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The Forest v1.12 - CODEX

The Forest Game Free Download Torrent
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The Forest Game Free Download Torrent

The Forest game is a mix of many genres: adventure, survival simulator and action horror. After a plane crash, you remain the only survivor on a strange island. Exploring the island, you are increasingly immersed in its secrets and soon realize that on the island you are not alone. Strange creatures who long to profit from human flesh have become a serious threat to your life. The Forest is a real survival simulator, in which you will find food, shelter and weapons. Cut down trees for a fire and the construction of a shelter, complete freedom of action allows you to go wherever you want and settle in places where it seems safe to you. Only you decide what shelter to build, there will be a fortress with traps along the perimeter or a simple overnight stay. You will find a huge island, which lives its life and which contains many underground caves with its secrets. Do everything to survive, fight or hide, explore your enemies, because they also have weaknesses.

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A unique legend embodied in the new game product The Forest. The plot of the game describes one unique place, a forest, quite strange and unusual. According to legend, it is inhabited by strange ghosts that have twins. Ghosts keep track of their victims, and then they kill. Some farmers have encountered these creatures, and some simply seem to have encountered. Some of them are just being played by friends. Players will have to solve terrible puzzles, wander around this area and destroy obstacles. This horror game will not leave indifferent all those who like to play terrible and terrible games. Show your fantasy, create your own picture in the game, and let it become the most unusual and original. The main thing is to leave this forest before the worst begins, otherwise an unknown ghost will destroy you. The Forest torrent download free of charge all visitors to our resource.

For those who like computer games in the genre of horror, we recommend downloading the torrent The Forest. The main character of this computer game is sent on a flight by plane, but in connection with the accident he is forced to sit in the forest. Here, and all the fun begins. The thing is that in this forest there are very terrible and rather strange ghosts and ghosts that have twins. They track down their prey, and then ruthlessly deal with it. To stay alive, it will be necessary to act consistently, clearly, thought out. And one small mistake or mistake can cost you life. Horror game casts fear, blood freezes, and the heart slows down its work. The torrent download The Forest is available quickly, for free, and you do not need to register too. The player will have to show all his skills of survival in a wild empty forest, from the construction of temporary shelter, and ending with hunting and obtaining food, including growing plants that can be eaten. Make sure that your house in the forest is strong, and could protect you from the attack of ghosts, as well as other forest inhabitants. In turn, the creators of the game endowed the character with a tremendous amount of power, and even dumping a tree will not be difficult. Test yourself for survival, solitary life in a terrible forest full of dangers.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 5 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX®-compatible
Additional Notes: 32bit windows users need to ensure they have at least 4gb of ram usable on their system.

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Quad Core Processor
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 5 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX®-compatible


The Forest Game Free Download Torrent The Forest Game Free Download Torrent The Forest Game Free Download Torrent



1. The first thing we do is download the game’s installation files.
2. After downloaded, go to the folder and run the file «setup.exe».
3. During the installation, we specify the location on the disk where we want to install it.
4. At the end of the unpacking process, a shortcut appears on the desktop.
5. Launch the game!

Download The Forest v1.12 - CODEX [ 2.70 GB ]

the-forest-v1_12.torrent (downloads: )
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The Forest - CODEX [ 2.46 GB ]

1. The first thing we do is download the game’s installation files. 
2. Mount or burn the ISO image in the disk emulator (UltraISO program). 
3. During the installation, we specify the location on the disk where we want to install it. 
4. Wait until the installation process is complete, a shortcut will appear on the desktop. 
5. Download \ install Update v1.05 / v1.06 / v1.07 / v1.08 / v1.09, copy the contents of the folder «CODEX» in the game folder. 
6. Start the game with a shortcut.

Download: The.Forest.Update.v1.09-CODEX [ 260.70MB ]
Download: The.Forest.Update.v1.08-CODEX [ 2.41GB ]
Download: The.Forest.Update.v1.07-CODEX [ 128.65MB ]
Download: The.Forest.Update.v1.06-CODEX [ 373.72MB ]
Download: The.Forest.Update.v1.05-CODEX [ 167.02MB ]
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Game Update History:
  • The Forest v1.11b → v1.12 [ 12.09.2019 ]

This game has been updated 24-05-2021, 01:43 to the latest version v1.12.

Comments 15

The forest
The forest 31 October 2017 14:58
Does this torrent include multiplayer?
Skigameco 1 November 2017 08:26
The forest, Unfortunately, in multiplayer you can only play by buying a license. Today the game version has been updated to the current version.

Kleiton 17 January 2018 07:24
vir. found black.gen :/
Skigameco 17 January 2018 07:58
Kleiton, the standard action for hacked games, if you do not download and play pirated versions for the first time, you should understand that vlom is equated with viruses. There is no virus, you can play calmly.
Enrypase 16 February 2018 14:20
Can I play in a LAN server?
If yes how can I do? (If I click on  CREATE LOBBY nothing happens)
Skigameco 1 May 2018 10:12
V1.0 Changelog:
  • Improved range of fire lights
  • Set medium quality settings to previous version settings
  • Taa off by default, turn on via options menu
  • Fixed repairing small log cabin
  • Fixed attaching plastic torch to weapons
  • Fixed Cave 8 bridge room floor
  • Fixed Cave 8 broken waterzone
  • Fixed grade contrast for caves and nighttime
  • Fixed repairing defensive spike
  • Fixed creepy armor value not accounted for in stats page display
  • Fixed missing icon on sled after loading a save
  • All tasks are now striked through after doing alt ending
  • Fixed wrong menu mapping for dualshock gamepads with xinput on
  • Fixed missing dates on save slots in title scene
  • Added clouds beside window in opening plane cutscene.
  • You can now craft a spear bag, which will allow you to carry up to 5 basic spears
  • Improved lighting in opening cutscene drag away scene
  • New pick up item added, Hairspray! Use hairspray with a lighter for a mini-flamethrower. Findable in some suitcases and in specific parts of world.
  • You can now carry upto 10 rabbit skins, and 10 deerskins
MOhamedsamy 12 May 2018 12:15
how can i install it on my game my game version is 0.7 
Skigameco 12 May 2018 14:31
MOhamedsamy, in any way, this is the full version of the game, and not a separate update.
Skigameco 15 May 2018 06:05
V1.06 changelog
  • Fixed mouse losing focus on some multi-monitor setups
  • Fixed held map looking partially transparent when outside if using unity ssao 
  • Fixed area in Cave 9 where you could climb out of cave
  • Item tooltip now accounts for item properties such as decay state to force a refresh when hovering between different inventory views of a specific item (ie: hovering from a fresh rabbit to a spoilt rabbit will properly refresh the UI)
  • Fixed bug where you could fall out of cave entrance near end of game if crouching when entering
  • Fixed bug where players couldn’t pick up new outfits if they had already previously filled up all their clothing spots
  • Fixed saving when holding the sharing tray causing issues with deleting items
  • Fixed cancelling some ghost structures with a single log added dropping 2 pickups to the ground
  • Fixed missing number amount in rabbit skin item tooltip
  • (Multiplayer) Host can now choose whether clients are allowed or not to use the built in debug console
  • DS - Fixed interval timer counting time while no player is connected
  • DS - Fixed time calculation precision issue causing time to no longer getting properly accounted for at some point
  • DS - It is now possible to choose whether clients are allowed or not to use the built in debug console, either with the "allowcheats <on|off>" entry in the config file or "-allowcheats" command line parameter
  • Fixed typo on one of the story pickups
  • Fixed issue with stealth armor value sometimes incorrect when loading a save
  • Fixed ponds and lakes appearing totally black if material quality was set to lowest
  • Fixed camcorder videos not playing correctly on 32bit machines
Skigameco 18 May 2018 04:08
V1.07 changelog
  • Fixed intermittent bug where birds looking for spots on high areas such as tree platforms or tree houses could get stuck in a loop and crash the game
  • Player survival stats (ie fullness) no longer update until loading in a game is completely over
  • ds - Added possibility to define a custom folder for saves, either add -savefolderpath <path> as command line parameter or use the "saveFolderPath" entry of the config file
  • ds - Added fps limiting options, set “targetFpsActive” and “targetFpsIdle” in the config file to define desired values when server has players or not
Informer 17 August 2018 09:56
Version 1.09 Changelog:
  • Fixed lizard and stealth armor limited to 9 pieces each (instead of 10)
  • Fixed issue where loading text animation could sometimes reverse briefly before filling 
  • Fixed standing fires in caves being lit when approached, and turning off when actually lit
  • Fixed chopped body parts flying away from body when first cut
  • Fixed not being able to place stealth armor type on upper left thigh of armor rack
  • Fixed specific tree type not dealing damage when falling
  • Fixed spelling mistake in ‘Polluted’ Water text in inventory
  • Fixed sheen for recently picked up items frozen in single player in inventory
  • Fixed some small gaps between cliffs and terrain 
  • Fixed player sometimes being dragged underground in drag away cutscene
  • Performance - Optimized skinning on player_net
  • Performance - Optimized animator and cpu usage on placed artifact
  • Updated buttons for PS4 controller icons
  • Improved Small tree billboard lod distance
  • Fixed arrows sometimes not registering hits on enemies
  • Performance - Optimized trees around players in multiplayer 
  • Audio - Improved wind panning 
  • Audio - Fixed an issue where multiple fmod studio listener’s could be active at the same time
  • Audio - Fix yacht door missing sound fx
  • Audio - Fixed missing dying audio when dying fast or instantly
  • Fixed small glitch where pond edging was visible outside of terrain
  • Fixed small tree billboard popping off too soon compared to other plants
  • Disabled dark backing of mp loading screen to make it more seamless
  • Improved readability of needed items in book
  • Fixed some amounts needed in book being incorrect
  • Caves - Fixed some wrong props in some caves depending on order player loaded caves in
  • Caves- fixed area you can get stuck in Cave 1
  • Fixed small sapling normals looking incorrect with some ambient occlusion settings
  • Performance - Improved ambient occlusion, newest version of ambient occlusion should run 2x faster
  • Performance - Lowered z padding of volumetric lighting 
  • Improved some rock lods to be less noticable
  • Fixed ghost leaf renderers tanking framerate when lots were placed
  • (multiplayer) Optimized shadows for multiple players 
  • (multiplayer) Fixed issue with flame thrower not always setting enemies on fire for clients
  • Handwritten text added back to To Do list in Survival Book
  • Improved skull lamp texture resolution
Liquidwind 2 November 2018 22:37
If i download The Forest v1.09 - CODEX [ 4.00 GB ], do i still need to download and install Update v1.05 / v1.06 / v1.07 / v1.08 / v1.09?
Skigameco 4 November 2018 06:14
Liquidwind, No, the game has already been updated.
Skigameco 12 September 2019 10:17
The Forest v1.12 — VR
— Full support for Index and SteamVR 2.0 input system
— Custom build Input binding maps for Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus, Vive, Knuckles VR controllers
— Added Finger/grip tracking support for all VR controllers. Knuckles tracks all fingers independently
— Rebuilt the input hint system to be dynamic and match controller bindings / controllers
— Impact Haptic Vibration (can be disabled)
— Item Hover Vibration (can be disabled)
— Added support for VR native onscreen keyboard
— Linked Haptic vibration support to ‘controller rumble’ in options
— Fixed Timmy Epilogue camera
— Fixed Survival book movement lock bug
— Fixed Crossbow position reset when player knocked over during reload
— Fixed missing helicopter in sinkhole
— Fixed bug that prevented players from manually placing walls and fences on a foundation or floor
— Fixed Map missing back faces
— Fixed Climbing axe triggering power attacks
— Fixed Locked sliders in the options menu if a Controller is not plugged in
— Fixed Drowning not triggering
— Fixed Oculus unable to take dried meat from drying racks
— Fixed controls preventing players from adding meat to fires/drying racks while holding them
— Fixed effigies not lighting from lighter interaction
— Fixed Enemies color glitch in Multiplayer
— Fixed missing UI prompts for Repulsor Artifact
— Fixed duplicated Rebreather mesh in some 3rd person instances
— Fixed some transparent objects not visible at ocean/skybox horizon
— Fixed floating Bats in title scene
— Fixed bug with disabled physical crouching in VR resetting player height
— Fixed missing shelter Icons
— Fixed issues with watch hints / tutorials
— Fixed issue where options menu closes immediately when opened
— Fixed missing «Host Not Responding» alert in Multiplayer
— Fixed HUD visible during options / loading / pause menus
— Fixed Keyboard hints visible when no controller connected
— Fixed Pointer icon visible in certain contexts
— Fixed Grip button combining inputs from the trigger button
Mahmud Sagor
Mahmud Sagor 13 February 2020 16:18
What is new and special in this update.....?????
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