Warehouse Simulator Forklift Driver Build 10526900 (upd.12.02.2023)

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Warehouse Simulator Forklift Driver — experience realistic forklift driver simulator in modern warehouses and distribution centers. Manage specialized equipment used in warehouses and become a professional in your field. The project is a full-fledged training platform for forklift drivers. And the developed mechanics of the movement of specialized warehouse equipment allows you to feel the operation of the warehouse without leaving your computer. All tasks are performed with maximum accuracy to the processes used in the warehouses. There are as many as 3 types of tasks in the game, which are present in most real warehouses. Reception of pallets with goods. Placement of pallets with goods. Selection and shipment of pallets with goods.

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    Motherland — do not leave the city, do not be mistaken. An indie game that allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a provincial town during an epidemic. You are a tourist who came to Russia from another country. By fate you get to the provincial town. Now you can finally get to know the local traditions and culture. But when it came time to return home, the borders closed. Now you have to settle in a small rented apartment. Staying in a humid, poorly heated place for too long causes the disease. You decide to go outside to breathe fresh air and buy medicine at a local pharmacy. Exciting gameplay. The atmosphere of a small provincial town. Nonlinear story. A variety of fully voiced bright characters. Big open world. Immortal and cult Russian prefabricated houses.
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    Underwater — immerse yourself in the impasse of the underwater world. Go in the person of an unknown prisoner to an underwater prison, where dangerous mutants roam, now only reminiscent of the past human life. You have to show all your ingenuity to get out of the underwater camera and not become the food of a huge ugly monster. Find out what happened in the underwater complex and who the main character really is. Whether you can get out of the underwater grave or not is up to you, no one will come to the rescue. Welcome to world of underwater world.
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  • Aquarelle v1.0 (upd.03.03.2021) - SKIDROW

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    Aquarelle — is a thoughtful authors project in which your goals are blurred and nothing is waiting. However, you can dig into the wreckage of past projects, look for and find no answers, enjoy the authenticity of the game universes, go through hidden tasks and not receive rewards. According to the plot, the year 2021 is already on the window. You are the developer of the D-504, and your task is to create virtual spaces for the next generation of video games. Falling asleep in the workplace became commonplace when the 18-hour workday was introduced. The development of the plot and the finale will depend on the decisions you make during the game. You have many paths and you are not limited by anything in this world. And the controls, based on modeling real human movements, will open up a whole new gaming experience for you.
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