Operencia The Stolen Sun v1.2.1 Build 19517 - HOODLUM

Operencia The Stolen Sun Game Free Download Torrent
Magic worlds are always based on a variety of legends. It’s nice to see that developers often take them as a basis and create incredible worlds. Operencia The Stolen Sun — a game that is based on classic role-playing adventures in the first person with turn-based battles. The developers managed to create an incredible world with a unique atmosphere and predispositions for a good time. You will plunge into a journey that tells about the struggle between the forces of good and evil, which will charm you with graphics and prove that you need to believe in a bright future to the last. The history of this world has developed far from the best way.

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Total War WARHAMMER 2 v1.5.0 - CODEX

Total War WARHAMMER 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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Many centuries ago, the High Elves were given the opportunity to create great magical whirlwinds, with the help of which they protected their territories from unexpected guests. With the help of this vortex, they prevented the appearance of dark demons, and today it is used in the form of a shield to block the way for demons to our world. Many centuries have passed, and all this time it was used to contain evil, and as a result of this, its magical energy is running out. Act urgently, and make sure that this vortex is stabilized. It is necessary to replenish its energy reserves, and then use it to protect the universe from Chaos.

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Pathfinder Kingmaker v1.3.0m - CODEX

Pathfinder Kingmaker Game Free Download Torrent
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Pathfinder Kingmaker is an adventure game that sends you to a fantasy world where you fight your rivals and try to gain dominance. Under your control comes the team of four people at once, each of which has its own distinctive features and characteristics. Together you will go to meet adventures, solving world secrets and passing numerous missions. The goals will be more than residual, and to achieve from will not be so easy if you do not develop skills and do not improve abilities. You will be able to visit dozens of different locations, as well as conduct fierce battles in a multi-level, gloomy dungeon dungeon.

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Fury Unleashed v52 (upd.03.04.2019) - SKIDROW

Fury Unleashed Game Free Download Torrent
Fury Unleashed (The Badass Hero) is very cool, fast. A dynamic 2D platformer action game in which you have to go as an old hero into the comic book universe. In the story, you are a famous hero whose time is long gone. You have been forgotten, and even your previous heroic deeds have sunk into oblivion. But the time has come to regain former glory, because Chaos reigns in the world and it will stop only when you reiterate yourself. Here is such a simple and at the same time unusual plot idea waiting for you after the start of the game.

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Happy Room v3.0 (upd.01.04.2019) Armory Update - SKIDROW

Happy Room Game Free Download Torrent
Happy Room — this is a sandbox in which you will experience various weapons on human-like clones. In the game you will find more than a hundred jobs. Each passed stage will open new weapons and various devices. In the game Happy Room you need to create a real room of hell. The craziest weapons are rockets, circular saws, bombs, laser guns and more. All this is needed to complete the tasks. Since there are a lot of dangerous things in the game, as well as 120 fascinating tasks, it will surely not get bored.

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Pathfinder Kingmaker Varnholds Lot v1.3.0m - CODEX

Pathfinder Kingmaker Varnholds Lot Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Pathfinder Kingmaker Varnholds Lot is the first isometric party role-playing game with real-time battles. Here you can gather a detachment of warriors and go to the fantasy universe, in which you are waiting for artifacts, power, magic and power. Choose the role of one of the powerful warriors, become a warrior or a brave magician, curb the power of the magic sword and go to meet the adventures. Ahead of you are waiting for battles with numerous enemies, the collection of a detachment of loyal warriors and the search for new companions, an intriguing storyline, the creation of your own kingdom and more than four dozen playing time.

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The Puppet of Tersa v1.0.2 - PLAZA

The Puppet of Tersa Game Free Download Torrent
PLAZA Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
The Puppet of Tersa is a rather unusual game in its performance and unique in terms of graphics, which is an excellent representative of the adventure genre, endowed with an exciting plot line with unexpected turns of events. You will play the role of a young girl who, due to certain circumstances, turned out to be in a world similar to the fairy tale «Alice in Wonderland». The main task of our heroine is to find any way to get out of this unfortunate place. The world in which our main character finds herself is one continuous trap, the obstacles of which will sometimes scare you. Cynthia was a rather curious young lady who was always ready for adventure.

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Ravenfield Build 14 (upd.01.04.2019) - SKIDROW

Ravenfield Game Free Download Torrent
Ravenfield is an example of how a shooter with primitive graphics and even without multiplayer can be insanely fascinating. The essence of the game is simple: you need to dominate the opponents on the map. To do this, together with your team (in the game only bots) you have to capture all the key points. Use a variety of weapons, as well as a variety of techniques that can be found on the map. If you think that in this game alone in the field is not a warrior, then you are simply bad at fighting. It would seem that Ravenfield does not bring anything new, because there are a bunch of AAA projects of a similar type, but it’s the simplicity of the gameplay that is the key feature that attracts players so much.

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Dungeons 2 Complete Edition v1.6.2.5 - PROPHET

Dungeons 2 Complete Edition Game Free Download Torrent
The Lord of the Underworld has decided to return and now everything is much more threatening. Dungeons 2 Complete Edition - you will be forced to sacrifice the greedy desire of revenge from the Lord of the Underworld and find fierce monsters from all the hidden places of the underworld to accomplish his fierce mission. This time, conquering the underworld will not be enough, because the Lord of the Underworld will subjugate the insignificant people to his will and will try to capture the whole upper world.