Euro Truck Simulator 2 Road to the Black Sea v1.37.1.65 - CODEX

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Road to the Black Sea Game Free Download Torrent
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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Road to the Black Sea — among the countries available for transportation are Bulgaria, Romania and the European part of Turkey. Players will be able to expand their transport company and see Transylvania, the Carpathian Mountains, the Black Sea coast and Thrace, the gates to Istanbul. The addition will add to the game over 10 thousand kilometers of roads, 20 large and small cities and settlements, including the largest city in Turkey, Istanbul. Players will be able to pass the new border checkpoints, take a ferry across the Danube and see local attractions. And at the same time get new achievements. Euro Truck Simulator 2 was released seven years ago, however, developers are in no hurry to announce the third part, preferring to complement and expand the finished game, simultaneously improving its appearance.

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Indiecalypse v1.0 - PLAZA

Indiecalypse Game Free Download Torrent

Indiecalypse — is a mixture of platformer, quest and adventure, where you will need to pass numerous tests, solve puzzles, and participate in fun, but sometimes crowded with black humor events. The plot of the game tells of three characters who wanted to create an indie game at any cost, which could then be sold to players. From the moment this idea comes to mind, the game begins. You in the role of the main character will have to perform various tasks and pass the tests, on which the fate of the game and all three characters will depend. Can you handle all the challenges? Or give up? Everything depends on you.

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Get Over Blood v1.0 - PLAZA

Get Over Blood Game Free Download Torrent

Get Over Blood — is an adventure and action game developed by hede for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of fantasy, action, adventure, indie, horror, difficult, funny, atmosphere, for one player. So, this is an adventure indie game, with elements of action and horror, where the player’s task is to control a character who must climb to the top of the tower. The main goal in this game is to scramble up the red rope, overcoming passing obstacles. You can also stop in the process of climbing, and you can also drop the rope or swing it. The peculiarity of the game, first of all, consists in lifting to the tower.

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LIT Bend the Light upd.18.05.2020

LIT Bend the Light Game Free Download Torrent
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LIT Bend the Light — is a two-dimensional game project developed in the puzzle genre, where you will plunge into an unusual world with special physical laws. The gameplay is quite entertaining, and the graphics are well thought out, which will definitely please fans of the genre. You will find yourself in the vastness of the world, which has prepared quite a few tests, will lead you through light and darkness, and will also encounter rather complicated and intricate puzzles. Show your ingenuity and logical thinking in order to achieve success in a difficult mission.

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American Truck Simulator Utah v1.37.1.1 - CODEX

American Truck Simulator Utah Game Free Download Torrent

American Truck Simulator Utah — travel through the diverse landscapes of Utah, from its red cliffs to snowy mountain ranges. Drivers will be able to deliver the goods to the bustling metropolis of the state, where many large enterprises and industries are located. During your trip you will also find many famous sights and historical relics of the past. If you look at the Utah population density map, you will find that most citizens live in upstate cities in major cities such as Salt Lake City or Provo. However, this does not make the rest of the state a ghost town; you can find small and large cities throughout the region.

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Shapik The Moon Quest v1.01 (upd.24.04.2020) - PLAZA

Shapik The Moon Quest Game Free Download Torrent
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Shapik The Moon Quest — an adventure in the quest genre and puzzle elements, where you will go on an exciting journey through a fascinating, colorful, but at the same time dangerous world. There are a number of very important questions lurking in your head, so you are determined to find answers to them, but it will be very difficult to do so. The events of the game send you into a completely amazing atmosphere, where the world is experiencing the terrible consequences of the total destruction of the population.

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Robo Instructus v1.26 (upd.19.04.2020)

Robo Instructus Game Free Download Torrent
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Robo Instructus — is a fascinating adventure in which you will have to immerse yourself in the role of a process engineer who controls an unusual robot through a special command panel. In the story, your robot was in a remote area of space and now will have to explore the local expanses in order to reveal all the secrets of this place. But it will not be easy to do this, because you have to control the robot through a special command bar, into which you have to enter text commands. Moreover, as the game progresses, the levels will become more complicated, and each time teams will have to use more and more.

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Tales of Escape v2.0 + All DLC - PLAZA

Tales of Escape Game Free Download Torrent

Tales of Escape — an adventure game for PC, this version is complete and contains all the released additions and updates. This horror, full of adventure and puzzles, will allow the player to immerse himself in the gloomy atmosphere of plot events. Your main task, as in games of this genre, is to get out of the location in which you find yourself. Examine every corner of the room or street to find a clue or key with which you could open the locked door. The game has several episodes, each of which contains its own unique location, in the first part, the player must get out of the butcher shop, just do not forget about the time that ends.

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Heal v1.0 (upd.11.04.2020)

Heal Game Free Download Torrent
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Heal — this is a non-standard two-dimensional adventure game for the PC, which was developed in order to attract more players with its own features. A game with abstract two-dimensional graphics and moments of puzzles, where you need to be smart to pass the levels. The game has a side view, the gameplay is implemented in such a way that you need to specify where to move the main character and click. The main feature of this game is the hand-drawn graphics, which makes it much more interesting. In addition to graphics, one can note the opportunity to hear atmospheric soundtrack. The virtual world inside is made in an abstract style that is full of puzzles.

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Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Mercedes-Benz DLC v1.6.5 - PLAZA

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Mercedes-Benz DLC Game Free Download Torrent

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Mercedes-Benz DLC is a completely new addition, which fans of this Syria of games about automotive mechanics have been waiting for. Now the game has 5 different cars of the brand Mercedes-Benz, which in turn makes the passage of tasks even more interesting. This brand of cars has become a real standard in mechanical engineering, all brands are trying to grow older and be closer to Mercedes-Benz, but not everyone succeeds. The credibility of these machines has been formed over the years, and now you have the opportunity to look under the hood and begin to turn their nuts. Start with cheap models, buy spare parts for them, disassemble and assemble cars from scratch. Also, 5 new engines were brought into the game.

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