map, for convenience, divided into four regions.

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Anno 1800 v19.07.2019 (Deluxe Edition)

Anno 1800 Game Free Download Torrent

Anno 1800 is an excellent project dedicated to the simulation of urban planning and the economy. But this time you will have to go straight to the past, namely, during the industrial era. So, according to the plot, this time you go directly to the past, to the epoch when the industrial «boom» took place. It was in those distant times that you would have to survive in a world overflowing with empires, kingdoms and states fighting against each other for life, power and might. Do you think it will be easy to build a real full-fledged city in such a world in which everyone would live by your rules? Well, try it.

The game Anno 1800 has been updated to the latest version 19.07.2019 at the moment.

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