Mirthwood v0.7.8 (Demo)

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Mirthwood — forward to dangerous but exciting adventures! After all, this is a fascinating medieval fantasy setting with many epic battles. Where you can set up your homestead, start farming or start trading. But maybe you want to become an adventurer? Game description. This project is presented in the form of an atmospheric life simulator, supplemented with RPG elements. At the same time, the developers offer their players an incredible medieval sandbox. In which only they can decide who to be! Modernize your own homestead, set up a farm on it and engage in relaxing activities. In addition, do not forget about animal husbandry, upgrading objects, crafting items and equipment.

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  • SunnySide Build 14713186 (upd.15.06.2024) - SKIDROW

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    SunnySide — Explore a beautiful Japanese village that amazingly combines tradition and modernity. Try to get as many vivid impressions as possible, start building a prosperous estate and, of course, communicate with the locals. Game plot. You buy your first plot of land somewhere on the outskirts of a Japanese village. Now you need to create an estate there, which will later become your pride! Cultivate the land, grow a variety of crops and take care of your animals. In addition, you will have various technologies, an online store and much more at your disposal. Meet the amazing residents of this progressive town, which will definitely help spice up your farming life! At the same time, do not forget to take a short break to enjoy the beauty of Japanese landscapes.

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  • Unexplored 2 The Wayfarers Legacy v1.7.0 (upd.15.06.2024)

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    Unexplored 2 The Wayfarers Legacy — is a top-down roguelike made in stylish three-dimensional graphics, which continues the plot of the first part of the same name. The game takes place in a kind of fantasy world. Where a company of heroes travels to randomly generated locations and fights various monsters. Compared to the original two years ago, in this part, the graphics have been significantly improved, new heroes have appeared, the enemies, the plot is much more thoughtful, and in general everything has become larger and the game itself is much larger. Literally every aspect has been improved based on feedback from fans to create the best game ever.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 04:18 to the latest version v1.7.0 (upd.15.06.2024).

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  • DYSMANTLE v1.4.0.41a

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    DYSMANTLE — RPG with a bit of humor and action. Your character was saved only thanks to the bunker. The world was struck by an unknown infection. But the time has come when the main character is forced to go upstairs and explore the world. As a result, the man discovers a house overgrown with grass, many animals, living people, but also monsters. Your task is to help a person adapt in a world where new rules reign. The main character will be hindered in every possible way by monsters, of which there are plenty on the island. There are no more shops.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 03:56 to the latest version v1.4.0.41a.

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  • Sun Haven v1.4.01a (upd.15.06.2024)

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    Sun Haven — is an exciting adventure RPG simulator with sandbox elements and many possibilities, where you will find yourself in the small town of Sun Haven, where you can build and equip your farm, or just go on adventures filled with magic, monsters and dragons. You have just arrived in San Haven, a medieval city full of people from all walks of life who are doing their best to make their favorite city prosper as ever. As a farmer, miner, fisherman, warrior, craftsman and even a magician, you will find that adventures await you here. Your hard work will allow you to modernize your farm, renovate shops and even attract new neighbors. As you return to the city of life, the experience you earn for each task will help you improve your level and move along the main chain of tasks.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 03:52 to the latest version v1.4.01a (upd.15.06.2024).

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  • Return from Core v0.1.2.0613 (upd.15.06.2024)

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    Return from Core players take on the role of intrepid explorers navigating a celestial expanse fraught with mysteries and challenges. Tanxun Studio has meticulously crafted a game that not only delivers heart-pounding action sequences but also immerses players in an intricate narrative where every decision shapes their cosmic destiny. True to its indie roots, Return from Core introduces innovative gameplay mechanics that weave seamlessly into the expansive universe it presents. The game’s unique visual style and attention to detail create a cosmic tapestry, offering a captivating world where players can engage in both thrilling action and thoughtful simulation.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 04:07 to the latest version v0.1.2.0613 (upd.15.06.2024).

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  • Dread Delusion v1.0.6.0 (upd.15.06.2024)

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    Dread Delusion — is an open-world action RPG heavily inspired by classic The Elder Scrolls titles. Players have to go to a surreal world full of occult mysteries and dark magic. This world is broken and destroyed. Its surface is riddled with the curse of the undead, and the remnants of humanity have moved to the floating continents in the sky. From mushroom forests to undead mausoleums, strange places and people await. But will you find a way to heal this world or will you seek power and gain.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 04:33 to the latest version v1.0.6.0 (upd.15.06.2024).

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  • Hero Siege v6.3.3.0 + all DLC

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    Hero Siege is a pixal bagel in which you select a hero and you go to free the kingdom of Tarethiel from creepy creatures getting out of hell. Only on you depends the fate of the whole kingdom and its inhabitants. Choose the type of hero for your fighting style, whether it’s a knight, a magician, a samurai, an assassin, an archer or whatever. From the chosen hero depends abilities that you can pump. If you like bloody battles at close range, choose, for example, the Viking, and if you like to act at a distance from the enemy, then take an archer or a magician. Your kingdom is plunged into darkness, it just teems with terrible creatures. Try to kill them as much as possible and do not forget to save forces on the bosses.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 04:00 to the latest version v6.3.3.0 + all DLC.

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  • Metal Slug Tactics v1.0a (Demo)

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    Metal Slug Tactics — Donald Morden is a resistance leader who has not resigned himself to the tyranny of the World Order. He has assembled a brave team of fighters who are ready to follow him to the end. Their goal is to reach the capital of the continent and overthrow the corrupt government. But on their way there will be thousands of obstacles and enemies who will not let them pass without a fight. You must help them overcome all difficulties and achieve their dreams. You will visit different parts of the world, where adventures and dangers await you. You must be ready for any challenge and use all your skills and weapons to defeat the World Order.

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  • GASPING 2 Build 14701546 (upd.13.06.2024) - TiNYiSO

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    Meet the long-awaited continuation of the exciting series — GASPING 2! This game from Citizen’s Arrow Studio continues the story of the first part, giving players even more opportunities to immerse themselves in a rich and dynamic world. You will have to take on the role of a hero fighting for survival in a post-apocalyptic world where every day brings new challenges and dangers. Explore the ruins of once prosperous cities, explore remote territories full of unknown threats and surprising discoveries. GASPING 2 offers a unique combination of genres, where action and adventure are intertwined with elements of RPG and simulation. You have to develop your skills, create and modify weapons, meet various characters, each of which has its own goals and secrets.

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