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Aliens Fireteam Elite — is a co-op shooter set in the famous Alien universe. You will get the role of one of the operatives in order, together with other members of the squad, to restrain the offensive of extraterrestrial beings. You will find yourself in the thick of things, where survival will be the main goal. Desperate and fierce battles with a whole army of representatives of an alien race, who have tremendous strength, await you. The events described in the game will develop 23 years after the completion of the original trilogy. You have to find yourself on the territory of the colony, which is being attacked by strangers.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 03:54 to the latest version v1.0.2.92826.

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  • Drive 4 Survival v0.07.007 upd.22.01.2022

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    Drive 4 Survival — is another project in which you need to survive in difficult post-apocalyptic winter conditions. Add to this the dangerous wildlife and zombies. Unlike other similar projects, in Drive 4 Survival the emphasis is on survival, in which a lot depends on the equipment of your car. Explore a new dangerous world to find supplies and various spare parts for your car. A good car reservation and fuel reserves will allow you to explore a large territory and, accordingly, to collect more important resources.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 04:28 to the latest version v0.07.007 upd.22.01.2022.

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  • Spire of Sorcery v204.1697 upd.22.01.2022

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    Spire of Sorcery — is a role-playing fantasy strategy in which unforgettable adventures, survival, magic, an interesting non-linear plot and much, much more await you. The events of the game take place in a fantasy world, which was once ruled by powerful magicians-wizards. But they destroyed each other when they began to fight for the knowledge and strength that could be gained. As a result, the world has changed greatly, the war of magicians has destroyed it, perverted and changed, as well as the inhabitants of this world. now everything has changed, a single Empire has appeared, the Inquisition of which is fighting the magicians and trying to seize power in all regions of this new world. Well, you will play the role of a white magician, one of the last survivors, and you will not only have to survive, but also bring peace to the world.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 04:26 to the latest version v204.1697 upd.22.01.2022.

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  • Hammerting v1.1.19.0 upd.21.01.2022 - PLAZA

    Hammerting Game Free Download Torrent
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    Hammerting — is a simulator of a gnome settlement with elements of action, strategy and role-playing game. The gnome clan lives underground and extracts useful resources, some of which they leave for their development, as others are sold to kingdoms on the surface. A serious war has broken out in the world and it needs metal, which the gnomes can get. The player will have to start with a few of them, after which the community will expand, build new residential buildings and increase mining. The player’s goal is to create a thriving dwarf settlement and extract enough resources in the bowels of the earth. The gamer will be able to control the gnomes separately, or give them orders to carry out certain tasks.

    This game has been updated 21-01-2022, 16:15 to the latest version v1.1.19.0 upd.21.01.2022.

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  • Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition v1.2021.12.8 - PLAZA

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    Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition — is a card strategy game that also includes battles. The hero will have to go in search of treasures, carefully studying the surrounding area, avoiding traps and engaging in battle with enemies. However, you are not controlling the hero here. The main feature of the game is that this time the player is on the side of evil, and your task is to confuse the hero and lure him into a trap. You will create your own dungeon, filling it with valuable items, caches, corridors and monsters so that no intruder can get out of there.

    This game has been updated 21-01-2022, 16:35 to the latest version v1.2021.12.8.

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  • Terrain of Magical Expertise v220120 upd.21.01.2022 - CODEX

    Terrain of Magical Expertise Game Free Download Torrent
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    Terrain of Magical Expertise — is a non-linear storyline role-playing game with an original turn-based combat system, complemented by various fast-paced events. With a full set of voice actors, including some of your favorite video games, YouTube channels, anime and cartoons, as well as charming animation and a huge world to explore, TOME is more than 40 hours of pure fun. You play the role of a hacker in a white hat, who was given a copy of TOME by a mysterious friend. As a service you will help defeat some sinister hackers in black hats who are trying to win the Campaign of Champions in disgusting ways. By joining forces with a guild of determined players called The Dandy Alliance, you embark on a turn-based role-playing adventure to help your newfound friends win.

    This game has been updated 21-01-2022, 16:08 to the latest version v220120 upd.21.01.2022.

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  • Guild of Ascension v1.0.3 upd.21.01.2022 - PLAZA

    Guild of Ascension Game Free Download Torrent
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    Guild of Ascension — is a tactical role-playing game with rogue-lite elements that combines turn-based battles with a real-time combo system. Create weapons, learn skills, make friends with creatures, meet bizarre creatures and fight giant bosses in their ascent to the Tower. Combo real-time action system. The tower gives you a few seconds to act freely during your turn, making sure you use them wisely as you study and refine your weapon combinations and special attacks. One player, two characters. If your group wants to succeed in the Tower, it must plan and act in complete harmony, as if they share the same opinion.

    This game has been updated 21-01-2022, 16:40 to the latest version v1.0.3 upd.21.01.2022.

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  • Dungeon Defenders Awakened v2.1.0.27990 upd.21.01.2022 - CODEX

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    Dungeon Defenders Awakened is an adventure game developed in the genre of action where you will plunge into a rather dangerous atmosphere and try to save the world from destruction. The thing is that suddenly mysterious portals began to appear everywhere, which gradually created real chaos around the world. These portals began to rapidly let out of themselves sinister creatures and insidious monsters that ruthlessly destroy everything that gets in their way. The main castle is not far away and if monsters get there, then the whole kingdom as a whole will be destroyed. You will take on the role of a brave hero, on whose shoulders lay a responsibility for saving his home.

    This game has been updated 21-01-2022, 15:52 to the latest version v2.1.0.27990 upd.21.01.2022.

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  • Urtuk The Desolation v1.0.0.91 upd.21.01.2022 - CODEX

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    Urtuk The Desolation is a turn-based RPG that takes place in a gloomy low-fantasy world. You and your gang will travel through the ruins of the ancient world, loot, hire new followers. The world of Urtuk The Desolation is filled with darkness and suffering, and the main character, Urtuk, is mutated. If he cannot find a cure, then he is destined to die. Independent developer David Caleta decided to make a gloomy Valentine’s Day present by releasing his tactical RPG Urtuk The Desolation in early access. The game is perfect for those who do not like bright holidays at all, but still want to celebrate them alone with their beloved personal computer.

    This game has been updated 21-01-2022, 16:13 to the latest version v1.0.0.91 upd.21.01.2022.

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  • Armored Xpress Build 2 upd.21.01.2022 - PLAZA

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    Armored Xpress — is a new unique story game in the genre of three in a row, built using rich elements of a role-playing game. Embark on an unusual journey with Armored Xpress Agent 117 and MECH, as they set out to deliver the first parcel, fighting dangerous pirate gangs hired by the villainous Defiant BOB, who, incidentally, nominated the award for the parcel. To pass through Sector 2, a region on the planet Entriga, Armored Xpress has found it necessary to take more protective measures. MECH is an advanced military-level delivery robot that can be equipped with a variety of weapons and items that allow agents to defend themselves against enemy threats. You can help citizens to complete a variety of side quests, for which you can get special rewards.

    This game has been updated 21-01-2022, 17:02 to the latest version Build 2 upd.21.01.2022.

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