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Shortest Trip to Earth — an interesting representative of the genre of simulators, which was presented in the style of a bagel, and you have to go to conquer the cosmic expanses. From the very beginning, you are given under full control and control of a large-scale intergalactic ship, on which you will go on exploring the expanses of space. The world of the game is quite large-scale and has prepared quite a few interesting things for you. You will kill to visit the most different planets, solving dark secrets of each. You will also become involved in heavy battles with the strongest rivals, which are not so easy to overcome as it may seem at first glance.

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Oriental Empires v20190913 - CODEX

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Oriental Empires is a large-scale turn-based strategy, whose actions will take place during the times of the ancient East. Starting your way from a small settlement, you can develop it, turning it into a real powerful civilization. Join peoples and entire countries by force or by tricky diplomacy. Choose one of the 16 factions, each of which has its own unique abilities. Develop your civilization through research, make your choice toward religion, philosophy or science. Create powerful armies and control them in grand battles. Waiting for you beautiful scenery of China and Mongolia, high detail and fully animated 3D-models make the game incredibly beautiful and realistic. If you are a fan of good turn-based strategies, then Oriental Empires is a great project that deserves your attention.

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Oriental Empires Three Kingdoms v20190913 - CODEX

Oriental Empires Three Kingdoms Game Free Download Torrent
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Unusual computer game Oriental Empires Three Kingdoms is now available to users in the public domain. During the creation of the project, the developers really intrigued the fans, and it is worth saying that all expectations were met. The game has a high level of detail, will allow gamers to wander around a seamless world, and enjoy a high-quality strategy. The events described in the plot of the game Oriental Empires date back to 1500 BC. Events will unfold in ancient China, users will be able to feel in the role of the commander-in-chief of a tribe that wages war with other tribes over the territory. The task of gamers is to conquer all of China.

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The Sojourn

The Sojourn Game Free Download Torrent
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The Sojourn is a first-person puzzle game in which you, as an unnamed creature, will travel the worlds with an alternative reality and solve problems associated with the universe. The game takes place in the vastness of a very unusual fantasy world in which the forces of darkness and light live in almost alternative realities. But suddenly something begins to happen — darkness begins to penetrate the world of light, and now you need to deal with this anomaly as a protagonist and try to recreate the balance. But do not think that it will be easy, because in fact the path to balance will be very, very difficult.
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Railroad Corporation v0.1.7463

Railroad Corporation Game Free Download Torrent
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Railroad Corporation is a tycoon strategy about the 19th century in North America in the days of steam engines. Create your own railways, build paths, buy rolling stock, and try to succeed in cities that have connected, and of course you should not forget about competitors that you definitely need to beat. If you consider yourself a professional manager, then we have an excellent task for you to build and prosper the railway.

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Pax Nova v0.5.3

Pax Nova Game Free Download Torrent
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​Pax Nova is a sci-fi strategy game with step-by-step gameplay whose actions take place in the future. Environmental problems of the Earth led to devastating wars. The planet has become almost uninhabitable. It was then that people received a signal from far space and were able to move to a new planet, Eos. People have a new chance to correct their mistakes and build a prosperous civilization. This is what you will do in the game Pax Nova. Lead one of several factions consisting of three different races. Explore space, make alliances, fight and make key decisions affecting the storyline.​

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Tech Support Error Unknown v1.018 - SiMPLEX

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Tech Support Error Unknown is an adventure game project with elements of a simulator, sandboxes and puzzles at the same time. Here you will go to a fantastic virtual world to cope with its ordeals and become part of exciting events. Here you have to become a real computer technical support specialist who will use the functionality of your computer and a wide range of possibilities to solve these or other problems. You can solve the appeals of your clients, saving them from problems, and also, for the sake of personal gain, fill computers with viruses.

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Circle Empires v1.2.9 - SiMPLEX

Circle Empires Game Free Download Torrent
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Circle Empires is a gaming computer project developed in the strategy genre, where all actions will take place in real time, which will make the atmosphere more realistic. You will go to a rather unusual world, which consists of continuous small kingdoms located in a circular area. Your main task will be the capture of these same kingdoms and their territory. To become dominant over the vast world of islands, you will need a lot of time and effort. Try to constantly pump the main character, because the further you move around the world, the more difficult the tasks will be. Moreover, in addition to the main task, you still have a side, which is in a bloody battle with a powerful boss. Every island that you managed to capture. You will gradually add money to you, and you can spend it on improving defense, defense and combat arsenal. Buy also soldiers who will resist crowds of opponents.

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Stars in Shadow v37980 (Legacies) - CODEX

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Stars in Shadow is a new project that could decorate a collection of games in the space strategy genre. Here, all actions are designed precisely for your tactics, so you will need attentiveness and ingenuity. The game gives you complete freedom of action, both in the study and in the battle of a huge number of rivals. All battles will be conducted in a step-by-step style, which will allow you to think out a strategy in advance in order to be in winning positions before the battle begins. Go to the study of large-scale galactic space, which you need to explore for the presence of useful items and the necessary resources. You will have the opportunity to build from scratch a huge and invincible empire, with a mass of functions and the largest invincible army. In addition, you will be able to make friendly alliances with other dominant states, but do not forget that there will be opponents who wish to eliminate you and your possessions as soon as possible.
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Antigraviator v1.31 - CODEX

Antigraviator Game Free Download Torrent
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Antigraviator — a game project, which is a race at maximum speed. You will get into the futuristic world, where there is modern graphics, a pleasant visualization performance, as well as complementary musical accompaniment. Here you will have the opportunity to fully experience your strengths and capabilities. The gameplay is different in its dynamics and variety, and for the player various possibilities are offered that diversify the passage. Opponents will be very dangerous, so you must take tricks and tricks, and for this you will be given several types of traps.

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