The Wind Road v1.8 (upd.11.07.2020) - HOODLUM

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The Wind Road — is an ARPG-style real-time action game that builds a martial arts world based on the ancient Silk Road, amid a fictional era. The Gray Wolf barbarians invaded the Silk Road for a hundred years. Now they have sent troops to Shazhou to capture an important section of Longyu, threatening the security of tens of thousands of ordinary people. At this time, the Great Scripture of Karma appears and becomes the key to completely change the fate of Shazhou and even the entire trade route of Longyu.

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CrossCode v1.3.0 (upd.10.07.2020) - PLAZA

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CrossCode — a computer project with a colorful open world, executed in the style of pixels. Here you have to strain the convolutions, because during the whole process you are waiting for fascinating physical as well as mathematical puzzles. Here everything is built according to the game genre called RPG with elements of the action. Go to explore a vast world where you can discover thousands of intimate secrets and unravel the secrets covered with poppy seeds. Wandering through numerous corners, find useful items that will help you in the future passage. Here you will have complete freedom of action, since you yourself can choose for yourself the appropriate task. Even if you do not have anything to do, perform another task, and then return to this.

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Nexomon upd.10.07.2020 - PLAZA

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Nexomon — is a fascinating and very interesting game that will appeal to all children. In the game, you have to travel through a bright, huge, cartoony world where you will meet many different heroes, as well as unusual creatures. After all, here, you will have to assemble your own team of unusual creatures called the Nexomones. Each of them is unique and has not only a colorful and unusual appearance, but also abilities. Here you will participate in various battle battles against other players. Release your monster and control it using various abilities and skills. Defeat enemies and earn money and experience that will allow you to evolve and become even stronger. Each of the arenas is beautiful in its own way. Management is very simple and will not cause you absolutely no difficulties with mastering. After all, you can carry out all the actions with one finger.

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Gordian Quest Build 93 (upd.10.07.2020)

Gordian Quest Game Free Download Torrent
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Gordian Quest is a roguelike adventure in which you will have to assemble a squad of powerful heroes, go on a journey through the world crumbling before our eyes, and try to defeat Evil. The once prosperous world began to crumble literally before our eyes, Evil began to absorb it from the inside. Robbers, bandits, representatives of different races and all kinds of villains began to destroy the world, and now it needs heroes. Well, you have to collect a detachment of those same heroes and go on a journey, during which your main task will be to destroy the root of Evil. Think manage, then go ahead. But remember, this adventure promises to be very, very challenging.

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Bloody Rally Show v1.5.6 (upd.10.07.2020)

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Bloody Rally Show — is a very cool racing arcade with a top view in which epic races, a sea of cool races, a rattle of metal, time races and blood smeared on the sidewalk await you. Naturally, as in most arcade racing games, there is also a storyline campaign that you can go through at will. But there is no special emphasis on the plot. You will only drive along the tracks, defeat enemies, earn glory points and rise in the ranking table. At the same time, during the passage of the game you can enjoy a huge number of interesting dialogs generated by screensavers and intrigues, between car racers, and not only. In general, it will be interesting.

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Hero of the Kingdom The Lost Tales 1 v1.07 (upd.10.07.2020)

Hero of the Kingdom The Lost Tales 1 Game Free Download Torrent
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Hero of the Kingdom The Lost Tales 1 — is an adventure game in a fantasy setting. Play as a wanderer, whose travels lead to the village destroyed by the dragon. There you meet a brave boy who decided at all costs to take revenge on the dragon. Together with the young companion you will go on an incredible adventure, the main purpose of which is to destroy the dragon. Of course, you will find a huge number of various obstacles that should help you become much stronger. Explore the world in search of a dragon’s den, complete tasks of residents of various villages, fight monsters and look for valuable equipment.

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Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris - CODEX

Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris Game Free Download Torrent

Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris — is an action-packed Japanese role-playing game based on the popular anime universe called Sword Art Online. This is another adaptation of the main parts of the anime, where players take on the role of the protagonist in all parts of the novel. The game’s event depicts a story based on the Alicization storyline taking place in a virtual underground world. During the game, players meet with various familiar characters. Before us is a three-dimensional RPG, in which players observe third-person actions. The gameplay here is mainly based on the study of the open world, with the implementation of various quests and battles.

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Little Town Hero - TiNYiSO

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Little Town Hero — is an RPG and adventure game developed by GAME FREAK inc. for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of anime role-playing game, card game, excellent soundtrack, for one player, turn-based battles, adventure. The game takes place in a small village. The settlement has long been protected by a magnificent castle. Until suddenly the monsters appeared. Take up arms and repel the attacks of monsters. Develop a strategy and give orders.

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Noita upd.09.07.2020 (Early Access)

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Noita is an interesting bagel developed by independent studio Nolla Games. The development team has previously worked on games such as Crayon Physics Deluxe, Swapper, and Environmental Station Alpha. Plot In gameplay Noita, the plot layer plays a secondary role. During the game, we play as a mage wandering around a dark dungeon and facing the dangers lurking there. During the adventure on the PC platform, we observe the action of the game from the side, explore places and eliminate opponents. The protagonist uses a wide range of spells based on elements that he expands as he progresses. These spells allow him not only to kill enemies, but also to manipulate the world of the game, which often allows him to get into inaccessible places.

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Low Magic Age v0.91.28.3

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Low Magic Age — a turn-based role-playing strategy in which you will find an unusual fantasy open world, adventures, battles, a sea of random events and more. Unfortunately, not so much is known about the plot of the game at the moment. But on the other hand, it is known that you will have to play in the setting of a fantasy medieval world, through which you will have to travel as a hero, whom you yourself will surrender. During the trip you will have to fight with a huge number of enemies, complete dozens of difficult tasks, not counting side ones.

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