Balance of Kingdoms v12.02.2019

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Balance of Kingdoms is a casual strategy in which you will have to build your own kingdom, arm it, and defeat numerous opponents, just like you, represented in the form of kingdoms. But be careful, because in this world everything depends on balance and balance. The whole essence of this game lies in the fact that the castle, the kingdom, will have to be built on a not particularly stable platform dangling on the surface of the water. In fact, it gives something like a floating small island.

Farlight Explorers v11.02.2019 - SKIDROW

Farlight Explorers Game Free Download Torrent
Farlight Explorers is a distant and full of dangers cosmic journey, where you, first, will study a small planet to then explore the large-scale. Work out the construction of a functioning and protected base, and also go to the exploration of the territory, where you will learn a lot of new and interesting things for yourself. In addition, in the territory you will find useful resources and unique items that will help you in the further passage. Get your own spaceship, which will be equipped with powerful cannon to battle with crowds of enemies. Try to properly equip your ship so that it is ready for a distant journey to distant space objects. You are waiting for thousands of planets, each of which will be unique in its performance, and on each you will be able to discover something new. Do not forget that on the planets you can expect unfriendly inhabitants, with whom you even have to fight, be ready for anything. The more planets you explore, the more your collection of useful items and unique resources will be replenished.

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When Ski Lifts Go Wrong v1.0.74 (upd.12.02.2019) - SiMPLEX

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong Game Free Download Torrent
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When Ski Lifts Go Wrong — in this game you will be able to plunge into a thematic building puzzle game; filled with creative problems based on physics, sports and bloody catastrophes! Build chairlifts, gondolas, bridges and jumps to take your riders away from or to the side, if you like danger. It's time to get carried away by the insanely fun bloody design puzzle game When Ski Lifts Go Wrong filled with creative challenges and hysterical catastrophes. Create chair lifts, gondolas, ramps and ramps to guide passengers to all dangerous levels, regardless of whether they face danger or not, it's up to you. Do not miss the chaos and add Ski Lifts Not So to your wish list. Create lifts, jumps and bridges from different materials to carry passengers at every level. Become a master of physics of the rope and find out what stresses and loads it will create for all types of structures that you will build.

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Ni no Kuni II Revenant Kingdom - The Lair of the Lost Lord v3.02 (upd.12.02.2019) - CODEX

Ni no Kuni II Revenant Kingdom - The Lair of the Lost Lord Game Free Download Torrent
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Are you ready to return to the fabulous and bright world Ni no Kuni II Revenant Kingdom — The Lair of the Lost Lord. Bandai Namco Entertainment and Level-5 studio have prepared a strong base for heroes who wish to challenge new dangers in the way of Evan and his motley company of heroes. It is presented in the form of the second major addition to the game and is called the Den of the Lost Lord. What kind of lair is this? This is a complex and deep dungeon, the labyrinths of which are beyond the power of space and time, because of which they change with each new immersion in them. Access to the dungeon can be obtained after the passage of the fourth story chapter, but the developers warn — this is a hell of a complicated dungeon, so you should thoroughly prepare.

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Bloody Mary Forgotten Curse - PLAZA

Bloody Mary Forgotten Curse Game Free Download Torrent
Bloody Mary Forgotten Curse is a horror game where you have to go to a dark, open world for research. Here you will fight for your own life in the mode of stealth, trying as little as possible to catch the eye of your ill-wishers. As you progress, you will be able to use a number of useful items that will help you find a way out of this ill-fated place. You fall into the realm of darkness, where you are being followed by total surveillance, because Mary is on her heels. You must make every effort to survive in the most cruel conditions, get out of this darkness.

Voidship The Long Journey v1.0.0.5 (upd.12.02.2019)

Voidship The Long Journey Game Free Download Torrent
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Voidship The Long Journey is an adventure game in the genre of action with bagel elements, where you have to go to conquer outer space. Here you need to show your strategic abilities, as it is very important to think out your plan of action in advance. You will create your own battleship, and then try to overcome all the tests. The game has its own history, which is associated with the ship. You will take on the role of captain, who will make very important decisions and carry out all sorts of missions to achieve this goal. Go on an exciting, but at the same time very dangerous journey, where you will meet with opponents and lead battles with rivals.

Train Manager v20190212 - DARKSiDERS

Train Manager Game Free Download Torrent
Train Manager — an exciting strategy about the train, in which you will have to take the traffic interchange in your hands. It is necessary to apply a lot of forces so that the trains do not go as they please, because the system should work smoothly. Have you ever wondered why trains do not go as they want. Well, there is a good reason for this. You will need to view the station and prevent accidents. The main task of the player in this game is to avoid global accidents at the stations, in the process of moving trains from one point to another. Navigation Trains to success. The next thing you know, they are dying out because they all bumped into each other.

Macrotis A Mothers Journey v1.0.2 - CODEX

Macrotis A Mothers Journey Game Free Download Torrent
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Macrotis A Mothers Journey — embark on this deeply emotional journey, like Mother Bilby, and save your beloved children who have been separated from you because of the terrible flood caused by the endless rain. Rise, jump, and nibble your way underground in Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey, a 2.5D puzzle-platformer. Solve challenging puzzles, interacting with a beautiful but dangerous world, while avoiding deadly traps that can immediately complete the adventure.

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