Dreamfall Chapters The Final Cut v5.7.8 - GOG

Dreamfall Chapters The Final Cut Game Free Download Torrent
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Dreamfall Chapters — world-famous quest, which is a continuation of its predecessor. Here you will again have to play the role of the protagonist of all the previous parts, or to be more precise, complete it. In this part there are just two unique heroes in your performance, for one of which you will play. One of the heroes is Kian Alvane, who at the beginning of the game appears locked up behind prison bars, and you need to help him escape from here. The second heroine of our quest is a girl named Zoe Castillo, who will be in a state of coma throughout the gameplay, and her mind will go on a dangerous journey through the world of dreams. The whole story consists of five parts at once, where the turns of events may be completely unexpected, so you need to be ready for anything. Remember that the development of the storyline depends on the decisions you have made and the actions that have been made, so be as careful as possible so as not to expose yourself to danger.

Virtual Rides 3 v1.4 + Bounce Machine DLC - PLAZA

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Virtual Rides 3 Bounce Machine — this is a great opportunity to visit a variety of attractions, while not even leaving your home. To do this, the developers and tried to make your simulator as realistic as possible. After all, where else can you ride on the most realistic and realistic roller coaster, you can not use them on the territory of our countries, because such entertainment is considered too dangerous for our countries, but nothing will happen to you in virtual space. But you can experience a maximum of positive emotions.

Riddlord The Consequence v1.0 (upd.04.02.2019)

Riddlord The Consequence Game Free Download Torrent
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Riddlord The Consequence is a 3D puzzle in the style of the popular game The Room. Immerse yourself in the beautiful, detective-local atmosphere, where you in the role of Jack Reed will try to unravel the complex storyline. You are waiting for, both simple and quite complex puzzles. Go to a variety of rooms filled with amazing secrets. Be careful, look for different clues and messages — only this way you will be able to unravel the main business of your life. Seeker, in this game you have to fight with the immense consciousness and the world of Riddlord, in which everything is connected with a thread of thought and a pattern with fire emerges outside.

Insane Robots v1.13.00 - SiMPLEX

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Insane Robots is a step-by-step card game in the universe of robots. You will be waiting for an exciting campaign, designed for more than 15 hours of gameplay. At your choice, almost 50 different robots, which, moreover, can still be pumped. Your deck of cards can consist of 22 different cards, and during the battle you can use cunning and meanness, using burglary and malfunctioning. Your opponents are robots, and most of them are usual buggy pieces of iron — use this.

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Gangsta Sniper 2 Revenge - PLAZA

Gangsta Sniper 2 Revenge Game Free Download Torrent
Gangsta Sniper 2 Revenge is an action game where all actions will take place from a third person, you have to become part of dynamic and brutal battles in which you must achieve victory by any means. You will play the role of a real gangster — a brave and fearless criminal who takes the path of revenge. Your mission is to rob a certain settlement, and then take possession of money bags, and the longer they are in your hands, the better. Money bags will be quite hidden from the direct view, so it will be very difficult to get them. On your way to the goal, there will always be various dangers, including treacherous rivals, which will not be easy to cope with.

Super Daryl Deluxe v20190203 - CODEX

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Super Daryl Deluxe — a game developed in the genre of action-RPG, where there is a significant bias on the comedy theme. The graphics here are colorful and cartoon, as well as you will be able to please the fast and dynamic gameplay. You will play the role of a young guy who sets off to meet adventures, in order to destroy a lot of opponents on his way, the location is a small school, which for a long period has been gripped by evil forces, with which you need to deal with any available means.

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Savage Lands v0.9.1.47 - SKIDROW

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Savage Lands is an RPG in the style of the popular Skyrim. You are also waiting for the fantasy Middle Ages with dragons, skeletons and other monsters. The main feature of Savage Lands is a more elaborate crafting system, which allows you to build houses and even entire villages. Of course, this game is far from Skyrim, but still some interesting ideas are present in the game.

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SteamWorld Heist v2.1 Build + DLC

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SteamWorld Heist is a cool RPG game with strategy elements. Here you have to go to the conquest of justice with your team of brave warriors. Terrible cataclysms began to occur on your home planet, which forced the inhabitants to go on a space ship to a distant and very dangerous space, with the goal of finding a better life. The times are very hard and not everyone copes with a huge number of threats to life, therefore, very few people are left alive. You will be at the head of the pirates-robots who work on steam steam. Together with your team you will go to conquest, gradually destroying all rivals on your way. Your main task will be the robbery of all kinds of vessels that carry valuable cargo. As soon as production is in your hands, you can immediately sell it, in return for receiving good amounts of money.​