Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS v21.12.2020

Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS Game Free Download Torrent
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Among the various simulators, certain success is enjoyed by those that are associated with the work of different services, for example, ambulance, fire and so on. Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS — excellent simulations of a single emergency service, in which you will have to head the city rescue department, which includes police, firefighters and ambulance. You have to choose one of the departments and, working closely in other departments, carry out assigned tasks and missions, preventing various incidents and events that will occur in your city. Each department has its own budget, employees, vehicles and equipment, which can be improved in the course of the game. The game Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS is available for owners of computers running Windows.

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Before We Leave v1.0171 (upd.13.01.2021)

Before We Leave Game Free Download Torrent
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If you like urban simulations, then we suggest you definitely use the opportunity Before We Leave. In this new entertainment, you will have the opportunity to embark on an exciting adventure in the open spaces that promise to be not only exciting, but also quite fruitful. You will take on the role of the emperor, who must equip the planet and create all the necessary conditions for the normal existence of the population. We suggest you not to waste much time and just start acting, many tasks and goals await you. The main feature of this adventure is that you can fully use all the necessary functions and try to develop. There is no enmity, war or invasion. You just have to consider the appropriate use of resources and try to expand the boundaries of your possessions. Great things await you, so try to live up to all expectations and succeed.

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SnowRunner v10.1 (upd.16.11.2020) - CODEX

SnowRunner Game Free Download Torrent
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Get ready to plunge into a new chapter of adventures on powerful SUVs. The SnowRunner — game project, is ready to give you a unique opportunity to drive a powerful truck and go to conquer places with severe climatic conditions. You will be able to use more than forty types of equipment, ranging from Ford and Freightliner models to Chevrolet. Make your contribution to this unbridled and open world. Here you will encounter mud, heavy rains, heavy snowfalls and icy lakes. And all this will need to be overcome in order to fulfill the assigned tasks.

This game has been updated 13-01-2021, 16:48 to the latest version v10.1 (upd.16.11.2020).

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Project Highrise v1.6.3

Project Highrise Game Free Download Torrent
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Project Highrise is a simulator for building skyscrapers. The player’s task is not only building, but also further renting premises and making money. Under your control, every stage of construction, from the foundation, ending with the decoration of each room. Create real works of art that will rise above the city and attract potential tenants. Go through the campaign with the specified tasks or choose the mode of «sandbox» and get full freedom of action for the embodiment of the most insane thoughts.

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Project Hospital v1.2.21620

Project Hospital Game Free Download Torrent
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Project Hospital is a construction simulator in which you have to build a hospital and manage it. At Project Hospital you can be both an inspired architect, a successful manager and a talented doctor. Design your own hospital, customize every detail and take immediate medical duties. Sign contracts with insurance companies to get patients with the most interesting diagnoses, conduct research, laboratory tests and use a variety of medical equipment to solve difficult cases. Treat your patients with the most advanced methods, earn a reputation and get access to the most advanced equipment. An interesting construction simulator.

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Zombie Army 4 Dead War v2020.10.21.973201 + CrackFix v3 - EMPRESS

Zombie Army 4 Dead War Game Free Download Torrent

Real gamers will appreciate the Zombie Army 4 Dead War. This cooperative shooter will allow you to completely immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality. You will find yourself in Europe in the 40s of the last century. You and the company of comrades will have to defeat hundreds of zombies. The plot of the game is quite curious. Resistance managed to defeat Hitler-zombies. He was overthrown to hell. But the final did not come. The dead managed to rebel. They again thirst for flesh. You will travel with survivors around Italy, as well as beyond.

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Descenders v01.01.2021 (New Lexico) - SKIDROW

Descenders Game Free Download Torrent

Descenders — a cool and dynamic game project created in the style of action, where you will go to the amazing world of the most extreme and magical races. You will go on an incredible adventure, riding your iron horse, where you will win more and more awards if you try to create all the conditions for achieving the goal. There is a map with a procedural feature that can perfectly diversify your gameplay. In addition, you will be able to perform a variety of tricks, jumps and develop speed to a dizzying speed — which will allow you to quickly arrive at the finish line.

This game has been updated 1-01-2021, 05:25 to the latest version v01.01.2021 (New Lexico).

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Surviving the Aftermath v1.12.2.8042

Surviving the Aftermath Game Free Download Torrent
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Surviving the Aftermath is a city-planning simulator, but in which you will have to build not a city, but a settlement or even a colony, and even in the conditions of the apocalypse that happened the day before. The plot tells the story of a world in which, after several climatic cataclysms, a real apocalypse happened. At first the cities were destroyed, after which the world began to change, and later a virus appeared at all, which began to destroy everything around. But humanity still has every chance of survival, and you will have to multiply these chances by becoming the founder of a real colony. Get ready for trials, illnesses, work, endless worries and adventures.

This game has been updated 30-12-2020, 17:20 to the latest version v1.12.2.8042.

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No Man's Sky Origins v3.05

No Man's Sky Origins Game Free Download Torrent

No Man’s Sky Origins — improvements on a universal scale, the Origins update has been released for No Man’s Sky, the game contains giant worms, huge buildings and volcanoes. Hello Games studio has released another large-scale update for the No Man’s Sky project. The update is called Origins and it significantly improves and expands on the fundamental aspects of the game. New planets with unprecedented sights like active volcanoes have been added to the game. There are new weather effects, and many elements related to the weather have been improved and now look more beautiful and spectacular. New life forms are found on planets, including exotic creatures and cybernetic creatures. Giant sandworms included. There are also huge buildings and abandoned structures of unknown races on the planets.

This game has been updated 20-12-2020, 03:53 to the latest version v3.05.

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Spintires v1.6.1 + DLC - PLAZA

Spintires Game Free Download Torrent
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Spintires The Original Game is a simulator that gives the player the opportunity to drive a powerful truck that must transport goods over rough terrain. Dirt, boulders, pits, mountains and other obstacles will interfere with you. And the NEW Dynamic Weather system will bring random weather conditions to the project, thereby making it even more realistic. A free camera is basically a debugging feature for modders, and at the request of the community, we finally added a free camera for your enjoyment.

This game has been updated 19-12-2020, 05:30 to the latest version v1.6.1 + DLC.

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