Talisman The Cataclysm upd.05.11.2018 (Digital Edition) - PLAZA

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Talisman The Cataclysm is an independent game, which is an addition to the first part, but not dependent on it. The gameplay is based on a card interaction between supporters of good and evil, where your every move will influence the development of events. If we compare this supplement with the original, then we will definitely be able to see a number of improvements both in terms of gameplay and in terms of the graphic component. One of the most important differences is the innovation in the form of multiplayer, where you can spend time with your friends, as well as make acquaintance with players around the world.

World of Final Fantasy Maxima - CODEX

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World of Final Fantasy Maxima will offer players new content, characters, mirages (monsters) and the mini-game «Fishing with Noctis.» Chiba-san also mentioned that players will learn a little more about the fate of the main characters after the main plot. Finally, in an interview, he admitted that the sequel to World of Final Fantasy has already been fully written, and if Sqare Enix gives the green light, its development can begin immediately. In the expanded edition, new characters will appear: Cecil from Final Fantasy IV, Zach from Final Fantasy VII and Sulfur from Final Fantasy XIII. In the videos, in addition to the wide level level, the milots also showed a new mini-game — fishing. Along the way, they lit up, again, mirages, characters and new bosses.