Pure Rock Crawling Build 10206202 (upd.05.01.2023)

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Pure Rock Crawling — a cool adventure game related to overcoming various kinds of obstacles, where you have to take control of a huge, full of power SUV. This game is a kind of test, where you will show all your talents to get out of one or another situation that has arisen on your way to the finish line. To begin with, you will be able to create your own vehicle by picking up an ideal suspension for it and huge tires with spikes that can keep it afloat. The main task in this game is exactly the correct design of the car so that it can then pass through the rocks and mountains, apertures and protrusions, high hummocks and huge hollows.

This game has been updated 5-01-2023, 16:26 to the latest version Build 10206202 (upd.05.01.2023).

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  • Ancient Aliens The Game v121422 (upd.05.01.2023)

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    Ancient Aliens The Game is a fun city-builder with an original concept that puts you in the role of an advanced alien race trying to build an Egyptian civilization from scratch. At your disposal will be a submissive mass of primitive people who will go to great lengths in order to avoid the curse from above. Manipulate people, manage resources and give mortals ideas for scientific discoveries so that they gradually develop. Watch as humanity grows, and with it its success, and do everything possible to speed up this process. Forget everything you knew about Ancient Egypt, because now everything is solely in your hands.

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  • Emergency Call 112 The Fire Fighting Simulation 2 v1.1.15846 (upd.05.01.2023)

    Emergency Call 112 The Fire Fighting Simulation 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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    Emergency Call 112 The Fire Fighting Simulation 2 — everyone knows that being a fire brigade worker is hard and deadly work. Every day, these fighters with fire look death in the face, saving people, animals, forests, houses and everything else from the all-destroying power of the flame. But not everyone fully understands how difficult the work of a firefighter is. This computer game stands out from the field of similar simulators primarily for its realism. Everything in it is authentic, from uniforms to realistic physics of fire behavior.

    This game has been updated 5-01-2023, 09:08 to the latest version v1.1.15846 (upd.05.01.2023).

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  • Village and The Witch Build 10250629 (upd.05.01.2023)

    Village and The Witch Game Free Download Torrent

    Village and The Witch — at the king’s birthday banquet, the Wizard put a potion in their drink. As the witch’s spell wore off, chaos engulfed the hall. She used her magic to fly out of the castle and hide somewhere in the forest. Since then, the Witch has attacked the village, perhaps out of anger or in search of something specific. The main task: You have to save the royal castle from the attack of the army of witches. You lose if you destroy the castle. Agriculture. The farm has a farmhouse, a cattle shed, a bird shed and a large field waiting for you to cultivate and plant your crops. You will find more than 12 species of fish in different fishing spots. A total of 7 main crafting categories with a full range of items to craft and upgrade.

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  • Flooded v0.10.6.4 (upd.05.01.2023)

    Flooded Game Free Download Torrent
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    Flooded — most likely, due to global warming, the water level has risen to such a level that there are only a few places suitable for living. As a small group of survivors, you need to extract resources to build an ark and move to a safer place. But be careful, over time the water gets higher, leaving you less land to use. Use different homes to extract valuable resources. Improve them to maximize production speed, find relics that will increase your productivity, and develop new technologies that will allow you to maintain production speed in a smaller area. It turns out that you are not alone in this hostile environment. Other survivors have settled on the nearby islands and will use every opportunity to plunder your land. Build various defensive towers and traps to protect your miners.

    This game has been updated 5-01-2023, 08:49 to the latest version v0.10.6.4 (upd.05.01.2023).

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  • Attack Zone Build 10254617 (upd.04.01.2023)

    Attack Zone Game Free Download Torrent
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    Attack Zone — in endless mode, you fight endless advancing enemies until you die. Your goal should be to kill as many enemies as possible. In challenge mode you fight until you complete your quest, if you complete your quest without dying you will receive your reward for the respective task. In the Shooting Area mode, you can try out all the weapons and shoot practice multiple times at the same time. There are several targets you can shoot at to practice your aim at the same time. Perks are mods that affect how the game works, which you can unlock different bonuses with bonus points. Unlocked bonuses help you fight. Where do you get bonus points? You get bonus points when you level up and when you complete tasks, of course also when you kill enemies.

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  • My Island Build 10211276 (upd.04.01.2023)

    My Island Game Free Download Torrent
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    Survival games are gradually evolving and despite the lack of fresh concepts, many developers are trying to improve the already available adventure options. My Island is a game that introduces another story about human survival in the wild. But this time you will be surprised that the main character has great potential and skills for this, starting with a simple planting of various plants and ending with the construction of large structures. But, as one would expect, for the realization of all this, you will need a huge amount of various resources. The main feature of the game adventure will be the ability to do what you want.

    This game has been updated 4-01-2023, 14:17 to the latest version Build 10211276 (upd.04.01.2023).

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  • Car Detailing Simulator v1.08 - DOGE

    Car Detailing Simulator Game Free Download Torrent
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    Car Detailing Simulator — is a fun simulator where you can do car restoration work. The project invites users to plunge headlong into the world of paints, motors and broken machine parts that you must transform beyond recognition. You get at your disposal a large garage that can accommodate several cars at once. You will also have a fairly extensive set of tools needed to fully restore damaged parts. As soon as you get a damaged vehicle into operation, proceed to inspect it. In addition to broken rubbish, a lot of valuable things can be hidden here. Assess the scale of the damage and get down to your immediate activities. The work on the restoration of metal parts is quite long and painstaking, it will require a lot of effort.

    This game has been updated 2-01-2023, 05:13 to the latest version v1.08.

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  • Tetris Effect Connected v1.3.3 (upd.02.01.2022) - DOGE

    Tetris Effect Connected Game Free Download Torrent
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    Tetris Effect Connected — is an arcade game project that invites you to the world of a completely unique and popular Tetris game. You will become part of a diverse three-dimensional world, the main part of which includes already well-known figures. This time you will encounter a completely unusual adventure, since the world in the game has the ability to evolve and change. This aspect will betray the gameplay of new colors. Here you are required to pay special attention to the development of your skills and abilities, since the more professional you become, the more opportunities you will have to complete missions.

    This game has been updated 2-01-2023, 03:44 to the latest version v1.3.3 (upd.02.01.2022).

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  • Lost Memories Build 10238125 (upd.02.01.2023) - DOGE

    Lost Memories Game Free Download Torrent
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    Lost Memories — get lost and solve puzzles to continue your journey. With roguelike elements mixed with horror and storytelling. If you like fast-paced games, there’s a mode for you. Lost Memories has a lot to offer all players. An action-horror game where you try to hide and solve puzzles. Fear System If you’re not in a building or near a fire, you’ll start the game with fear, which will blur your vision and slow your movement. The gun is the only weapon that can block the movement of enemies if you find one. Flashlight The flashlight is used to find your way through Lost Memories.

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