MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries v1.0.181 - CODEX

MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries Game Free Download Torrent
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MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries — is a sci-fi action game mixed with a first-person shooter. The game continues the events of the entire series and offers to plunge into a series of new battles in a remote sector of space. The game takes place in an alternative distant future, in which humanity nevertheless learned to travel in space and began to colonize galaxies. So people were able to reach a galaxy called the «Inner Sphere», divided into five sectors. Well, you have to go to one of the most turbulent sectors — an attack was made on the base, and now you, sitting in the cockpit of another giant fur, will have to repulse the enemy.

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Led It Rain v1.1 (upd.14.12.2019) - PLAZA

Led It Rain Game Free Download Torrent
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Led It Rain is an arcade racing action game in which players take on the role of a biker who rides around the world, destroying monsters and saving beauties. You will play from the first person. The idea is that the hero moves on a motorcycle all the time. For you there are several gaming zones — tracks. The task is very simple, kill all the monsters in your way and do not forget to kiss the girls in a bikini. At first glance, the idea may seem crazy, but it is worth spending a couple of evenings.

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Grim Dawn v1.1.5.2 + DLC - CODEX

Grim Dawn Game Free Download Torrent
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Grim Dawn is an RPG in fantasy style. Actions unfold in the empire of Cairns, where two mighty otherworldly forces crossed their swords. One side seeks to completely destroy humanity, while the other wants to use people as a resource. Prospects for humanity are not rosy, but here nature comes to the rescue, awarding some surviving super-abilities. Thanks to these abilities, humanity can rebuff and try not only to survive, but also to remain free. Before you open a huge open world, which is filled with various useful artifacts and jewelry. Gold has always been in price, but salt, once in abundance, once again became a luxury and one of the most important resources.

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Darksiders Genesis v1.01 (34579) - GOG

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GOG version of game Darksiders Genesis — so the moment has come when the final story of the great Darksiders series will come to an end. We already managed to meet three horsemen who bravely fought with their enemies and achieved a good result, now it is time for Discord — the fourth rider who will put an end to all chaos. We have to fight again with the demons who received the support of Lucifer himself.

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Sayonara Wild Hearts v14.12.2019

Sayonara Wild Hearts Game Free Download Torrent
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Sayonara Wild Hearts is a musical rhythmic action game with a third-person view. When the heart of a young girl breaks, the balance of the universe collapses. A diamond butterfly appears in her dreams and leads her along the sky highway, where she finds her other «I»: a masked biker nicknamed «The Fool». Traveling through futuristic cities, dark forests and electric deserts, she tries to find the harmony of the Universe hidden in the hearts of Little Death. When the young girl’s heart breaks, the balance of the universe is broken.

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Discrepant v1.1.0 - PLAZA

Discrepant Game Free Download Torrent
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Discrepant — presents an adventure in a fantastic setting. The authors send us to a gloomy reality, where all events will unfold. The world around is dying, why is this happening? Together, the main character named Sebastian will have to figure out what is happening, your wife Sue is also confused, but this is the only assistant. The authors create a controversial and frightening world. They managed to create something peculiar and intriguing, you will definitely want to go through to the end. It all starts with the fact that the main character is drawn into a series of inexplicable events, which you need to try to keep track of. The main emphasis is on the psychological component and the narrative itself.

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Barotrauma v0.9.5.1

Barotrauma Game Free Download Torrent
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The world apocalypse is that developers present in the most unexpected forms. In the game Barotrauma you can find out the story of what happened to the planet after global warming. The earth was completely covered with water and subsequent ice, and the remaining people were able to survive in only a small handful or set off completely to Jupiter. You have to lead a small group of survivors and try to find other people. All this is necessary to unite efforts and to repel the harsh environment.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 08:36 to the latest version v0.9.5.1.

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Postal 4 No Regerts v0. (upd.13.12.2019)

Postal 4 No Regerts Game Free Download Torrent
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Postal 4 No Regerts — Several years have passed since the events that devastated the once proud city known as Paradise. The only two who have escaped from the devastating cataclysm are an unfortunate man known as Dude and his faithful companion Champ, aimlessly driving through the scorching deserts of Arizona in search of a new place that can be called a home. Soon, the duo finds an unfamiliar and dazzling city that attracts them. What prospects await them inside? Fame? Fortune?

This game has been updated Yesterday, 08:31 to the latest version v0. (upd.13.12.2019).

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Avorion v0.29.6 (r19037) - SKIDROW

Avorion Game Free Download Torrent

Avorion is a space sandbox game with an emphasis on building your own ships and huge space stations. You will begin your journey with a small ship, which can be improved and supplemented with new modules. As soon as you make money, whether it is an honest search for resources and trade or illegal robbery, you can purchase parts for the construction of a new ship. Avorion does not limit you in any way, you can create a real giant, an insuperable fortress, however, this will require a huge amount of resources that still need to figure out how to mine.

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Control v1.06 + Expeditions - CODEX

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Become a participant in an investigation of events that will answer many questions and help to uncover a chain of mysterious crimes. The game Control for PC is an exciting adventure that you can pass along with your heroine. Jesse Feydens was appointed director of an organization called the Federal Bureau of Control shortly after the assassination of his previous chapter. Now the girl must deal with the situation and take power into her own hands. Due to some circumstances, the Bureau building itself was under the control of an alien civilization, which became known as Sizzling. In the process of his own investigation, Jesse will face the fierce resistance of this extraterrestrial race and finds out about her experiments on people.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 06:38 to the latest version v1.06 + Expeditions.

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