The Coma 2 Vicious Sisters v0.2.6

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The Coma 2 Vicious Sisters — is a sequel to The Coma Recut adventure horror, in which players are waiting for completely new characters who have fallen into the gloomy and inhospitable world of shadows called Coma. The focus is on the story of a girl named Mina Park, who accidentally ended up in Coma, and is forced to flee from a strange creature who pretends to be her school teacher.

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Deck of Ashes Build 197 (upd.19.11.2019)

Deck of Ashes Game Free Download Torrent
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Not every world can boast a pleasant environment and a happy ending. In the game Deck of Ashes, you will be able to get acquainted with a rather dangerous and unpredictable history of thieves who initially wanted to profit from the created chaos, and as a result became the main participants of a fierce confrontation, the main reward of which was the peace and existence of this world. You have to lead the camp of the robbers and help and overcome the evil that left no chance for survival of a single soul.

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Deadly Days v1.2.3 (upd.13.11.2019)

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Deadly Days is an action casual game developed by Pixelsplit for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the retro style, and the following features can be distinguished strategy, action, indie, casual game, rogue-lite, zombies, survival, top view, pixel graphics and others. You will have access to such game modes as single player. Shortly before the apocalypse, MKing fast-food chain launched a new burger.

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CrossCode v1.2 (upd.13.09.2019) - PLAZA

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CrossCode — a computer project with a colorful open world, executed in the style of pixels. Here you have to strain the convolutions, because during the whole process you are waiting for fascinating physical as well as mathematical puzzles. Here everything is built according to the game genre called RPG with elements of the action. Go to explore a vast world where you can discover thousands of intimate secrets and unravel the secrets covered with poppy seeds. Wandering through numerous corners, find useful items that will help you in the future passage. Here you will have complete freedom of action, since you yourself can choose for yourself the appropriate task. Even if you do not have anything to do, perform another task, and then return to this.

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Ash of Gods Redemption v1.5.7 + Digital Deluxe Edition - PLAZA

Ash of Gods Redemption Game Free Download Torrent
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The project Ash of Gods Redemption is inspired by the games The Banner Saga and Darkest Dungeon. It combines the party’s tactical step-by-step RPG and a visual novel in the dark fantasy world. In addition to the story mode, the game includes PvE- and PvP-multiplayer, where you can form an alliance in friends and make your way to the top of the online battle rating. Your decisions are not an empty sound, they will directly affect the world of the game and the plot. Perhaps in your adventure you will often have to sacrifice a friend to save the rest. After all, limited resources are always pushed to a very difficult moral choice. Can you go the hard way, saving life for yourself and your party members?

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Dex Enhanced Edition v7.0 (upd.25.01.2019) - PLAZA

Dex Enhanced Edition Game Free Download Torrent
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Dex is a stylish RPG game where elements of stealth and action have also successfully found their place. You will go to the dark atmosphere of cyberpunk, where you will explore the mud-covered slums and fight with their inhabitants. Here, the world is ruled by powerful, large-scale and cruel corporations, against which no one succeeds. There are rules and laws with which you need to get used to. The developers tried to make their project as realistic as possible, which they did great.

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Apocalipsis v20180827 - PLAZA

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Apocalipsis Harry at the End of the World is a traditional adventure game in the style of «dot-and-click», in vain in «Selago» and «Machinarium», where the solution of puzzles comes with a sense of discovery and achievement. This style of gameplay, combined with a unique art inspired by the engravings of the 15th century, creates an ideal background for the story of grief, redemption and, literally, the end of the world. In the Apocalypse, you play like Harry, for whom the loss of his lover was the end of his world. Now he must go to strange, inhospitable lands to return it. In his journey, he will meet fantastic creatures, directly from the minds of artists of the 15th century in Europe, and eventually conquer his own personal demons.

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