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Fire Pro Wrestling World is a game about how huge and muscular fighters mutuse each other on a ring-covered ring and make various tricks, from classic to exotic. Punches to the groin, poking fingers to the eyes or seizing nostrils, Mexican jumping from the support, and similar perversions occur within the ring, because before you is a real wrestling for real men. Pixel wrestling returns to the computer, and with them a great many fighters. More than 2000 Wrestlers are represented in Fire Pro Wrestling World, including such famous personalities as John Cena, Randy Orton, Kane, and others. Choose a fighter for your color and taste, analyze its characteristics and go first to practice strikes, and then go out into the big arena where you have to fight in battle with professional fighters controlled by either a computer or a man.

This release is standalone v2.13.7 and includes all content and DLC from our previous.

This game has been updated 17-04-2020, 11:21 to the latest version v2.13.7 + All DLC.

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Touhou Luna Nights v1.2.3.5

Touhou Luna Nights Game Free Download Torrent
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Touhou Luna Nights is a very unusual platformer with an admixture of action in which you will meet vampires, characters from a familiar fantasy universe, and more. Here you are waiting for trials, traps, battles with various enemies, weapons and much, much more. In the story, you will play for a very unusual maid named Sakuya Izayoi. But she is not just a maid — she works in the house of vampires, knows how to command the time and perfectly throws knives with one hundred percent hit on target. And everything would be fine, but only suddenly the owner of the house sends her to a parallel universe, where she will have to use all her skills and abilities in order to survive and complete the assigned task.

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La Mulana 2 v1.7.7.2 - CODEX

La Mulana 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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La Mulana 2 is a platform-style game that will take you to a two-dimensional space so that you can cope with all the challenges and dangers on the way. The game has already collected a lot of positive reviews about yourself, so all fans of this genre will definitely have to taste. You will get into the world of adventures and the most real action movie, where you will face all powerful and cunning enemies face to face. Throughout the game process, you will encounter references, and also you will please yourself with enchanting battles with bloodthirsty bosses, which will be difficult to overcome without proper level of skills and combat training.

This game has been updated 22-07-2019, 07:16 to the latest version v1.7.7.2.

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CINERIS SOMNIA Game Free Download Torrent

CINERIS SOMNIA — an adventure project with a three-dimensional gaming universe, where you have to go into an amazing and fascinating, but at the same time quite dangerous world. You will play the role of a young and courageous girl who, as a result of certain events, woke up on the grunted seas. The thing is that something good happened, something that took your younger sister without a trace, and only a small yellow scam and an unfinished castle remained on the shore. Mother is also nowhere to be seen, and there is only one confusion in your head.

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Yume Nikki Dream Diary v1.0.5 - CODEX

Yume Nikki Dream Diary Game Free Download Torrent

Yume Nikki Dream Diary is an adventure game originally created on RPG Maker. Dream Diary is a reworked version that was created in co-authorship with the creator of the original game, but this version is much better graphics, many heroes have been reworked, and a storyline has been added. The plot of the game is simple: the girl Madotuki is sleeping and dreaming. In her dreams, she opens up a variety of worlds with different inhabitants. And Madoxi must study all twelve worlds, pass labyrinths, open secret rooms and reveal all secrets. After that, she will be able to wake up.

This game has been updated 9-11-2018, 13:29 to the latest version v1.0.5.

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