Dyson Sphere Program v0.6.15.5651 (upd.27.01.2021)

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Dyson Sphere Program — is a sci-fi space strategy simulation game where in the distant future you have to explore uncharted areas of extraterrestrial space and create your own galactic empire. In the distant future, humanity made a huge breakthrough in science and technology, which gave rise to a new era. You are assigned the role of the Chief Engineer responsible for the project to build the Dyson Sphere megastructure, which revolves around the star using all its power and energy.

This game has been updated Today, 04:05 to the latest version v0.6.15.5651 (upd.27.01.2021).

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Amazing Cultivation Simulator v1.1761 (upd.21.01.2021)

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Amazing Cultivation Simulator — is a sect management simulator based on Chinese mythology and inspired by famous projects such as Dwarf Fortress and RimWorld. You have to rally students around you, guide them on the path of improvement and teach them magical craft. Together with them, you will collect magical artifacts, as well as fight against ancient evil and other sects on your path to ascension. Amazing Cultivation Simulator has an attractive graphic design that focuses on different colors and mimics pixel art in some elements.

This game has been updated 21-01-2021, 15:40 to the latest version v1.1761 (upd.21.01.2021).

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Last Wood v0.9.6p6

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Last Wood is the square adventure of several survivors across the vast ocean, which subsequently formed the apocalypse. The player is the leader of this small group, and with it he will have to swim, survive, improve the objects of labor, prepare food and do a lot of similar work. Exploring immense latitudes, sometimes you will have to face unknown locations, which often have to land in search of resources, but, as usual, problems await the player in such locations. To develop on a wooden raft will be difficult, but quite possible. The main goal in the process is survival, but if you do not improve the most ordinary things, then it will not work out for a long time. Try to grab at any chance given, otherwise a couple of survivors will die within a few days.

This game has been updated 19-01-2021, 05:18 to the latest version v0.9.6p6.

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Kelipot upd.04.11.2020

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Kelipot — is a story-driven action platformer with elements of cheating. Combining classic side-scrolling gameplay, a huge variety of abilities and an immersive storyline from start to finish, dive into the adventure ahead. With over a hundred items and runes already in the game, choose as you wish. Each item can offer you unique abilities for the entire run. Collected runes can strengthen you forever, choosing to activate the runes will provide you with many improvements. Tired of swinging your sword. No problem, stomp the monsters.

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Warriors of the Nile v1.0305 (upd.02.11.2020)

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Warriors of the Nile — turn-based Rogue-like RPG set in an ancient Egyptian setting. There are three characters to choose from Sun Warrior, Dune Hunter and Mystic Mage. The first is a tank with a lot of HP the second and the third are the shooter and the mage, respectively, with the difference that Dune Hunter cannot attack nearby opponents, and Mystic Mage cannot attack if it moves around the map, but at the same time it has a larger area of impact. The player will have to go through three levels, each of which is divided into nine stages, the last of which is a bossfight. After each stage, tablets are offered to choose from, which will give a particular character an improvement or treatment.

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Under Depths of Fear Build 5740551 (upd.27.10.2020)

Under Depths of Fear Game Free Download Torrent
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Under Depths of Fear — new adventure game, which is realized from the first person view, where you will wander with matches in your hands through the darkest corners of the house. Here is an interesting story that tells the story of Alexander Dokter, who is a veteran of the First World War and he thought that the horror was experienced at that time. But now, he is on a creepy ocean liner that goes straight to the bottom of the cold ocean. Only the willpower to win and life will allow the player to go through all the trials in order to survive and be saved. This is a classic horror story that will penetrate the very heart of a sinister ship and the entities that drag it to the bottom.

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The Rule of Land Pioneers v0.1.29 (upd.24.09.2020)

The Rule of Land Pioneers Game Free Download Torrent
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The Rule of Land Pioneers — is a survival game with RPG and strategy elements. Here you have to plunge headlong into a sci-fi universe. The storyline tells about a terrible catastrophe — a powerful explosion that destroyed all the electronics of the planet, and also entailed radiation. Half a century has passed and the disaster was considered over long ago, so it was decided to arrange a competition among those who will be able to get back to the surface of the Earth. You will take on the role of a brave pioneer who intends to become the winner of the competition, thereby giving people hope for a brighter future. It is from this moment that survival begins in the most cruel and unpredictable conditions.

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The Rewinder upd.14.09.2020 (demo)

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Pass through realities to save yourself in PC game The Rewinder. The plot of the game tells us about a lost village. The secret past of the settlement haunts the locals, and the curse associated with its history cannot rest the souls who lived there. Only one person remained to live in this place. And the main character of the game will have to figure out what happened. The protagonist of The Rewinder has a special gift. He can travel between our reality and the abode of spirits. He was hired by emissaries to deal with the events in the village, and to find out why the spirits cannot leave this world. As you explore the village, you will find many ritual sites, sealing symbols.

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The Island Story v1.0.5 (upd.10.06.2020)

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The Island Story — is a game simulator where you, as the main character, will spend the most ordinary leisure time and solve vital problems of life. A fairly spacious island will open in front of you, which you will be able to modify as you want. Supplement certain locations with vegetation, add animals or other necessary elements. The territory can also be modified, making its own adjustments in this the player has complete freedom of action. Initially, you will have just an ordinary island territory, with its destroyed rocks, ruins and ravines. Be smart, make an effort and properly dispose of resources to complete your plan by making your own piece of paradise.

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Beats Of Fury - PLAZA

Beats Of Fury Game Free Download Torrent

Beats of Fury — is a great PC game that has several game modes in its arsenal, including history. Thanks to this mode, you can find out fascinating events, which are enclosed in ten levels, made by hand. Developers with the next updates plan to add several worlds, for a larger territory. The game also has a leaderboard, which in turn will stimulate the player to improve their previous results. Great audio visualization, let you feel every beat, every beat of music. In turn, you can summarize the preliminary results and say that this is a musical game that can present several hours of fun and musical passage.

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