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SOS OPS — a sensation in the world of titles invites you to take part in a complex operation to manage a rescue station. Cooperation with your teammates is a must when completing challenging physics-based puzzles and tasks ranging from rescuing stranded animals to firefighting and even the logistics of rearranging furniture. The project promises to give users looking for a joint solution to problems an exciting experience. In the city where SOS OPS takes place, danger is constantly looming, requiring a prompt response to emergency calls. You and your team race against time to get to the scene, experiencing a real adrenaline rush.

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Last Hope Bunker Zombie Survival v107 (upd.09.04.2024)

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Last Hope Bunker Zombie Survival thrusts players into a gripping world where survival instincts are the only currency that matters. Developed by TryMyGames and published by ArtDock, this 2023 release seamlessly melds Action, Adventure, Indie, and Simulation genres into a pulse-pounding experience. At its core, the game immerses players in a post-apocalyptic landscape overrun by the undead. As the sole survivor, your objective is clear: navigate the desolate terrain, scavenge for resources, and fortify the Last Hope Bunker against the relentless onslaught of zombies. The Action elements come to life in heart-pounding encounters, where every shot fired and barricade built is a crucial step toward survival.

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