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The Other Half is a game that has managed to weave together several popular genres at once, namely: a dynamic RPG, a ruthless action game, and also an adventure game that will allow you to pass along an exciting plot line. The storyline tells you about the existence of a simple man who, throughout his adult life, led the hunt for supporters of demonic power. At one moment, an alarming letter from a person who pleads for help comes to your address, as demons attacked his home. You make a decision to immediately go to the scene to find out the whole essence of the situation, but you still do not know what tests await you on the way.

This game has been updated 2-01-2019, 17:25 to the latest version v1.1.


Don't Bite Me Bro! v1.1.5 - SKIDROW

Don't Bite Me Bro! Game Free Download Torrent
Don’t Bite Me Bro! — This is a zombie survival with voxel graphics. Play alone or in the company of three more friends. Find a base for yourself and equip it to repel a zombie attack. Every day, the dead will become more and more, but the blessing you can improve your base, and also find an effective weapon. Explore the outside world in search of provisions and useful things, try to avoid the accumulation of zombies, act with extreme caution, because one wrong step can lead to the death of your hero.