Beware (Driving Survival) v007 (upd.17.02.2020)

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New driving survival racing simulator Beware with elements of horror is designed to return the interest of the gaming community to the car battle genre. The concept is pretty simple — the player gets behind the wheel of a not quite new car and he needs to get away from the chase on the night highway. Despite the simplicity of the gaming concept, playing in Beware (Driving Survival) is never boring, it simply delays with the head, like a mist or a pool.

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Escape The Manor Update 1 (upd.31.01.2020) - PLAZA

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Escape The Manor a horror game that has good graphics, a great storyline and a great idea. One idea is naturally not enough, but the developers were able to translate all their thoughts into real virtual life. A survival game with a first-person view where you need to complete one single mission is to leave the old and dangerous house through the central door. Do not think that everything is so simple, first of all you need to explore all the rooms and corridors in order to collect artifacts, those objects that are part of the puzzle, by solving which you could exit through the main entrance. So, each of your movements is very audible to ghosts, so you need to walk as quietly as possible every step by step, and explore the estate. You have only 5 lives to complete the survival mission.

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Find Me Horror Game - PLAZA

Find Me Horror Game Game Free Download Torrent

Find Me Horror Game — well, the first thing to say about the atmosphere that prevails here. the developers did a tremendous job and created a truly atmospheric game. Dark rooms and corridors, a doll appearing out of nowhere, the constant feeling that someone is following you on the heels — all this creates an amazing atmosphere in which one simply cannot help but be delighted and simultaneously disturbed. As for the gameplay, it is quite simple in this game and is based on the classic mechanics of the genre.

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Song of Horror Episode 3 Update 2 - CODEX

Song of Horror Episode 3 Game Free Download Torrent

Song of Horror Episode 3 — the disappearance of the famous writer and his family forces the assistant editor to go in search of him. The assistant also goes missing. The subsequent series of events leads to the appearance of something supernatural, looking for a constantly new victim. Even your death does not stop the process — others will continue to reveal mysterious disappearances and deaths. This will continue until it is clear where this something came from and how to deal with it.

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Brukel v1.0.4 - PLAZA

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Brukel is a game based on real events, where you have to explore the house and find out its secrets. The story is based on the stories of the 92-year-old woman Bee Verlindena, who is the grandmother of the game designer and developer of this game, plus acts as a voiceover. She spent all her childhood and youth on a small farm and experienced many terrible and sad events there, which were forever imprinted in her memory.

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Heavy Rain v24.11.2019 - CPY

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Heavy Rain 2019 for PC is a noir thriller that revealed the new genre of interactive cinema. The plot tells of a missing boy named Sean, who, according to detectives, could be put into the hands of a serial killer nicknamed «Origami Master.» He gained this nickname because of the manner in which a strange paper figure supplemented with an orchid was left on the bodies of his victims. According to the investigation, they have only three days before the boy dies. First, the father of the stolen boy, Ethan, is promoted.

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Visage v2.202 (upd.02.11.2019)

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Visage — on the threshold of horror, the main thing is not to lose yourself. There is a fine line between the nightmare of reason and reality. Your fear can produce much more terrifying things. But what is most frightening, the hero is faced with a real mysticism, which becomes the cause of the shaky mind. Will he reach the end? This is a psychological thriller, the events of which unfold in the 1980s, where players get acquainted with the mysterious house, over which some ominous mystery soars. Experiencing episodes from the past, players over and over again will come closer and closer to this truth, gradually solving the mystery of the mansion.

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Slendytubbies 3 v1.295 (upd.31.10.2019)

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Slendytubbies 3 — once, the teletubbies lived on the forest lawn and were happy every day to the bright sun, but everything once came to an end. So it happened in the life of these cartoon characters. Teletubbies had to leave their homes and go into the woods, full of dangers and traps. But when you constantly live in fear and are afraid of absolutely everything, you have to put up with the status quo. As a result, the teletubbies became vicious and very violent. You will lead the teletubbies and take the role of an observer.

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Never Again v3.2.1.2

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Horror with the elements of the quest from the 1st person, in which you will wander around the locations, studying them and solving various riddles. In the center of events will be a girl named Sasha, who suffers from asthma. The plot of Never Again begins with the fact that eleven-year-old Sasha has a terrible dream. When she wakes up, she discovers that the world has changed. The colors have faded, becoming darker, and the melancholy of love that once prevailed. Her parents disappeared somewhere, and all the other rooms of the house, except her, were drowned in darkness. It seems to Sasha that something terrible is hidden in the darkness, fears begin to take hold of her, provoking an attack of suffocation.

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Day 40 Update 8 - PLAZA

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Day 40 — game in the genre of horror and shooters, where there is an opportunity to stroll through the open game world, explore it, but do not forget about the danger. The story begins from the moment a strong livin hits the Earth, then for 39 days, based on the name of the game, then the rain has ended on the 40th day. There are many mysteries and secrets that you have to solve. The main task is to explore the area, gradually solving riddles and finding out what really happened.

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