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Isonzo — is a World War I battle game simulator. The action takes place in Italy, in the region of the Isonzo River, where heated battles were in full swing between the forces of Italy, Britain and France on the one hand, and Germany with Austria-Hungary on the other. Users are given the opportunity to play the role of a soldier of one of the factions and cut their way to victory but it will not be easy. First of all, due to the fact that most of the battles take place on mountain paths and in gorges. A war in the mountains is not the same as a confrontation in the plains, and Isonzo clearly demonstrates this. The narrow space will not allow soldiers to dodge and maneuver only run forward, trying not to get hit by bullets.

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  • HALF DEAD 3 Build 9467580 upd.11.09.2022 - Goldberg

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    HALF DEAD 3 — It’s been a few years since the previous season. You wake up in an unfamiliar room with your friends and try to open the door, but see nothing but similar rooms. What kind of sinister complex you ask yourself. It seems that this is someone’s joke, but with every minute you understand that everything is serious here. And you should not stay in one place. You must survive. So do it. Help yourself and your friends find a way out. The show begins. Cooperative multiplayer, local split-screen co-op, single player mode. The new style of the hotel complex. Over 40 different types of lethal and non-lethal traps, 8 room biomes, 5 room designs. New character customization.

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  • PixARK v1.168 upd.04.09.2022

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    The action PixARK takes place in the universe of ARK Survival Evolved. The game stands out voxel style — all characters, buildings and monsters consist of a huge number of blocks. A kind of a mixture of «Arch» and «Meincraft.» As in many other projects to survive in the open world, PixARK offers to create its own unique hero (promise an advanced development system), build a dwelling and other buildings, unite with other players and go to perform various tasks in procedurally generated worlds. However, there will be a single-player campaign in PixArk. Developers have worked over 100 unusual creatures, which can be tamed and used as mounts.

    This game has been updated 4-09-2022, 16:02 to the latest version v1.168 upd.04.09.2022.

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  • The Backrooms Survival Build 9404176 upd.02.09.2022

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    The Backrooms Survival is a horror game made in retro style. The main task of the gamer is to stay alive, using all available items or products for this. The difficulty is constantly increasing, as the levels are generated randomly, without repeating the previous ones. Thanks to this, they can be completed an unlimited number of times, encountering new difficulties and obstacles. You have to walk along long corridors, checking dark rooms in search of useful finds. You can find food or water in them, even if it leaked from an old pipe. It is worth being prepared for cannibalism, making every effort to maintain an adequate perception. Creepy and bloodthirsty monsters roam there they are able to instantly kill and do not know mercy, so you should be prepared for an imminent death.

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  • Rust v2356 upd.01.09.2022

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    Rust is a multiplayer game, so it's more to fear not animals, but other players who are also trying to survive. Unfortunately for you, they can try to survive at your expense, find your shelter and try to kill you, while taking all your belongings. Fortunately for you, you can defend yourself and try to confront the bandits. It is best to make friends with other players and help each other survive. The world of RUST is teeming with dangers, so you better find your companions. The world in the game is extremely hostile. Bears and wolves will chase you and kill you if they catch up. Falling from a high altitude will not leave you a chance. Being exposed to radiation is also not recommended, you risk becoming a walking corpse. Fasting or hypothermia can also kill you pretty quickly.

    This game has been updated 2-09-2022, 08:40 to the latest version v2356 upd.01.09.2022.

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  • SCUM v0.7.160.51364 upd.28.08.2022

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    SCUM — a game that is an excellent representative of the genre of survival, where you have to go to both an interesting and dangerous adventure. Here, you will take on the role of a criminal, who has a unique opportunity to reduce his arrest to a minimal prison sentence. One day you get a tempting offer, where you have to become a member of someone. The winner is rewarded with a prize in the form of freedom, but for this it is necessary to pass a number of cruel tests. Here then begins your struggle for life. A certain number of criminals will be released to the so-called battlefield, where everyone will have their own story, but everyone has one single goal — to reach the final line in any possible way.

    The version of the game v0.7.160.51364 was download on 28.08.2022, completely identical to the activated licensed copy of the game on Steam.

    This game has been updated 28-08-2022, 04:41 to the latest version v0.7.160.51364 upd.28.08.2022.

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  • CarX Drift Racing Online v2.14.3 upd.16.08.2022

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    The game CarX Drift Racing Online takes pride of place among all racing simulators dedicated to such an extension of races as drift. If you dreamed of building your own cramps and trying to cut Pyataks on it on the road, then the game presented was created for you and your friends, because in addition to the single player mode there is also a local cooperative, as well as multiplayer. Now you can do dizzying drifts with your friends! Offer CarX Drift Racing Online to your playmates to spend time together with the squeal of tires ruthlessly washing away on perfectly smooth asphalt. This game will delight lovers of beautiful pictures — the graphics here are simply unsurpassed. Physics is also implemented at a decent level — when confronted with an obstacle, the car suffers quite noticeable damage, sometimes even very noticeable.

    This game has been updated 16-08-2022, 05:27 to the latest version v2.14.3 upd.16.08.2022.

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  • V Rising v0.5.42584 Hotfix 10 upd.10.08.2022

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    V Rising — is a new and unlike anything MMO in a dark fantasy setting. Immerse yourself in the Middle Ages and play as a vampire awakened from a hundred-year sleep. Raid nearby villages in search of blood, hide from the sun, fight people and magical creatures. Can you become the next Dracula and restore the vampire empire. Explore a boundless gothic open world. Travel through dense forests, break into cities and explore dungeons. Look for valuable resources that will be useful both for pumping your own skills and for rebuilding your castle.

    This game has been updated 10-08-2022, 14:08 to the latest version v0.5.42584 Hotfix 10 upd.10.08.2022.

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  • Tower of Fantasy

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    In Tower of Fantasy, the user will have to move around the open world, not limited to research. The art in this sci-fi game is made in the style of anime with elements of realism, and the actions of the characters are accompanied by animated cutscenes. Thanks to the exciting storyline that tells about the post-apocalyptic shattered world, the passage will not be boring. Characters can be customized, for this an editor with a variety of options is available. During their travels, the heroes will have to solve logic puzzles and solve riddles, explore dungeons and fight enemies. You will have to defeat not only ordinary opponents, but also bosses.

    This game Tower of Fantasy will soon be available for torrent download on Skidrow Game Reloaded website. This is only the announcement of the game, where you can see the screenshots, watch the trailer and read the description.
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  • KAOS SurVival Build 9226006 upd.03.08.2022

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    KAOS SurVival — is an action-adventure game with sandbox elements and a third-person perspective. This is an open world survival game where the player can explore and find items that will make his life easier. The player can build a hideout or a large fortress to maintain their holdings and protect themselves from other players. The player can create a clan or create his own group of friends, send messages within the game. The game has a system for destroying bases using C4 explosives, a player can get goods from another player through loot. An inventory and crafting system is available.

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