ReCore Steam Build 911/213/2250180 (Definitive Edition)

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ReCore — a game in the genre of action, where you will fall into a unique world with no less unique storyline. History tells us that robots throughout the world have seized power over the planet and humanity. The main purpose of these treacherous pieces of iron is the displacement of the human race from the Earth. They intend not only to seize power, but also resources, as well as other delights that our native planet conceals. But not all robots began to conduct such an operation, many were against and sided with a person.

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The Wonderful 101 Remastered v1.0.1 (upd.31.07.2020) - CODEX

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The Wonderful 101 Remastered — is an unusual adventure game, an action game with a humorous stuffing and a pinch of parody of superhero comics. Here you are waiting for the battle, and a sea of humor, and heroism, and difficult tasks, and the salvation of the planet. The events of the game take place in the distant future, in which alien invaders attacked the planet. Their organization, known as the Federation of Gefjorks, captures and destroys everything they want, and only Earth’s superheroes have become the last hope and barrier. protection that people can count on. But the truth is, the threat is so great that alone superheroes can no longer cope they had to unite in one team and act together. Well, you will have to lead them and try to save the planet.

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No Man's Sky v2.61 + DLC - CODEX

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Do you want something incredible? Something massive? Then the game No Man’s Sky needs to download torrent. This is a science fiction project, the developer was the British studio Hello Games, most famous for its series of Joe Danger about a fun stunt. But No Man’s Sky is something completely different, or higher. Yes, it is. In this case, both literally and figuratively. The game world is procedurally-generated. At the same time, the world is not a separate country, a planet, or even a system. It’s a whole universe! Each celestial body is unique and unrepeatable. Each planet has its own ecosystem. The forms of life are striking. How do you, for example, with a high-rise house.

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.38.1.0s + DLC

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 — represents you the second part of an excellent game project, which by genre belongs to the simulators of drivers of huge trucks. You can become a trucker in the game. The game is developed and released by talented developers from the Czech studio SCS Software. We want to draw attention to the fact that the game is endowed with not only a simulator of driving skills, but also elements of the economic sim. Become the owner of a transport and logistics company, and show your leadership and organizational skills. Do you want to become a link in the sphere of transportation? Do you want to poke on European roads? In this case, we recommend that you download Euro Truck Simulator 2 torrent. And our gaming site, and this page directly, will help to do it quickly, reliably, for free.

Patched to v1.38.1.0s + DLC. Added addition Euro Truck Simulator 2 — Special Transport, Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC + All DLC.

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Grim Dawn v1.1.7.2 + DLC - CODEX

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Grim Dawn is an RPG in fantasy style. Actions unfold in the empire of Cairns, where two mighty otherworldly forces crossed their swords. One side seeks to completely destroy humanity, while the other wants to use people as a resource. Prospects for humanity are not rosy, but here nature comes to the rescue, awarding some surviving super-abilities. Thanks to these abilities, humanity can rebuff and try not only to survive, but also to remain free. Before you open a huge open world, which is filled with various useful artifacts and jewelry. Gold has always been in price, but salt, once in abundance, once again became a luxury and one of the most important resources.

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Age of Empires Build 38862 (Definitive Edition) - CODEX

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Age of Empires Definitive Edition is a reissue of the cult historical strategy in real time from Microsoft Studios, which in October 2017 will just celebrate its twentieth anniversary. The new edition completely redrawn all the sprites, and although the game remained two-dimensional, it looks more than acceptable even for the current level of developer. The musical accompaniment, rewritten by the whole orchestra, as well as some elements of the gameplay were subjected to a large-scale renovation.

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Honey Select 2 Libido v1.1.3 Compressed Better RePack v3.1 HotFix

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Honey Select 2 Libido — is the continuation of the cult game from Illusions, released in 2016 by Honey Select. It will include a similar room as in the first part, in which you are met by a new lady named Für, who introduces you to the hotel of love, where you can find the person of your dreams. Feel free to spend sweet and hot moments with your partners or feel free to copulate like animals and put them in situations with which your partner may or may not agree. Another sex simulator from the Japanese studio Illusion. The graphics are prettier, poses have increased, and doll lovers in the local character editor will have to spend many long hours.

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Sid Meier's Civilization VI v1.0.2.39 - CODEX

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Sid Meier’s Civilization VI at the E3 has received a number of prestigious awards and laudatory reviews from critics. Already the sixth part of one of the most famous turn-based strategies is published. The player is waiting not only for updated graphics and new features, but also the former unique atmosphere of the game, a game that will, using his intellect, fight with world famous leaders for world domination. Start your journey from the Stone Age and try to develop your civilization by stepping into the technological future. Can you combine an experienced commander, in battles for new territories, and a cunning diplomat, signing documents that are profitable for you. In Civilization VI you are faced with a major change in the cities, now they can occupy several cells, which can be used for your advantageous purposes. Also, the possibilities of diplomacy have been improved and the possibility of uniting troops has been added.

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege v14457777 (Gold Edition) + DLC

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege — an interesting and high-quality part of a fairly popular series of team-tactical shooters. The creator of the mod is the Ubisoft Montreal studio, who has nicely worked on the release of the next third-person game. It is an interesting and high-quality computer game. Do you have a desire to play the sensational continuation of the Rainbow 6 line. Hurry up to download the torrent of the game on our file hosting! But, we will not be unfounded and therefore we turn to the obvious advantages of the application. Namely, we will concentrate around the gameplay, graphics, and, of course, the plot. Let’s start with the graphics.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Gold Edition — v14457777 + all DLCs + Ultra HD textures!

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Prey upd.27.05.2020 (Digital Deluxe Edition) - PLAZA

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Prey — the gaming market offers its user unlimited possibilities, and each time attracts attention with new projects. In addition, gamers pay attention to large-scale projects, as well as those that are created for a very long time. One such is the popular Duke Nukem Forever toy, which has been working on for almost 15 years. However, this game did not get the expected popularity, because those who played it, were disappointed, expectations were not justified. I also want to note the game Prey, because it also refers to long-term construction, and the authors had to spend 15 years to complete the project. Thanks to her, a genre such as a shooter revived.

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